August Glossybox Review

Thursday 21 August 2014

It’s Glossybox’s birthday this month, so they’re celebrating with extra products, but they missed me out!

At first, I wasn’t very pleased with this month’s Glossybox as it seemed a bit scanty, but then I realised one of my full-sized products had been missed out. I haven’t had this problem with Glossybox before, and of course I’m a bit disappointed.

I’ve contacted their customer services about it, who are being quite slow to respond. So I thought I’d post my review anyway, but it is missing something, which was the full size of the Essence I love Extreme Volume mascara. 

I’m a little bit disappointed about this because I would have liked to try that, hopefully they can sort me out!

Anyway, what I did get was generally good but seemed a little stingy…

Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter – Cashmere

£12.95 for 4.5g

This is apparently full sized but it seemed a really small point - I definitely wouldn’t pay £12.95 for this amount! 

The product itself is a shimmering cream highlighter. It has a very glossy consistency on the skin. It feels like Vaseline to apply, which I wasn’t expecting. 

However, I do like the colour and the shimmer is nice and subtle – none of those huge chunky glitter particles that make it all very unconvincing. 

The warm apricot-golden tone to this makes it ideal for nailing that Millie Mackintosh glow, and because of the consistency, you could easily use it as a lipgloss as well. 

It leaves a lovely shine and I do like the product, but the pricing is way off for this size of product. 

This would be amazing on a night out when you’re going for that expensive glowing skin look and would team so well with a coloured smokey eye. 

Overall it’s a win and would have been a possible repurchase other than the questionable value you’re getting.

Figs and Rouge Mini Hand Cream

£6.95 for 80ml


Mini hand creams in pretty little tubes are always, always welcome in my house! 

Handbags, desk drawers, car gloveboxes…there’s always a place for one. This is in ‘Rose Berry’ and it smells lovely, very feminine. 

The packaging looks a lot like L’Occitane, which I love, but is obviously a less expensive version. However, its moisturising power is just as good. 

It contains shea butter, natural antioxidants and algae extract to care for your paws, and my hands felt very pampered after applying it. I think its going to be very useful. 

I must admit I have forked out for L’Occitane handcreams in the past, so I think Figs & Rouge are a great brand to know about. 

Temperatures seem to be dropping already, so we’ll soon be at the point of the year where my hands get really dry.

Yves Rocher Mini Polish

£3.60 for 3ml

Yves Rocher is an old school brand – I think I remember my mum having some of their lipsticks when I was younger. They seem to be making a big effort to freshen up the brand and draw in younger shoppers. 

I had mixed feelings about this nail polish. The rose pink isn’t a shade I would normally pick, but its grown on me a bit and I can now see it working, especially as a pedicure colour. 

The consistency seems a bit runny and like it might take several coats, but I haven’t used it properly yet, so that impression could be wrong. 

I like the idea of mini polishes, as most of the shades I own I don’t use an awful lot – this is a way to try something easily. 

If you want to try Yves Rocher for yourself, until 30th September you have free delivery on any order over £15 and get two free gifts (one of which will be this mini Pink Polish, the other is a surprise) by using the code SUMMER15 at the checkout.

Philip Kingsley Elasicizer

£38 for 250ml


This was my absolute favourite product this month. I have wanted to try this for literally ages, but I’ve never wanted to spend £38 on a bottle (or at least not without knowing it was utterly worth it). 

I know this is rolled out time and again as a product the stars love. As the owner of some pretty stressed, fried, snapping off hair – dark brunette to blonde and back again twice in recent years plus lots of heated appliance use – I’m hoping this will be the miracle my hair needs. 

Its supposed to deliver ‘unrivalled elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine’, which all sounds great. 

Apparently this product was originally created for Audrey Hepburn (I had no idea it was that old!). 

You pop it on before shampooing, cover your hair with a towel and leave for 20 minutes before washing as normal. I’m expecting great things from this, but part of me is scared that I’ll love it and it will cost me a fortune! Great product to receive though.

Lalique L’Amour

£67 for 50ml


Arrrgghhhh the dreaded perfume sample! Like most bloggers, I’m not against a perfume sample – in fact, I really like them as I’m a bit stuck in my ways when it comes to fragrance, so its good to try something new. But I definitely don’t think it should count as a paid-for sample product when you can go into Debenhams or John Lewis and scoop up armfuls of them anyway for free. It should be a little bonus extra if anything. 

Anyway, rant over, what does it smell like? I think its really nice actually. It’s a very feminine scent of rosebuds, fresh bergamot (which I love), white flowers and a musky base. Its quite refined and something I can imagine you’d wear on your wedding day! 

These samples are useful for popping into your desk drawer to freshen up during the day, so I’ll be likely to use this. But nothing can replace Chanel Coco Mademoiselle in my heart!

So, that was it this month. If I had received the Essence mascara, I would probably feel like it was a decent value box, but without it, things fell a little short.

But all the products this month will come in handy. I can see me re-buying the Figs and Rouge hand cream, I'm super excited to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser, and I liked the Kryolan highlighter too, even if it was tiny!

I just wish Glossybox would sort their customer service out. They're slow to respond to email (still waiting...) and their phone number goes straight to voicemail, which is full and won't take any more messages!

The only way to get a response is to kick off on Twitter, but they just redirect you to the email address. Sigh. Apart from this problem, I am really enjoying Glossybox on the whole. Let's hope they sort their issues out!


  1. I liked this months box - the essence mascara is great, I was lucky enough to get it :)
    I love perfume samples too.. Kind of a hoarder! haha.

  2. I've got sample sachets of the PK Elasticiser which I haven't used yet. I didn't realise it was so pricey! The shampoos and conditioners are really nice.

    Totally agree about the perfume samples. Hope you get your mascara.