Lacura Cuvee Royal Skin Care | Lacura Caviar Eye Roll On | Review

Tuesday 17 January 2017

I am a lover of luxury – that elusive sensation of a well-made beautiful product that’s a pleasure to use and delivers results. But sometimes the most luxurious options don’t have to be the priciest.

Economies of scale are a real thing, and in our globalised times, it's getting easier and easier to find luxurious products that don’t break the bank. Especially when there’s a global retailer involved.

Step forward unlikely beauty hero Aldi. Yep, the same place that brought you cut-price Continental foods also serves up some heavy-weight skincare. I’ve used and loved their Lacura Caviar range before – a line of premium-looking creams modelled on La Prairie, stuffed with anti-ageing goodies and packaged in heavy glass jars.

So when I spotted the gorgeous looking Cuvee Royal range, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

What says ‘luxury’ more than a line of premium skincare made from champagne?

Similar to Caudalie, the Cuvee Royal range uses an extract of grapes normally used to make fizz that is rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants.

There’s also a complex called QT40, designed to stimulate the skin renewal system and kick start the producing of new cells and collagen. It's also rich in magnesium and vitamins to reducing sagging.

And all the products are not only a gift to your skin and wallet, but also to the planet, as they’re free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

Within the range, there’s a serum (which has flecks of gold leaf in for an added premium touch), a moisturiser, a neck-and-decollete cream and a targeted treatment in the range. They’ve been developed by top European skincare experts to target ageing concerns and combat the winter weather.

The first thing that drew me in though, was the high-end packaging. No matter how deliciously decadent and deluxe the ingredients list, if a product is dressed poorly, I can’t get on board fully. Part of my enjoyment is the experience of using the product, and that includes the look and usability of the packaging.

Aldi haven't scrimped when it comes to that aspect. The cream comes housed in a plush looking padded cream box.

Nestled inside is a pot with a heavy silver metal base and a white plastic upper half. It looks super sleek and very deluxe – something you’d be proud to have on your bathroom shelf. It looks striking and very, very premium. If I didn’t know where this was from, I didn’t believe it.

The product is quite a thick cream in consistency, but it doesn’t overwhelm the skin or get greasy. A little goes a long way, and this leaves a beautifully smooth, hydrated and glowing effect behind. I’m seriously impressed.

Now, what would you expect to pay for something with those ingredients and that beautiful pot?

Well, I’d be thinking three figures if I didn’t know better. As its Aldi, you might expect this to be around the £30 mark which would still be amazing. But no – this is just £7.99! That is true madness.

Alas, there is a downside – this is a limited edition, so there’s only a small window of time to get your hands on it. It looks to be sold out online currently, so your best hope is to find a store.

Confusingly, this wasn’t with the rest of the skincare either – it was housed in amongst what I call the ‘random bargains aisle’ which has everything from DIY kit to shoes. I think I’ll be getting a few back-ups if they still have any next time I’m there. The only ray of hope is that I’m pretty sure the Caviar Illuminate range was limited edition, to begin with, but it's now part of the regular lineup.

It’s an absolutely beautiful luxurious formulation in a beautiful pot and the price is insane, so definitely give it a go.

While I was there, I also picked up the Lacura Caviar Illumination Eye Roll On, which is a limited edition addition to the Caviar line I like so much. Again, at £4.99, it’s a steal.

The little roll on tube is a shiny chrome, which is so cute and feels like the same great quality as the face creams I was using. I’ve said many times that my under-eye area is a complete disaster, so I’m constantly on the look out for products that will actually deliver on their promises and make a difference.

I like to use a rollerball in the morning to take down any puffiness and give my tired eyes a little massage.This contains liposome concentrate and hyaluronic acid to intensively hydrate, reduce swelling and dry, crepey fine lines.

Caviar extract, rich in amino acids, proteins and vitamins also works to smooth and repair the under-eye skin texture and provide a moisture hit. I love the idea of this, the price and the packaging. I haven’t tested this out yet as I’m still using up my Nip +Fab Viper Venom Eye Roll On, but I don’t rate that too highly, so I’m looking forward to moving onto this one.

The Caviar range has been such a hit, with beauty editors praising its budget brilliance, and I love that they’re continuing to expand it and test new additions out.

So if you want to feel truly pampered and indulgent this winter, it might be more purse-friendly than you expect. Beautiful, effective, nicely packaged skin care all under £10? Now that really is true luxury.


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