A Week in the Life #2

Sunday 16 March 2014

Hello my lovelies

Welcome to my second 'A Week in the Life' post, ticking the 'L' box on this 'FBL' blog! I've decided I might not do these every week, because, I'll be honest, not that much wonderful stuff happens to me every week.

I work really hard and when I come home, I generally either go to the gym, catch up on writing posts and reading blogs, do a bit of housework. It's a quiet life! And at the weekends, house hunting is taking up a lot of time at the moment. So these posts might become more of an occasional thing.

Country Living

I had Friday off work this week and so did Seb (yay!), as I had some annual leave to use up that I couldn't take over to next holiday year. We didn't make any major plans, but when the sun came out we decided to drive out to the country, take a long walk and get lunch at a cute little pub somewhere. I'm so glad we did. The day started off quite foggy but that burnt off and it ended up being a spectacular warm, sunny spring day.

We drove out to Redmile, which is a village I'd very much like to live in. There's one house there in particular that I'm obsessed with. It's an Edwardian place like a dolls house, with a shiny door in the middle, topiary round the sides and sash windows. I'm actually in love with it.

The countryside around there is gorgeous. We walked along the canal banks and spotted swans, ducks, trees budding, spring getting ready to sprung. I could definitely see myself out there, even though my wardrobe would have to be less high heels and frocks and more wellies and gilets!

 Redmile sits in the Vale of Belvoir (locals say 'beaver' -  if you ask for 'Belle-Voir' they know you're not from round there!). This is a gorgeous valley overlooked by Belvoir Castle. I would loved to get married there but the cost was astronomical when I looked into it. But what a fairytale view to have every morning if you lived in the Vale.

We did a fair few miles in a loop and then stopped at The Windmill, the lovely little pub in Redmile to refuel. Sign me up for some country living! But I suspect finding a house there would be a very long wait -  people tend to move to places like that for life.

Rib Shack

Had a really lovely meal one night this week that I haven't had for ages -  sticky Chinese ribs! I seem to always forget they exist - its not one of the things I typically think about cooking, but we couldn't decide what to have and these saved the day! They were so gorgeous and gooey and sticky. Served them up with sweet potato mash and steamed spring greens, so it was almost healthy...

See Right Through You

I made a couple of beauty orders that will be coming soon in separate posts, but I also ordered a new pair of coloured contact lenses. I really like using lenses to change up my look once in a while when I go out. They've come on leaps and bounds and look really natural now.

This time, I ordered from MesmerEyes, which isn't where I usually order from. These are a line I haven't tried before, I hope they're as good as the Freshlook ColourBlends I normally go for. These lenses are 'Velvet Grey' -  I've really been admiring grey eyes lately, so pretty!


 Need for Speed

One of our good friends runs a business called Great British Sports Cars. They custom make racing kit cars and ship them out all over the world. It's a pretty cool business - he gets to drive the cars all over Europe. They hold track days fairly often, where customers can meet up and race their cars! He's always inviting us to go to them, but we've never taken him up on it, until this weekend. We went to Blyton Park in Lincolnshire to see him in action, and got to go out racing.

Here's our friend, Rich and me about to pop on my helmet! It was so fast it took my breath away when he accelerated. I was such a girl and screamed round every bend. But Rich is a great driver and I totally enjoyed it. Seb and I were then talking about spending the house money on a racing car instead!

 Sweet Treats

And a little spot of baking to finish the week off - these are Vanilla Pod and Cinnamon cupcakes, with sour cream frosting and vanilla pumpkin seeds on top. They barely lasted long enough to take a picture of, we were hungry after all the racing!

Can't believe we're at the beginning of another week already! x

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