Review: Makeup Revolution #Selfie Palette & Ultra Face Base Primer

Saturday 12 July 2014

Makeup Revolution have done it again! Produced another brilliant palette, that is. After placing an order with them when they first launched, I was so pleased to discover what great quality their cosmetics are, and they’re amazing value. Since then, several of their products have become make-up bag essentials for me, and I’m always eager to see what new launches they have.

So when I spotted this #Selfie palette, I had to get in on the act. I mean, how could you resist with a name like that? The ultimate act of internet self-love (or an unavoidable evil for blogging girls), immortalised in a make-up product. Genius.

Its one of the first launches from their sister brand ‘I Heart Makeup’, which you can buy on the Makeup Revolution site, and it’s a bit of a younger, more quirky vibe than their main line stuff. They call it ‘fast fashion’ make-up, implying that the offering will change quickly.

The first thing that hits you about this palette is the 3D packaging. It flips between pink with black writing and black with white writing depending on how you hold it – just like those stickers we all loved so much at school! This really makes it stand out, and it would be such a cute gift for a younger relative, or anyone really. It’s certainly eyecatching.

And what’s inside is even better. You get long pans of a range of shades, a la Urban Decay, and they’re all really wearable, which is such a relief (am I the only one who remembers the days when there were generally at least four shades in any palette that you’d never, ever wear?). There’s shimmery neutrals, golds and browns plus a couple of blue and grey shades – perfect for summer holidays! 

 However, as I realised after I ordered from reading at Miss Makeup Magpie, the shades are virtually identical to the ‘Disappear Til Tomorrow’ palette from Makeup Revolution, which I already own. I've pictured them side by side above so you can see what she means - I’m not too annoyed, because I know I’ll use all the colours and its not like they are expensive, but its one to be aware of!

You get a little tube of primer with the #Selfie palette, which is a cute touch. I was expecting it to be nude in colour, but its actually a sparkly champagne colour (a la Urban Decay's Sin Primer Potion). That's really cool and it makes the colours even more super-shimmery.

Makeup Revolution seem to have taken the step of naming the shadow shades individually for this line, so they are (swatched running wrist to knuckles of the back of my hand):


‘Check Us In’ -  a peach nude shimmer (this name made me laugh because I say it a lot to my friends when we’re out!)

‘Me Me Me!’ -  a warm white shimmer

‘#Chocfix – a warm medium brown matte

‘Golddigga’ – a goldish-bronze shimmer

‘#Awks’ – a rose gold shimmer

‘#Love’ -  a light brown-bronze shimmer

‘Share This’ – a bronze shimmer

‘Trashy’ -  a blue-toned silver grey shimmer

‘#Club’ -  a deep black shimmer

‘How Many Likes?’ – a mid-brown with chunkier shimmer particles

So, there’s only one matte shade, but that’s useful for the crease or as a base for the shimmer shadows.

The colours are gorgeous and richly pigmented like I’ve come to expect from this brand, and the palette is so light and portable. These are going to save my life when I go on holiday, because they’re much less bulky than the likes of Urban Decay and Smashbox – plus at this price, if you lose it in transit its far easier to replace.

 Verdict? Another definite thumbs up. I can only see my addiction to palettes from this brand continuing to grow!

MakeUp Revolution challenged me on Twitter to take a selfie with the palette, so I had to oblige them – with heapings of cheese, like any good selfie!

At the same time I also purchased the Ultra Face Base primer. I’m always on the lookout for a good drugstore primer, because I work a long day, so I want one that makes my make-up go the distance that I can wear every day.  I like the slim little squeeze tube it comes in, this makes it easy to pop into your bag.

It’s a clear, silicone based gel, really similar to Maybelline’s Baby Skin or the Elf Mineral Primer. It doesn’t specifically claim to blur lines and pores, but as with most silicone primers, it definitely softens the look of them.

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t touch the likes of Benefit Porefessional, which is my HG primer, but as an everyday alternative at a fraction of the cost, this is good. I felt like it certainly helped my base go a bit longer – both based on how it looked at the end of the day and how much was left to come off when I cleansed. I don’t think its quite as good as the Elf offering in the same category though, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I just know I wasn’t quite as impressed.  This is definitely as good as Baby Skin, so its worth a try!

Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet? What’s your favourite product from them -  anything I should be trying?     


  1. I know I tweeted already but your brows look amazing! Isn't it a gorgeous palette though? I love the shimmery primer! xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you! That means a lot coming from one of my favourite ever bloggers! Yeah, its really nice - I can't believe the quality for the price. I remember when cheap make-up was a false economy, now this stuff genuinely rivals the pricey brands, its awesome. Thanks for your comment! xx

  2. That looks fantastic, the packing is nicer than the old one too. I am truing to find a Superdrug near me that stocks Makeup Revolution, as I feel I missing out! xx