Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up & Extensions | Review

Monday 6 May 2019

My quest for perfect lashes is something that will never end, and they are a topic which regularly features here on my blog. 

Some women may be born with naturally long, thick, curly, Disney Princess lashes but alas, that hasn't been my fate.

Whether it's trying out the latest faux mink flutter or learning how to do my own eyelash extensions, a bit of lash loving is always on the agenda here.

So when I spot some new lashes that look gorgeous, I can't resist giving them a go.

Kiss are really innovate with new styles and types of lashes, and I've never tried a pair from the brand which didn't look great, so I decided to complete my recent night out look with a pair of their newest strip lashes, and also try out the cluster extension from the same range.

The Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up Collection is a range of lashes that manage a magic trick. In the box they look big. Like, seriously big. But when they go on they somehow manage to pull off the difficult trick of being full but wispy and… Well, natural might be going to far, but it's also not going to give that full on drag queen vibe (no shade - that look can be fab but it's a bit extreme for me).

The lashes are triple stacked, and the unique thing is that they feature three different styles of lashes on the one band, for a multi-dimensional lift that gives a high impact effect.

There are four styles in the range, each with a saucy lingerie-inspired name and this one is ‘Corset’. They look quite full on in the packaging, so I don't think I would have tried them without seeing them on actual pair of eyes, where somehow they look soft and full but not crazy. The lashes are also super light and comfortable to wear, which is a quality I always find in the Kiss range.

Triple Push Up features voluminous layers of dense, fluffy lashes with a light tapered curl to the tips. These lashes have a thicker woven band which I'm usually on the fence about. It's harder to disguise and easier to make mistakes with, so I generally prefer lashes with an invisible style band.

However, it does make the lashes a lot more durable and you'll be able to rewear them a lot more times.

In this case, as I would only ever wear this style for an evening out, it's not really an issue as I'll be wearing heavier shadow and liner anyway. These are great quality lashes that look beautiful for a more dramatic look without being overly fake looking. If you look after them and treat them right by cleaning and storing properly, you'll get a good amount of wear from them and they are also cruelty free.

At £7.99 they are a couple of pounds dearer than regular lashes, but for the quality and attention to detail I'd say these are definitely worth it.

For day to day wear, I find that the fine balance between naturalism and added drama is much better served by applying cluster lash extensions. I find them easier than strip lashes and they give a really customisable look.

These are lighter and more tapered than the lash clusters I normally use, and they give a very natural look indeed - ideal for those who are nervous. The design features flat roots and tapered ends for a more natural appearance. I'm really excited to see more variety of finishes in this type of lash enhancer.

For me, these are a little too flat though - I prefer a stronger curl. They look great with my eyes shut but it's not a strong enough finish when they're open - I prefer my usual brand of cluster extensions.

One tip - be extremely careful how you remove these from the box - I destroyed several clusters as they're glued so firmly to the strip!

Have you tried any new styles of lashes lately? Do you like cluster lashes or a full strip? Let me know!

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