How To Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions For Under £15

Friday 20 July 2018

Hands up, I am a self-confessed lash addict. Nothing makes me feel better or more myself than a little bit of extra flutter power, and over the years I have tried everything to enhance what Mother Nature gave me.

From LVL treatments to lash extensions to daily strip lash application to the latest mascara - and I must have spent a small fortune in the process.

There are pros and cons to each of the approaches above, and I go back and forth between them. Mascara is the easiest of course, and the least hassle, but my lashes are pin straight and I have never found one that keeps a curl in place.

LVL sorts this out beautifully, but doesn’t provide enough volume for me. Daily strip lashes add time I don’t have onto my everyday makeup routine and are quite expensive. Lash extensions in a salon are beautiful but very costly and I struggle to find the time for maintenance appointments.

So, everything is good in its own way but nothing is ideal.

I decided to learn how to do my own lash extensions at home and I’ve been happy with this solution for a while. It’s not perfect, but it’s working for me at the moment - and the total cost is less than £15 to get started, then pennies each time!

Getting Started

You’ll probably be getting started using what are known as cluster lashes (you can get these done in salon also called ‘party lashes’ sometimes). Each lash piece has two or three strands attached, and you can buy versions with a knot (where the lashes are anchored to a little knot) or knot free ones which are a little more natural.

You can also purchase truly individual lashes - one individual lash on its own at a time! - and although these look great they are incredibly difficult and time consuming to do yourself. I certainly don’t have the skill level for that!

Lashes are available in different lengths and thicknesses - typically 9mm-12mm. I always go for 9 or 10 as I don’t want too much length. There are also different styles - ‘flare’ which means quite curly, and you can get ‘fluffy’ ‘natural’ or ‘volume’ versions.

Make sure you also purchase glue for individual lashes which is quite different from strip lash glue and designed to be much longer lasting. The Kit All the stuff you need can be purchased via eBay or Amazon.

What suits you will vary with your own preference but here is what I use:


Lashes : Eye Envy Express Extensions Individual Lashes in ‘Fluffy Volume’ or ‘Natural’ £3.98

Glue: Eylure Superfix Individual Eyelash Extension Glue - Black £3.39

Remover: Ardell LashFree Individual Eyelash Adhesive Remover £3.99

Pointed Tweezers

An old piece of plastic, foil or card to spread glue on


A magnifying makeup mirror

Curlers: Viti 180 Degree Lash Curlers £5.99

Applying Your Lashes

This is definitely a case of practice making perfect! I watched quite a lot of YouTube tutorials to help me get started, and if you aren’t used to fiddly things, it can be quite frustrating to begin with.

Once you’ve mastered it though, it really is super easy and quick! My method is to collect all of my supplies together, then pull out a few lash pieces from the pot, ready to go.

Tip a small amount of glue onto your piece of foil or card, grip the tip of the lash piece with your pointed tweezers and dip the knotted end into the glue. Leave it a few seconds before applying to the eye, as the glue grips much better if it’s slightly tacky rather than wet.

Looking down into your magnifying mirror, gently place the glued end of the lash on top of your own lashes and hold in place for a second to let the bond take. I’ve found that for me, it works best not to place each lash exactly side by side, but to apply a few and then go back and fill in the gaps.

The really nice thing is that you can make the lashes as bold or as natural so as you like - just add two or three to the outer corners of your eyes, or build it up to more volume. When I’m done with a row, I use the handle end of the tweezers just to press everything down and into place on the lash line.

The Viti Lash Curlers are a really good tool to have for all false lash lovers as well - they have a wide opening, so your new, longer lashes don't get painfully caught or disturbed - simply clamp them for a few seconds and you get a beautiful curl that helps to blend your false and real lashes together.


How long the lashes last depends on how you treat them really, but there are a few care basics to know about. You’ll need to be careful about using any oils near your lashes, as these will break down the glue bonds. I use an oil-free eye makeup remover (Simple Kind to Skin Eye Makeup Remover does the job beautifully and is super cheap!).

The beauty of the lashes is that I don’t need to wear as much other eye makeup, but if I have used shadow or liner, I use a pointed cotton bud with the oil-free eye makeup remover to clean carefully along the lash line.

You’re fine to get them wet but I try to minimise this, although I have always loved to splash my face with cold water in the mornings and I still do this! Don’t rub your face dry though, just gently dab the eye area with a towel so they don’t come off.

You will get the odd one come off, so each morning I have a look and just add one or two if needed to even up the lash line. But most should stay on for 2-3 weeks if you’re careful. After this point, I like to use the remover to take them all off, give my lashes a break and a chance to recover.

Use a lash conditioning serum or even good old Vaseline every night during the break to keep your natural lashes strong and healthy. This is working out really nicely for my circumstances at the moment. Having my lashes done means I actually wear less makeup overall - just some concealer, B.B. cream, bronzer and brow pencil and I’m good to go - which saves me precious time in the morning.

Even with no makeup on I feel a little better - my theory is that having my lashes done distracts a little from the eye bags having a baby and toddler and all the sleepless nights brings! I don’t have to try and fit in lengthy and expensive salon appointments to maintain my lashes either. I’m so glad I took a little time and patience to learn how to do this!

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