How To Breathe Life Back Into Your Old Jewellery

Sunday 14 February 2016

Try a little tenderness and get your favourite jewellery sparkling again with these tips.

Take It Off Occasionally

It’s easy to forget just how dirty our hands can get during the day. They’re subject to all of the elements and many different activities throughout the day. Taking your jewellery off occasionally will increase its lifespan.

However, if you really can’t bear to be without your favourite accessory, just take it off while washing up and in the shower. Substances like soap and shampoo can build up quickly. This means your piece will start to lose some of its shine. It can also make it look old before its time.

Keep a little pot or bowl by the side of your sink and in your bathroom. If you ensure it always gets placed here when it’s time to wash either yourself or the dishes, it won’t get lost.


Have It Cleaned Or Clean It Yourself

Washing or putting any chemicals on a precious piece of jewellery can be utterly terrifying!

Furthermore, ensuring you picking the right stuff for your piece is a challenge in itself. There are lots of jewellery cleaning products on the market. Even still, don’t feel like sending your piece away to be cleaned is the only option. You will probably be able to do a good job at home too.

If you are feeling nervous, pop into a local jewellers in your hometown. Most will give your piece a quick once-over free of charge, and advise you the best product. Do be aware that some will try and flog their own products, so make sure to ask lots of questions.

If you want to go away and do some more research before purchasing, that is fine too. This little set is very cheap.

Or, for those feeling a bit more thrifty, there is another option. Some jewellers recommend simply washing delicate pieces with a very soft toothbrush and a small amount of washing up liquid.

Invest In A New Strap or Chain

For some pieces of jewellery, there is one part that is the most important that is detachable from the rest. This applies to things like necklaces with a removable pendant. It also applies to watches with removable straps.

If the chain or straps on your piece have gotten old and tired, it could be making the whole piece look the same. Consider investing in a new one. Not only is this more affordable than replacing or upgrading the whole piece, but it’s also easier.


Have Your Piece Gold Plated

Perhaps your favourite gold ring has seen better days. It can also be quite common to become very attached to a piece of jewellery that wasn’t made from fine materials to begin with. This could mean that your favourite or most-worn piece has aged quickly and lost its sparkle.

Not only is this a shame, but it’s also unnecessary, thanks to gold plating. If you do choose to invest in this type of upgrade, plating gold rings is especially straightforward. Being a relatively small item, it can be a surprisingly affordable and speedy option.

Plus A Few More Handy Jewellery Tips!

Good Housekeeping magazine recommends using talc powder to help untangle chains. You’ll also need a pin.

Before wearing any new costume jewellery, coat it with a thin layer of clear nail polish. This will stop it from staining your skin green!

Put loose pairs of earrings inside button holes so they’re never missing their other half again.

Do you have any tips for reviving old jewellery?

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