Bring Those Unloved Rooms To Life

Wednesday 17 October 2018


We all have our favourite rooms in the home. For some, it’s the kitchen where they can create beautiful foods every day.

For others, it’s the living room where they can sink into the sofa, and hardly move until it’s time to go up to bed.

For some, it’s the solidarity of the bathroom, the one room where some escape from family life can be found, as long as the door is locked.

So you have to admit, that sometimes when you have your favourite rooms in the home, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the rooms that you don’t spend as much time in.

But, all it could take is a little bit of effort into such rooms, and they could be your new favourite place to hang out.

So, we’re going to touch on some of the best, yet neglected, rooms in a home, and we’re going to turn them into something fabulous!

Beautiful Bathrooms

You’re either a bathroom person, or you’re just not. If you’re not, then I'm here to change you, because the bathroom can be the best room in the home if you do the right things to do.

If you’ve had the bathroom the same way for so long now, then I would recommend having a renovation done. Changing the tiles and the features of your bathroom lasts for years, so it’s not like it’ll be something you’ll need to change in a year or two.

To get an idea of the style of bathroom you want, have a look on Pinterest and in showrooms. I would definitely recommend getting a bath so you can indulge at the end of the day.

If you had the space and could work it into a design, a his and hers sink layout would be great! You could then work towards personalising the bathroom even more. Having personalised bath towels, toiletries set out for the both of you on each side etc.

You can also add in indoor plants which we really like the idea of for any room in the home. It just adds a bit of life and colour, and they’re not so hard to maintain!

Candles are also essential for those late night relaxing soaks in the bath.

A Cosy Conservatory

A lot of people nowadays inherit a conservatory added by a previous house owner. If you do have one, it’ll probably feel like you don’t, because you barely use it.

So, why not think about turning it into the cosiest room in the home. A second living room if you will.

You could have a coffee table and a big fluffy rug put in, an electric fireplace on the wall, and a comfy corner sofa to relax on. A fluffy beanbag would also look really great!  If you wanted, you could put a TV to turn it into a relaxing space.

A Sociable Dining Room

The dining room is definitely neglected, especially when there’s a sofa and a TV right next door. So, get yourself a big oak table, and some comfy chairs.

You could have a sideboard filled with different alcohols for when you have guests round, and a bright chandelier to add an element of class.

If you put all new things into the dining room, and make an effort to ensure the family sits in it, it’ll become a much more sociable room!

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