#Look Fantastic Beauty Box | July 2018 Edition

Thursday 26 July 2018

Look what landed! I have to do a little dance of joy whenever it comes time for my Look Fantastic beauty box - it genuinely is the best beauty box I’ve tried, and I’ve had most of them at some point!

All the products I’ve received so far have been really good, and a great mix of brands. The July box theme is all about embracing your inner goddess! Well, I certainly don’t feel very goddess like at 9 months pregnant, but I was willing to see if this box would help. So, what was inside?

Filorga UV Bronze Aftersun 

Although I haven’t managed to go abroad this year with the pregnancy, the UK has more than been making up for it with this unprecedented long, hot summer. Who would have thought you’d actually need aftersun in England?

This French brand is one I’ve heard of, but never tried before, and the offering here is a light, triple-action gel-to-oil formula. It's got a really unique texture that’s very soothing on parched skin. Packed with natural oils - Argan, Apricot, Almond and Avocado to be precise - and also enhanced with skincare buzz ingredient hyaluronic acid and an amino acid complex, this is geared up to repair skin after a day spent by the pool or even in your British back garden!

One of the top tips for maintaining a natural tan is making sure that skin is kept nourished and hydrated, so this is the ideal product if you’re jetting off somewhere this summer.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser 

I’ve been dying to try this brand for a long while after hearing incredible things about it, so this was an exciting edition to this month’s box. Finding a good cleanser can actually be quite hard, as you don’t want something too harsh that leaves skin feeling stripped out.

Here we have a PH-balanced formula pumped full of antioxidants to counteract environmental damage and pollution, designed to be gentle and suit even sensitive skin types. It promises a more even complexion along with it's cleansing and refreshing duties, and if you leave it on for a minute before rinsing, you’ll see even more benefits.

Doucce Freematic Highlighter Mono - Sparked Ray 

There’s definitely more skincare than make-up with Look Fantastic, so I was pleased to see this waiting in the box. Doucce isn’t a brand I’ve seen much of, although I have tried and liked one of their mascaras in a sub box before.

This highlighter, however, is something gorgeous. It’s the most beautiful golden peach colour, and the shimmer is really finely milled, so it doesn’t feel too OTT. It’s so velvety, and gives a flattering, candlelit look to the skin. I’m really impressed with it and I think it's the perfect colour for me.

Lancer Omega Hydrating Oil 

Skincare heavyweight Lancer is a little outside of my usual budget, but I know lots of celebs swear by it - it’s a range created by Dr Harold Lancer, a renowned dermatologist with a lot of A-List clients - and I also adore an oil as a bedtime facial boost.

This one is packed with polyphenols and antioxidants to smooth and refine, as well as Argan, Olive and Licorice oils. It acts to lock moisture into the skin and soften fine lines while leaving a soft, dewy glow. Oils are such a beautiful, relaxing treat, especially after a face mask.

Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Shampoo 

Although Kerastase is one of the most widely-applauded haircare brands out there, it’s something I’ve never tried, so I was quite excited to see this! Couldn’t we all do with shinier hair?

This has Vitamin E and UV Filters, so it's perfect for this hot sunny weather where my locks are looking more than a little dried out. It also protects against environmental aggressors that can damage locks and leave them looking faded, especially if you have coloured hair. I haven’t used this yet but I’m so curious about it - and sort of dreading falling in love with it and developing a really expensive shampoo habit!

SVR Laboratories Sebiaclear Gel Cleanser 

This last item was the only one I felt a little disinterested in. I like a good cleanser, but having two in this box and one in last month’s feels a little bit like overkill. It doesn’t help that I really liked last month’s Elemis Superfood one - the bar was always going to have been raised!

I’m sure this is nice enough but it's not a very exciting product, and it's designed for oily skin types really, which isn’t me. I would have appreciated another make-up item instead or just something a little more interesting. I think I’ll be giving this to my husband!