June Glossybox Review

Friday 20 June 2014

Squeeal! My Glossybox arriving is getting to be a real highlight of the month. 

Since switching from Birchbox three months ago, I’ve been really pleased in general. I’ve had a bit of a tough week at work, so getting a beautiful beribboned box in the post full of nice little items was just what I needed to cheer me up. 

Last month’s box, which was a special edition to celebrate Superdrug’s 50th Anniversary was a bit of a blip -  the contents were good in theory but all managed to miss the mark as to what I’d actually use. So what came this month and did it redeem my faith? 

Ta-dah! Really interesting contents this month…lets have a little look…

So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad
£20, sosusan.com

A hugely exciting thing to find in the box this month, both because I’ve been hearing online buzz about the brand and also because concealer palettes are something I’m getting interested in right now – in fact, I just bought the concealer palette from Sleek.

This intrigues me most because it can be used for Kim-K style contouring and highlighting, which I’m sort of obsessed with right now. The quad is really small and very portable in a small make-up bag, so that makes it useful for travelling or those desk-to-dancefloor kind of nights.


From a small swatch it seems very blendable and easy to use - its formulated with virgin marula oil as well, so its good for your skin as an added bonus. I love the cute illustrations on the outer cardboard packaging so it’s a little disappointing that the packaging inside is nowhere near as nice – just a flimsy clear plastic. 

I’m not sure I would pay £20 for this considering the quality of other brands producing concealer palettes under the £10 mark, but I am happy to have got this as part of my subscription and will be getting some good use out of it. 

nailgirls 3-in-1 base, topcoat and strengthener 

£13.50, nailgirls.co.uk

Having heard about nailgirls, but never tried anything from the range, this was a great find to discover, especially as you can never go wrong with a base/topcoat - its something we all need and something that will always get used. Plus a product that multi-tasks is always a hit with me. 

The nail hardening element is a nice one to have, but as I have overlays on my natural nails, it isn’t as much of an issue for me, although it will still be handy for pedicures. 

It comes in a really nice square bottle, very solid and quality looking.  I’m hoping it will prevent chipping and things – although again, nail polish is more durable with overlays (no flexing of the nail bed and a smoother surface for colour to adhere to). 

I also hope this dries quickly because I’m usually a bit impatient with waiting for coats and coats of stuff to try, which is why I often skip topcoat. But I’m excited to try this new range and see what it does for me. A definite hit!

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Shower Cream, Body Lotion and Eau Fraice
From £9.50 -£32 full size, marksandspencer.com

As far as I know, Roger & Gallet is an old-school brand (think Crabtree & Evelyn) who have been revamping their offering over the past few years into something more modern.

 I like to try new perfumes, mainly because I can tend to be a bit unadventurous with scent and stick to stuff I know I like, so it’s good to get to try new ones. These little sachets are always useful for nights away – and I do like the scent of this. 

I’m not sure that I’ve smelt fig perfume before, so the most similar thing I can compare it is like a honeyed pomegranate juice. It’s very fruity and quite sweet without being cloying and sort of reminded me of walking into The Body Shop when you were younger and how that smelt. It’s a nice, summery scent that would be more suited for day and its very edible-smelling. 

These scents have been created by Francis Kurkdijan, who is a perfumer so famous, even I’ve heard of him. This is more something that I would buy for someone else than wear myself (I’m not much for fruity perfumes) but it will be really pleasant to wear for a change.


TeezTrend Cosmetics Flat Stuff Brush 

£19.00, nelly.com

Wow, what an amazing item to get included - it really makes this month’s box excellent value. The eyecatching packaging immediately drew my attention. 

And I was delighted that the vibrant pattern on the box also shows up on the barrel of the brush itself, making it really cool and unusual. A girl into her make-up can never have enough eye brushes and this one is compact and well made. 

You can use it to apply cream or powder shadow and the bristles are soft and really densely packed. This means you’d be able to pack on colour with it, but its also fluffy enough for blending work, so it’s a really useful one to have. It’s a beautiful brush and I’m so happy to have received it.

Got2Be Rise n Shine Souffle 

£4.07, superdrug.com

Really great to get a hair care product in the box, it sort of mixes it up a bit. This is actually something I’ve already purchased for myself, although I’ve yet to try it out -  so lets hope I like it!

 I am a fan of the Got2Be line, its colourful, innovative, smells great and is really good value, so I’m pretty sure I’ll like this. This is basically like a fancy version of mousse, which I always use when blowdrying my hair to give it volume at the roots.

Its meant to add height and shine in one hit without weighing your hair down, and its got a delicious, jasmine infused fragrance – like all of the products in this range, the smell is gorgeous. I did read somewhere that this is intended for short hair so I hope it still does a bit of magic for my longer locks. I’m really looking forward to trying this out! 


This month’s Glossybox rocked! I will be using everything in it, which makes it an automatic hit, and the value of the brush and the concealer palette have made it more than worth it. 

The hair product is also something I would (and have) purchased, so that’s a big bonus, and the nail base coat is something you can’t go wrong with. I’m really pleased and am already looking forward to next month – despite my initial doubts, Glossybox is proving to be far better value to me than Birchbox was and I’m impressed.


  1. I love seeing the difference in what other people get in their glossybox to me. I think it is pretty cool that mostly we don't get the same things. You are the first I have seen with the concealer rather than blush! I loved my box this month too ;) xx

  2. They're great, aren't they? I'm really enjoying the little package of loveliness each month! Hope you liked the blush xx