January Style Inspiration

Sunday 19 January 2014

Lately, I've become somewhat of an obsessive Pinterest user. It appeals to the magpie in me, who just wants to appreciate lovely things. There's some genuinely great content on there and I'm finding it particularly appealing for a few things - ideas for workout routines, interior decor and inspiration for outfits. F

It's really begun to influence what I'm buying, and I already have a 'want list' of things that I will be buying as soon as payday hits thanks to my obsessive browsing on there. So I thought I'd do a quick round-up of what's really caught my eye lately:

>> Pastel Gem Rings

Pastel and Neon Mix

I don't know where on earth these are from (if you know, pleaaaasse comment and let me know!), but I do know it was love at first sight when they popped up on my feed! The opaqueness! The chunkiness! The candy colours! Oh, my head is spinning just looking at them. I love the edgy look of the rough-cut, rock finish with the soda-pop colour. Beautiful.

>> Nonchalant Cool with a Pop of Red

Source: ashley-ringmybell...
One of the best things about Pinterest is that it sort of reaffirms your own personal taste. I'm forever finding oufits that I love, only to realise that I already own all of the elements, and just hadn't thought of pairing them together like that.

 In this case, I love that the slouchy, 'don't care' vibe of the grey marl sweatshirt and black suede Nikes offsets the potential raunch factor of the leather mini. And when paired with the Ray-Bans and the insolent slash of crimson lipstick, it's absolute undone perfection. 

If it was me, with my less perfect pins, I would wear my new black wedge trainers. I already own a black leather Reiss mini and grey quilted Topshop sweater, so I will be recreating this look as soon as I can!

>> Stormy Purple and Midnight Blue Shadow

Navy Blue and Purple Eyes
Wow. Just wow. Look how amazing this purple and navy blue shadow combo looks on her amber eyes! I'm especially in love with this because I have those colour eyes myself ( a light, orangey-toned brown) and I often think they can look a bit boring. This really makes them dazzle. The shimmery navy is phenomenal. I know Urban Decay do a great, vibrant navy shade ('Blue Bus' from the Book of Shadows Vol 4), so I may have to try and get my hands on it!

>> Wipe Clean

Love this outfit for a night out!
I don't watch reality tv, snob that I am, so I'm only vaguely aware of this lady through trashy gossip mags - Vicky Pattison from 'Geordie Shore'. I also know (through those trashy mags) that she recently lost a shedload of weight and seems to be showcasing this by going out dressed in a series of very nice outfits. I must say, I think she's beautiful and I love that raven hair and blue eyes combination (wish I had it!).

Specifically, I'm loving her in a bit of PVC...

The first outfit, with the nude PVC skirt, is done very well. Obviously, anything like that has strong sex worker connotations, but the barely-there strappy sandals work well with it. I must say I love the black satin bustier with it, although I'm not sure I'd be confident enough to wear this outfit. 

This second version is more like something I'd actually wear (if I could afford a Chanel bag...clearly the wages of sin -or reality television- are better than I thought!). The white t-shirt just tones the raunch down a notch, and the pointed courts keep it classic. I love this skirt, and I'm buying one on payday. Topshop and Missguided both sell PVC skirts if you suddenly have an urge for one.

Here's some ideas also on how to style them:

How to style a pvc skirt

>> Grey Polish with Neon Tips

Nailed it!!!  Even more digit decor inspo here >> http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/category/beauty-2/nail-it/  nail art, manicures, mani, polish, beauty, DIY, how tos, nails
This is so cool and really refreshing. The little hit of neon lifts the grey polish nicely, without being full on. I'm at an age where I've started to worry about the age-appropriateness of certain things (neon, glitter, hair bows, slogan t-shirts...) and this is a great way to introduce a pop of colour without being too full on. Plus, I'm not great at nail art, but this is beginner level! I love the thin-ness of the tips as well, so much more classy. Now where to get neon yellow nail polish?

>> Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat Party Outfit

Night outfit
I don't really go out on the town as much as I used to, but when I do, dammit I want to dress up and feel great! And sometimes Pinterest can give some great inspiration for how to style up items into the best look.

Again, I own most of these items, but wouldn't have thought of styling them like this. The chunky boyfriend watch is a stunner (love the tortoiseshell face on this one), and the black ankle boots - of which I have about a million pairs - give a bit of a edge to the glittery mini. The skirt is the kind of thing you wear to a Christmas party - but pairing it with the low-key white camisole makes it okay for summer too -double win. The animal print on the clutch adds a bit of interest with pattern, and I'm in love with the khaki OPI polish - again not the obvious choice to me, but so much better. I've scoured the net and I think its called 'Uh-oh Roll Down the Window', from the Touring America collection, so I need that in my life too!

What have you found to inspire you lately?

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