Fun Activities To Keep Your Children Smiling In Lockdown 2.0

Wednesday 16 December 2020

keeping kids entertained during second lockdown

With people being stuck inside over the winter holidays, our kids are going to be home so often -  which means that we need to find ways to entertain them. While older children may be quite content to do their own thing for at least part of the day, it can get harder when you have small children. So finding ideas for  fun things that you can do to keep your kids entertained while they are stuck inside is absolutely vital. 

Family Games Tournament

One of the things that can be a nice tradition to start is the family games tournament. There are a couple of ways to handle this. The first is that you can pick one game, split into teams and play a couple of rounds of the same game. Or, you can pick a number of games and see which team wins the most out of all of these. It gives some friendly competition to the games, prompting you to do your best so that you can win. You also get to spend a lovely evening away from tv screens and tablets with your family.

If you do it the first way, then you can set a night every week where you want to do this, and then do a new game every week. At least you know that there is one evening per week sorted! It can be something that your family looks forward to every week, and you can even crown reigning champions and so on. It’s such a fun way to play games within your family.

crafting activities for children during lockdown

Get Crafty

Another thing that you can do is arts and crafts. This is a sure-fire way to occupy quite a large part of the day, especially when you’ve got children who are different ages. This is something that they can all do together if they want to. 

Of course, your children also might not be very creative, in which case this won’t be the best option for you to consider. But, if your children are creative, then you want to get as much stuff as you can for them to experiment with. Get all different types of materials such as tissue paper, normal paper, card, felt tip pens, markers, pipe cleaners, stickers, plastic shapes, foam shapes, etc. You also should get something so that all the pieces can be stuck together. 

Looking on a site such as Glue Guns Direct can make sure you have all the supplies you need, but just make sure you keep this out of reach of little children.

Redecorate Their Bedroom

Something else that you should consider is letting your children redecorate their bedroom. Making a change doesn't have to be expensive - there are lots of little touches that can be added to let them feel like they have personalized their space. It will make the children happy, and you have them focused on something, at least for a little while. Let them know that they have a budget, and give them all the same budget to spend. Give them catalogs and things like this to browse through, and let them pick out what they want. If it is within the price range that you have given them, then let them have it. 

If things start to get too expensive, all you have to do is talk to them. Keep communicating throughout this process. Trust us when we say that they are going to be excited about it, so there’s no telling how much endless chatter you’re going to hear about it.

Get Online

Finally, if things get a little bit overwhelming or you need a break, just give them YouTube or Netflix and put something on for them to watch. Don’t feel guilty about this, too many parents do these days. It’s normal for kids to want to do this, so just let them enjoy it for a little while. A lot of the content you can give them is actually fairly educational - teaching them about numbers, spelling or the world around them, They don’t need to be active twenty-four hours per day to be healthy, so just take a breath.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the fun things that you can do with your kids so that they are entertained while they are stuck inside. Take this advice, and there will always be something for them to do for the foreseeable future. Have fun with your kids at home!

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