The blogs and vlogs inspiring me right now

Saturday 14 May 2016

Every once in a while as a blogger, you get burnt out.

Your creative juices run low, you feel uninspired and it all begins to seem like a bit of of a chore. I think that’s true of any creative process or anything that you do for love in general.

So what's the antidote?

For me, it's discovering other bloggers and vloggers that get me excited again, that make me realise the possibilities and get my brain running at a hundred miles an hour.

Inspiration like that is precious beyond measure, so I like to celebrate and share who and what's really making me want to try harder now.

Here are the ladies rocking my world right now:

Lauren Messiah |

Lauren is an LA based personal stylist whose vlogs are really punchy, informative and interesting.

She covers everything from the best ways to shop, to how to develop your personal style to ‘day in the life’ type videos where she shows her client makeovers off.

Lauren has absolutely amazing taste and I would die to able to have her take me shopping! I just find having an insight into her world very fascinating.

To me, style is a bit of a mystery and I tend to approach it wanting to somehow find a magical formula that will make me look how I want to. I don’t feel that I’m naturally stylish; its something that feels alien to me, that I have to work on. But Lauren’s content definitely makes me feel like I could get there one day!

She shares snippets of her process and how she helps her clients, so it lets me know what I should be doing to try and work it out for myself.

Lauren calls her personal style ‘edgy classic’ and its so exactly how I would want to dress in the lovely world in my head where I never choose comfort over style or have baby sick down my top. Lauren is a style goddess, so check her out.

Favourite post: Client Makeover: Real Estate Queen

Sophie Shohet |

Sophie is the queen of luxury accessories, and her collection of Chanel bags is something to make your jaw drop. Honestly, I think I’m obsessed with her videos because they are pure handbag porn.

But Sophie is also hugely smart and a self-made entrepreneur. She makes videos about how to save money (to spend on luxury goods!), how to make your look  polished on a budget and she’s generally very real, even though she lives a life of expensive cars and shopping trips at Harrods.

I sort of wish I was Sophie, and I like that she’s a bit older when a lot of vloggers are teens I can’t relate to as well. Her videos are very straight talking and no nonsense, which makes me laugh.

Plus, she has her own line of mink lashes that are gorgeous.

Favourite Post: Chanel Shoe Haul + Chanel Sales Info They Don’t Want You To Know

Elisabeth Rilatt |

You know when you discover a blog, and then a couple of hours later you suddenly realise you've gone down the rabbit hole with it and become lost in the old posts? That is me with Elisabeth’s blog.

I’m captivated by her Instagram where she posts on fashion and beauty - but its her outfits I love best. She has a beautiful style and always looks very polished and put together, going for clean cuts and graphic shapes.

She’s already inspired at least five outfits and three purchases for me - and I think its rare to find someone whose style you love so much you literally want to shop whatever they recommend.

Elisabeth lives in Cardiff and I really enjoy seeing glimpses of the city on her pictures, as that’s where I went to uni and I have really fond memories of it. Reading her blog feels like catching up with a good friend, as her life and her views seem very similar to mine and my friends.

I just get the feeling I’d really get on with Elisabeth if I knew her, and I look forward to her new posts to give me #wardrobegoals.

Favourite Post: Ladies Do Dubai

Claudia Wright |

Claudia is a) utterly gorgeous b) actually hilarious and c) a style maven, so I like to keep up with her blog.

I met Claudia a few years ago at a bloggers event and she looked like a total rockstar when she walked in! I thought I had to say hello to anyone who could make a leather skinny look that good, so we had a chat and she was lovely.

I’ve always really liked her outfit posts, because she’s edgy but polished (are we seeing a theme here?). She’s also very funny and I often have a good chuckle about things she posts!

Claudia also writes about health and fitness which I like, because she’s one of those girls you see where you think ‘What’s her secret?’ - and her blog means you can find out!

To me, Claudia has a star quality, but she’s still really funny and relatable as well.

Favourite Post: OOTD - What The F Is Smart Casual?

Ellie May |

I stumbled across Ellie’s blog when I was looking for ways to style one of my handbags, and the gorgeous pictures drew me in.

Again, she seems to have that uptown ‘something’ in the way she pulls outfits together that has me hooked. She looks very glossy and pulled together, but she’s also great at adding a little twist by mixing up patterns or layering accessories.

Every time I found myself really liking one of her outfits I’d find that I already had all the elements in my wardrobe, so reading her posts has inspired me to mix things up with the items I own.

Favourite Post: Leopard Blush

Nodreen |

I found Nodreen through her YouTube videos, which really drew me in.

I like that her channel is a mix of stuff and it also features lots of self-improvement type videos as well as fashion and make-up.

She seems like a really positive person and constantly on a quest to move onwards and upwards. I think I really click with that way of thinking. She’s also a fan of a good blazer, which I’m also totally on board with! I’ve only just discovered her channel so

I’m looking forward to watching a lot more of her videos.

Favourite Post: Coming Of Age In The 21st Century

Elle Florence |

Elle is a Canadian YouTube name that I stumbled across one day and then promptly binge-watched all her videos.

She's career focused (she's a lawyer as well as a YT guru) and I love that she posts a lot of videos about work wear,  as I find that can be a very hard area to get right.

Elle's style is not 100% my cup of tea, but I do live her jaw-dropping handbag collection. I especially like the series she does on the 'history of fashion'. She'll take a piece and go through how it was created and how it's changed over the years, which is always really interesting.

I would say Elle is what I want to be when I grow up,  but sadly, we all know I'm a grown up already!

Favourite Post: Closet Tour & Organisation Tips

What else should I be reading right now? 


  1. Several months ago, I was burned out on my blog. I took a month off to refocus and realize what I wanted out of the blog. I returned more focused and knew exactly what I was doing. :)

  2. this is a great roundup! I'm always looking for inspiration so I can't wait to check them all out!

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