OOTD | Black Magic | East Mids Blog Meet

Tuesday 16 August 2016

What do you wear to meet a bunch of style-conscious bloggers? 

It must be up there as one of the harder clothing dilemmas going! 

Add to the mix that I’m not very body confident as I’m still carrying extra baby weight (okaaaay….its really just my weight at this point!) and I found it extra tough to pick an outfit for the East Mids Meet Up I went to on Saturday at Leicester cocktail bar Manhattan 34.

The answer I found was to turn to my fellow bloggers for inspiration. I’ve never really worn a jumpsuit before, but after seeing Shani wearing one on her blog and looking awesome I thought it would be perfect for this occasion and many others. Suddenly it seemed like something I really needed in my life!

Black jersey jumpsuit | V by Very
Khaki leather jacket | Zara
Nude spike flats | Asos
Grey medium Lily bag | Mulberry
Quartz necklace | Topshop

With the my make-up for the day, I also came out of my comfort zone a little and wore this bright neon purple lipstick from NYX’s Macaron collection. The shade is ‘Violet’. Its pretty intense, but I actually enjoyed trying something quite challenging on the beauty front.

I had such a brilliant time - you can read about what I got up to and my blog meet survival guide here -  and I met some wonderful bloggers. Great event!


  1. Yay for purple lipstick!! Loved these shoes, didn't get a chance to tell you on the day. Also your figure is gorgeous, you have nothing to worry about :)

    Loving reading all these posts, makes me want another meet up already! Xxx

    Izzy | ADoseOfChatter

  2. These photos look amazing :) I absolutely adore your mulberry bag

    PS, you've certainly got the blogger pose down ☺️

  3. I loved your outfit and you looked amazing!! It made me smile reading your post because I saw the clothes horder comment and then that you bought something new ... thats exactly what I did actaully. For weeks I have been trying to find something from my wardobe and then the week before bought my dungarees haha

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

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