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Wednesday 3 April 2019

Quite often, my life doesn't feel very put together, so sometimes the only remedy is to take refuge in clothes and try to create a look that is. 

Although fashion won't fix all your problems, it can put a little smile on your face and give your day a lift. I've never been one of those girls who just look cool in whatever they wear, and it feels like style is a secret language that I don't speak.

That's why it's quite important to me to share outfits on this blog, in a way. I want to fly the flag for those who struggle a bit with fashion but love it anyway.

Add that to the fact that all of my current outfits have to be breastfeeding friendly, and it's quite a specific situation - although one that a lot of new mamas will relate to.

Black thin ribbed polo neck | H&M

Tan paper bag culottes with black polka dots | Zara

Black buckled ankle boots | Aldo

Obsidian shard necklace | Lovebullets

Le Pliage backpack | Longchamp

It's finally gotten to a temperature where braving a bit of leg won't leave you with hypothermia, so I celebrated by whipping out this pair of culottes  - the perfect in-between item for these changeable days.

I love these because they make quite a statement without me actually having to do anything. Ideal really! They'd also pair well with a simple white tee on holiday or even with a shirt for the office.

I kept the rest of the look simple and streamlined by just choosing a thin black polo and ankle boots. All it needed for accessories was my old favourite obsidian pendant from Lovebullets- if you haven't seen these they are very cool recycled bullet casings that have been fitted with crystals. The ethos is making something beautiful out of something ugly.

Then I grabbed my Le Pliage backpack which is lightweight and perfect for being hands free when I'm out and about with my kids. Look done!

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