#30DMC | Day 1&2 | Everyday Makeup

Thursday 19 May 2016

Calling all beauty addicts! Today I'm beginning a new 30 day Makeup Challenge. I'll be doing a different look each day for the 30 days and posting the results to Twitter, Instagram and right here on the blog. 

You can join in the fun as well, take a look...

So why have I decided to do this challenge? 

Well, to put it simply, I'm stuck in a bit of a beauty rut. Although I love finding and buying new products, I'm often guilty of neglecting them in favour of my tried and tested favourites.

Especially since becoming a mummy, time is such a precious and limited commodity, and obviously Theo is my first priority, so it feels easier to reach for stuff that I know works and that I can apply quickly. But that means a lot of stuff is lying gathering dust in my dresser drawers!

I'm hoping this challenge will reignite my love of makeup, encourage me to try some new looks that are less 'safe' than the ones I usually wear, and hopefully prove to myself that shaking it up need not be difficult or taxing.

After all, make-up is supposed to be fun. There seems to be so much debate and online opinion these day's about women's looks and their bodies, and so much judgement. Its almost like the freedom and relative anonymity of social media has ushered in a new puritanism, where people think they can pass judgement on the lives of others in a very narrow minded way.

And at the opposite side of things, I have also seen the love of a good lipstick unite guys and girls - I enjoy being a member of several make-up focused Facebook groups and Twitter circles that are truly lovely places where people celebrate their sense of self and the role make-up has to play in that.

I believe all of us beauty junkies need to unite to claim back cosmetics for what they should be - a way to express ourselves, entertain ourselves and cheer ourselves up with a little me time. Who really cares what anyone thinks about it? We do this for ourselves, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

So join me and the others on our 30 Day Makeup Challenge and see what new favourites you can discover.


Funnily enough, the 30 Day Makeup Challenge starts with no make-up! Yep, its all about bare face and proud today. Show your true colours! 

I must admit I'm not a big fan of the bare faced me. All I can see is dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and patchy eyebrows! 

To me, makeup is something positive that makes me feel more myself, helps me relax and frees my mind up - if I know my face is sorted, I can concentrate on a conversation and not be thinking about what I look like to the other person. 

Even on my super-low key days I'll usually wear BB cream for the skin benefits and a bit of coverage, some eyebrow pencil and some mascara. I always say that the real me wears eyeliner! That's who I am.

But I do think its important to occaisionally have a day off from the warpaint. As much as I love make-up, I also celebrate our right not to wear any - its all about personal choice. 


And this is my everyday look! I like to think that its natural but polished -  all about making the most of my natural features and not hiding away.

My everyday makeup is not heavy, and it takes about 20 minutes to do. I wear this look to the office, to coffee with friends, out shopping - pretty much most occaisions. Sometimes I'll introduce new products but mostly my look has stayed fairly similar for several years now.

At the moment I'm on maternity leave with my little boy, so I sometimes do my makeup while breastfeeding! If he wants to play, I'll sit him on the floor next to me and he plays with a toy or usually with my makeup brushes while I get ready. I'm sure he wonders what I'm doing!

Even if we aren't going out for the day, I still try and put my face on, as it makes me feel better and more motivated somehow, even if I'm running on very little sleep.

Getting my make-up back on was a big part of helping me feel normal again after the birth, and although I didn't have my lipgloss on in labour, I did put some on the next morning in hospital.

The failsafe look for me is clean, illuminated skin, a light coral cheek, eyes done in beige and brown shades, a defined brow and lashline and pink or nude lips.

What I Used:

Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Lumiere 
Mac Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
Ben Nye Luxury Powder | Banana
Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
Makeup Gallery Colour Story eyeshadow | Cappuccino  (to contour)
Smashbox Soft Lights Blush Duo | Super/Model
Mac Fluidline | Dipdown (as a liner and to fill in brows)
Essence I Heart Extreme Volume mascara
Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Matte Lipstick | 5th Ave-nude 

I love a good BB cream as it provides skincare, sun protection and enough coverage for everyday when paired with a good concealer. I pop a thin illuminating primer underneath to give a healthy glow and stop me looking so tired, and set with a brightening powder.

I used a wash of light beige shimmer over my lids and brow bones, paired with a deeper chocolate brown shade in the crease and under my lower lash line. I line my top lashes and fill in my brows using a dark brown gel liner. 

Next I lightly contour my cheeks, jawline and nose using a taupe shadow, which looks more subtle than a bronzer. I add a warm pink coral blush and just a touch of highlighting powder. 

Then I curl my lashes and add a couple of coats of a defining, volumising mascara, and chuck on a nude coloured lip that I can easily top up through the day with clear or tinted balm.

And that's my every day face ! What's your go to makeup look? Join in the 30 Day Makeup Challenge and let me know! 

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