Homewares Haul: Kate Spade, Mason Cash, Hartnell & more

Saturday 17 October 2015

One of my absolute favourite shops to have a browse round is Home Sense. 

In fact, both Seb and I are pretty obsessed with the place and we go along pretty much every couple of weeks to see what they have in, and Seb also works close to the store so he often pops in on his lunch breaks! 

If you don't know Home Sense, it's basically the homewares department of TK Maxx, given its own store. 

It has all kinds of designer home stuff from past seasons, so you never know what you'll find. The stuff is great quality and there are bargains to be found. 

Some of my favourite finds in the past have been Ralph Lauren tablecloths and napkins and Le Creuset cookware. It's brilliant.

For one of our first trips out with Theo, we went there as the store is not too far from our home and easy to get to in the car,  and we found a few little treasures I thought I'd share. 

Bathroom storage glasses

Hartnell Home

We're planning on having the family bathroom remodelled early next year,  so although it's jumping the gun a little bit, we couldn't resist these gorgeous storage glasses.

The range is not one I've encountered before. Norman Hartnell was a designer and couturier known for opulent designs, including Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress and coronation gown.

This homewares range is inspired by his designs and the 1940s aesthetic of the times he lived in- that kind of restrained, post - war classical revival.

The tumblers caught my eye in their beautiful mint green box with the gorgeous Bruton Street print on the inside (where Hartnell had his atelier). They should have been £49, but were reduced to just £15- what a bargain.

They're thick fluted glass with elegant silver lids. I love the classic look of them and I'm sure they'll add a refined feel to the new suite. I'm not quite sure what to put in them yet - cotton pads? Toothbrushes? Give me a shout if you can think of something better!

Large ceramic dish

Mason, Cash & Co  

I really love this quality, traditional ceramics range, mainly because it reminds me of being a child. My mum had their mixing bowls, so they just speak to me of home. 

Today, the range has had a revival, like so many heritage brands, and now produces pastel coloured cookware that you spy in the Bake Off tent.

A chunky, rectangular dish like this is a must for family meals, cooking and baking. As its the kind of thing your parents always had in the kitchen, I figured that now I'm a parent I need that kind of thing!  

Typography tea towels

Kate Spade

I'm a massive fan of Kate Spade's cool, quirky accessories but I didn't actually know there was a home range, so these were a nice find.

Now I've found them, my heart is also set on her 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' apron as well! 

These towels are emblazoned with lots of cooking related words in eye catching green and blue type and this would look so good hanging off the rail of a big Aga - shame I don't have one! 

Medium makeup bag

Tender Love & Carry

Okay, not strictly for the home but this pretty little bag really caught my eye and I couldn't leave it behind. The last thing I need is another makeup bag, I have so many different ones. I'm probably a bit obsessed with them, but they seem to be something I can't resist.

I loved the spotty print on this,  and it's the perfect size for holding my 'everyday face' makeup. 

Tender Love & Carry are a New Zealand based design outfit that specialise in vibrant print. I'm now keen to find a smaller make-up bag from the same range that I can carry in my handbag. 

Daisy room fragrance 

Tilly Parker  

I was also drawn to this gorgeous range of scented candles and room sprays with their distinctive Art Nouveau style packaging.

One of the small touches that can really make a home is scent, and lately I've been loving room fragrance and reed diffusers to set an atmosphere in the house and give it a finishing touch.

Daisy is a gentle, sweet and subtle scent that has quite an uplifting effect,  plus the beautiful bottle looks lovely on the mantelpiece. 

Large baroque mirror


And finally, we picked up this amazing gold framed mirror to go in our hallway. We have a typical Victoria House with a long,  narrow hall that can be quite dark, so my main mission has been to bring light to it.

We painted it all white to reflect the most amount of light into the space,  but I think that can be a little bland sometimes, so I want to elevate the space with some great furniture and light fittings.

This mirror is perfect as it adds a huge expanse of glass and a lot of character all at once, I love how overblown and dramatic the frame is, and it really makes a statement.

It's so solid and heavy and looks like it will have cost thousands of pounds, but we snapped this up for just £75! What an incredible bargain. 

So that's my little homewares haul.  Do you enjoy shopping for stuff like this? Would you like to see more home posts about us doing up our house? Where do you like to shop for stylish but affordable home accessories? Let me know in the comments below.