GlamGlow #Glittermask Gravity Mud | Review

Monday 19 March 2018

Is this the most Instagrammable face mask of all time? When GlamGlow announced that they’d be released a limited-edition GLITTERY version of their popular GravityMud Firming Mask, my inner magpie knew it would be a must-have.

Glitter appeals heavily in a world of Insta-likes and short-lived attention spans, but with the brand gravitas behind GlamGlow, I was fairly confident the product wouldn’t be style over substance. 

Pricey, but renowned for delivering noticeable results, there was always going to be a huge amount of buzz about any new launch.  For me, having received a sample of the original GravityMud in the Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Party Starter Kit, I had decided it was worth the spend, and the glitter was just the trigger I needed to finally give in and buy the full-size.

The Hype

This firming treatment promises to deliver sexy skin in a flash – lifted, smoothed and glowing. If you suffer from puffy, tired, dull or saggy skin (unfortunately, I have all of these problems) this formula is supposed to deliver instantly noticeable, red-carpet results.

The patented Teaoxi complex combines ingredients like liquorice and marshmallow root to upgrade your facial contours and give smooth definition. The satisfaction of a peel-off with the purifying benefits of a clay, this new formula contains holographic glitter particles suspended in a gel formula that won’t irritate skin.

A system called ‘Vizitight’ delivers a cocktail of skin-firming goodies such as marine algae plasma and bio defining polymers. While soy extract tones. Anti-aging ingredients include mega-antioxidant Icelandic Kelp that repairs free radical damage to skin from environmental pollutants, Hyaluronic Acid to keep your complexion plumped and Glacial Clay to refine pores. Plus the whole lot is free from Parabens and Sulphates that can strip and dehydrate the skin.

There’s all the right stuff in there to deliver what’s promised – plus the added excitement of glitter, which may not have any benefits for your skin but is definitely good for your soul and your Instagram feed.

The packaging

Fans of GlamGlow love its bold packaging, and the Glitter mask is no different. It comes encased in a sleek, silver metal jar and with a small fan brush so that you can apply the mask without getting your hands sticky. You can literally just paint it on, and it's quite a fun experience.

Just because skincare is serious, doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun, as more and more brands – perhaps inspired by K-Beauty, who have a track record of combining cutesy products that surprise and delight with hard-line results – are beginning to discover. The glitter particles are quite dense, meaning you really do get a full-on glitter effect when the mask is on-  no second-rate sparkle here!

The product

A black viscose gel packed with glitter particles, the mask takes a good 20-30 minutes to dry down, which is quite a big time investment when you have a toddler to look after! The best thing is to use it when you have an evening to yourself.

As soon as I applied it, I could feel the violent tingling that seems to be a hallmark of the GlamGlow brand, which makes me think that it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. Mine is normally quite straight-forward, but has become a lot more sensitive since I became pregnant. It soon settles down though, and the glitter particles don’t feel gritty or uncomfortable. As long as you apply a medium-thick amount in an even layer it all peels off cleanly in one big sheet.

The performance

At £44, I did think twice before purchasing this, but I have to say that the results are definitely worth the spend. This mask not only delivers the ideal selfie opportunity, but it really does deliver. After I peeled it off, my skin looked almost pearlescent, so the glow and the clarity was definitely there.

It also did provide a lifting effect – my cheekbones looked more defined and my forehead area looked and felt lifted – almost like there was invisible scaffolding supporting it! Everything was a bit more plumped up too, so I looked like I had had a month of great sleep, which is definitely not the case being a parent.

The verdict

I was seriously impressed. The effect of this face mask was tangible, which is great when you’ve invested in a product, and to me, GravityMud is certainly worth the spend. I don’t have many nights out at the moment, but this has become an absolute must if I do. I absolutely love this mask. It’s not only great fun to use, but it really gives good results. 

My skin felt great afterwards – so good that I wanted to go out and show it off. It is a treat, but one that’s worthwhile if you have the budget to spare. It would also make an incredible gift got any beauty lover. This mask is now definitely part of my glam secret weapons. Glittery and gorgeous!

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  1. Thank you for the review! I might pick it up now since I was on the fence before!