Glossybox Review June 2015

Wednesday 17 June 2015

So this is actually going to be my last Glossybox review for a while, as I've decided to cancel my subscription.

Lately, I've just been getting a little bored with the products on offer. There seem to be a few repeat offenders that crop up time and again, and I'm getting tired of the same old brands. There also hasn't been anything that's really wowed me, or made me want to buy it for a while.

The box has always been good value in terms of what comes in it, but still too much of the stuff is just ending up in a 'won't use' pile that I'm going to give away, so it just doesn't seem worth it. I'm no longer really excited about getting my box each month, which is the whole reason I switched from Birchbox to Glossybox about a year ago.

The excitement and fun just seems to have gone out of it a bit, so I've cancelled my sub for the time being, although I may re-instate it if I see some brilliant boxes coming out.

I was undecided when this month's box came, but here's what was inside that made me decide:

Glossybox Flash Tattoos

These are literally everywhere like a rash at the moment, and I think Birchbox also had some this month.
Now, I know they’re completely the in thing at the moment, and that various celebs have been spotted wearing them at Coachella and on the beach and things (looking at you, Beyonce). But they’re just totally not my thing at all.
I’m 30 now, there’s no way I’m covering myself in gold and diamante temporary tattoos. It just isn’t classy or cure on anyone over the age of 20. Just no.
They suggest wearing them ‘stacked around your wrist with a few bangles’. That might just about work at a festival, but this pregnant lady isn’t going anywhere near one!
I didn’t like how these made me feel – very old and ‘get those damn kids off my lawn’. It makes me feel like I totally don’t understand the youth of today. Fail!

MonuSpa Rosewood Reviving Mist
Full size - £11.95

Now this was a lot more up my street in my old age. I’ve had oils from MonuSpa in sub boxes before, and enjoyed them, and you can never go wrong with a little bit of aromatherapy.
Its pitched as a ‘pick me up’ for skin. Full of lemon, rosewood and geranium oils, this is meant to calm down stressed or  perk up dull skin. I love little sprays like this on holiday or sweaty journeys. It sort of acts like a hydrating spray toner for the skin.
Its also supposed to ‘refresh and set’ make-up but I don’t see how it would set it – I wouldn’t rely on it for that. It smells gorgeous though and will be super-refreshing for summer. I’ve actually stashed it away in my hospital bag to take with me when I go in.

Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes
Travel size - £1.20

A bit of a ‘meh’ product – while these are useful and I already like them (I’ve bought a pack myself in the past), they don’t really bowl me over as something to get in the box!
I use them a lot in summer, especially when I’m walking to work and it’s a bit hotter, just to freshen up, but it didn’t really feel that these were a great or new discovery. Again, useful if you’re going to a festival and showers are limited!
Like with the toning mist, I’ve just tucked them into my hospital bag.

Kueshi AntiCellulite Lotion

Found this very uninteresting. I’m not saying I don’t have cellulite, but I don’t think any of these creams actually work.
I’ve never bought an anti-cellulite cream because it just doesn’t bother me enough to use something separate from my normal body lotion, so this isn’t something I’ll purchase afterwards (unless, y’know, it magically gives me the legs of Miranda Kerr. In which case, put my bulk order in!).
I tend to think exercise, diet and body brushing would do far more for my lumps and bumps, but I will give this a go now I have it. Kueshi is a Spanish brand (despite the name, which sounds Japanese to me), and I’ve had one of their toners in a box before, which I enjoyed using. We’ll see if this delivers!

Essence Gel Nail Polish

Another thing I just found really not exciting. It seems like there’s been a lot of nail polishes in these boxes lately, and it often feels like a filler item. The colours are never what I’d choose, or the brands.
This just failed to raise a smile. It’s a generic red and I have loads of nicer red colours in my nail polish collection. This has a ‘gel formula’ – they’re never the same as actual UV-cured gel polished though, are they? And it ‘lasts all week’.  But you have to use it with Essence’s Gel Polish Top Coat, which I’m not going to get – so its not really a gel polish in its own right, then, is it?
Found this a bit useless and chucked it straight in my ‘giveaway’ pile.


Really bored, really uninspired. Nothing in this box got me interested apart from possibly the toning mist. I just feel like the spark has gone out of Glossybox at the moment. These boxes do seem to go in cycles, and I guess they can’t all be amazing, but I sort of feel like they’re not doing it for me anymore.
Due to me only cancelling on the 14th, I think I might still receive July’s box and that does intrigue me – it’s a French collaboration which does sound good. So we’ll see about that, but it would have to be pretty amazing to get my interest back!
Does anyone else feel Glossybox has lost its sparkle lately?

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