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Friday 19 October 2018

Cult US skincare brand Sunday Riley have been on my ‘want to try list’ for a long time now, so when I spotted that Glossybox were doing a limited edition collaboration with them, I couldn't sign up fast enough. 

Beloved by the A-list and all over our Instagram feeds, their packaging is sleek and their focus is on results-driven, cruelty-free skin products.

With cutting edge formulas and pure A-grade ingredients, I loved the sound of a few of their flagship products. These targeted treatments improve your skin both instantly and over time, which is an approach I can definitely get on board with.

The range is divided into four colour coded lines. Blue represents hydration and deep moisture, Orange is for their Vitamim C based antioxidant products, Green is for problem and acne-prone skin and White is a clarifying formulation that works across the board for all skin types.

The box is £30 and contains one full size product and four minis - Glossybox subscribers bagged first access and get £5 off, so I made sure I signed back up!

Blue Moon Tranquillity Cleansing Balm

I've been wanting to try this for a while! It's a really huge product so will definitely last for ages, and as it retails for £48 it makes the box incredible value just on it's own.

This blue cleanser is a luxurious balm-to-milk formulation that washes away makeup and dirt while lavishing moisture and care on your skin.

The gentle formulation uses clean rinsing sugars to cleanse and smooth skin, and contains cocoa butter and mimosa flower wax to give skin a moisture hit.

There’s also essential oils of blue tansy and German chamomile to soothe redness and calm stressed out skin. Vanilla and sweet orange oils give a beautiful, delicate scent. You massage it onto dry skin and then wipe away with a damp cleansing cloth.This cleanser is pure luxury.

C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

This cult product harnesses the power of antioxidant Vitamin C to brighten skin and give it an A-list glow, while protecting from ageing free radical damage.

With 15 percent Vitamin C, it's definitely potent. It fights the look of dullness, uneven pigmentation, sun damage and age spots.

If you want intense radiance and luminosity, this will deliver!

C.E.O C+E Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturiser

The first thing you notice about this is that it has the scent of pure sunshine!

Another hit of high-potency Vitamin C, this is designed to combine with the serum for maximum impact.

A day cream designed to fight the effects of micro pollution induced ageing, this is a must for city dwellers.

Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Over the winter months, with the harsh weather, cold, and central heating, we have a recipe for dull, dry skin.

Tidal is all about combatting that effect. It's a water cream, which means that it's super light and doesn’t have that heavy, sticky feel that a lot of rich face creams do.

As well as being super hydrating, it's a brightening and refining treatment designed to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation over time.

You can even use it over your makeup to seal in hydration and radiance. The gold standard of moisturisers.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Along with the cleanser, this was the product that I was most excited to try.

It's a retinol oil, which is a form I've never seen it in before, and being a big fan of both anti-aging whizz kid retinol and using nourishing oils on my skin at night, so Luna has lots of appeal for me.

A cult product loved by models and celebs, I couldn't wait to give this a go. Retinol boosts your skin’s plumpness and firms it up, while improving the look of wrinkles and fine lines, redness and enlarged pores.

As you massage it into your skin, the oil turns from blue to clear to work it's magic through the night. You wake up to a youthful, glowing complexion - it's  beauty sleep in a bottle!

Did you get the gloss? Have you tried Sunday Riley? Let me know!

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