Getting Married In 2016? Here's How I Would Plan A Modern Wedding

Sunday 18 October 2015

Getting married is so exciting but it’s also really stressful for the person who has to do all the planning. 

Organising a wedding is really hard work because there is so much to do in a short space of time. 

If you’re getting married in early 2016, then you only have a few months to go. The new season is looking to be full of fabulous styles and modern ideas. Here’s how to dip into what will be on trend for your wedding.

If you are looking to create a modern wedding, then start with the venue. 

Choose a chic building to marry in rather than a castle or country estate. Pick something in the city centre that will be free of all the traditional stylings of weddings past. 

You could even choose a Hummer or modern limousine to bring you to the ceremony instead of the traditional horse and carriage. 

You can even use modern wedding invitations  to set the theme for your wedding. The shape and design of the card should be something new and fresh to keep in with your style. 

As for the wedding dress itself, this spring is all about the details. Choose flower embellishments  in three-dimensional designs for an up to the minute modern style. 

Makeup is also moving away from the traditional cocoas and chocolates. It’s lighter and brighter in pastels to match the eye colour. 

You might even be daring with a band of white across the eyes. Lips are glossy and pink for this coming spring. And the hair is tied back away from the face. You can shape your tresses around an elegant bun, or maybe thread a flowered veil through them.

Thanks to Flickr for the pic

Decorate your venue with more flowers. These are perfect for spring. You might prefer to keep them all white so they are fresh and clean. 

Paper and silk are amazing materials for artificial wedding flowers. Your bridal bouquet should be fresh. Pick pastel peaches and pinks for a warmer glow.

A 2016 wedding doesn’t need to concern itself with the old-fashioned traditions. Instead of being given away and lifting the veil, why not walk down the aisle arm in arm with your husband to be? 

And there is no requirement for classical ‘Queen of Sheba’ music in this setting. Ask a musician friend to compose and play something that is relevant to you with lyrics that are meaningful.

A New Year wedding doesn’t need a traditional first dance either. Instead, why not have everyone join you on the dance floor for something that is a bit more contemporary. 

You can see what is trending right now on YouTube, or even put your own flash mob together for something more exciting.

A modern wedding is about the two of you coming together in a way that means something to you both.

You can both toast, and you can also lead the dance. And with so much to organise, get your husband-to-be making some of the arrangements too! Have a beautiful day and a wonderful life together.

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