June Lust List

Sunday 17 June 2012

It's a bit of a different posting, but I was sorting through the files on my laptop the other day and came across a whole load of pictures I'd come across when surfing the web that have really inspired me and provoked my utter lust! I decided to compile them into a lust list (I know, I know, I should just give in and get a Pinterest board already....)

This Girl's Outfit. I sadly can't remember where I got this image (by all means shout up if you know), but I culled it when I was saving up for my Mulberry Alexa bag and wanted to see what the mini patent leopard version looked like in action! I so loved this girl's entire look, that I saved the image. Firstly, I have major fringe envy. As someone with a freakishly small forehead, heavy fringes look all shades of wrong on me. And I am very jealous of people that have them! I adore this lady's bag, slouchy cream infinity scarf and cropped black leather biker. I have all of those items, so I think I can/will do a passable copy of this outfit. The combat style trousers with the aggressive strappy heels also look great- I am a little timid to wear uncomfortable shoes like that when I'm just out and about, but when it looks this good, I may just have to give it a go.

J-Lo's Chic Chignon. Okay, so J-Lo has gone from 90's reject to hot again, mostly thanks to her star diva turn on American Idol and some dodgy single with Pitbull *shudder*. However, she has always had great hair! I regularly troll into my hairdressers armed with pictures of Jenny from the Block when I'm trying to describe the exact shade I want my highlights (the interpretation of 'caramel' apparently is quite an individual thing, it's best to take a picture!). So, I do love the colour of her hair. Her and Jessica Alba have the most delicious shade of tortoiseshell - sort of a how-to on blonde highlights when you're a brunette. BUT I am also totally in love with this recent sexy 60's chignon she rocked. It's soft, it's tousled- its not too polished (which is unusual for J-Lo, who usually seems to favour the tight-doughnut-bun-and-a-gallon-of-hairspray look). Maybe her toyboy is doing wonders for her style. Who knows? I just know I'm totally jacking this look for my work Christmas do this year. Yes, I plan THAT far ahead!

Cole and Son 'Woods' wallpaper. I've been in love with this wallpaper design for a number of years, ever since I saw it featured in an interiors magazine. In the picture I first saw, someone had used it as a feature wall in their bathroom, covered over with clear perspex. In front of it was a gorgeous roll-top black bath. I loved it then, but it's grown on me even more. I'm not moving house until next year, but I'm already determined that I want this wallpaper in my dining room. I adore the sense of depth and the pen-and-ink drawing feel of it. At £60-odd per roll, it's hideously expensive, but I guess I have time to save up!

Isabel Lucas' look. I guess I could have done a separate post on this Aussie actress, only I find her a bit hit and miss. I don't always rate her outfits- some of them are a bit boho for me- but I do love her general look. She's absolutely stunning, and she manages to be totally sexy without being at all obvious, which is something I really admire. She seems so effortless. She also has am amazing figure. This nude jumpsuit outfit with cut out details shows it off to perfection.

 Just Cavalli eyeshadow. One of my other favourite bloggers posted some make-up looks she'd loved from Fashion Week, and this one really caught my eye. It's basically a bronzy, glittery shadow with a black liner, and a shot of sapphire blue under the lash line. A stunning combination and feels quite fresh- I think I will be doing a variant of this look on my next night out!

Soft, bouncy waves. I call this 'Chloe' hair, because the girls in the Chloe fashion and perfume ads always seem to have it. It drives me nuts because I find it impossible to do- no matter what I try, no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I can't seem to find a technique I can do effectively at home to create these jumbo, soft waves. I'm thinking it's something only a hairdresser could help with. It just looks so 'rich' and polished. *sigh* how, oh how, can I get my hair to do this?

And that's it for now, my random collection of current lusts. What are your obsessions lately? xxx

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