Loving Her Style: Mollie from The Saturdays

Sunday 17 June 2012

Lately, I am loving this lady's style- it's Mollie King from sugary girl super-group, The Saturdays.
It's a bit of an unusual choice for me. Usually, I prefer my style icons, shall we say, a shade darker. I tend to gravitate towards quite tailored, edgy 'grown-up-goth' by way of minimalist dressers- like any of the ladies named at the side of this page!

I'm not normally a fan of girl-band style- it's too brightly coloured for my taste- and I certainly don't like their music (apart from the odd, guilty-pleasure hairbrush singalong to 'All Fired Up', I promise they are not to be seen on my iPod).

But lately, I can't ignore the fact that Mollie is looking good! In fact, I even said as much on the Grazia Style Jury lately, and got my comments published in the magazine. I guess that as good as makes me an out-and-proud Mollie fangirl!

SO, what are the elements of her style that I love (and so can copy):

  1. Girl rocks navy-and-tan. It's a classic style combination but she makes it look fresh, and it really suits her blonde colouring.
  2. She can style out a blazer. Anyone that can work a bit of power tailoring can't go wrong in my book.
  3. She's quite classic. She does the trends, but in a way that's not too scary and edgy. She sort of shows me how to interpret things in a toned-down way.
  4. She gives good bag. It seems like Mollie is well and truly a 'bag lady', and therefore a girl after my own heart. In fact, Aspinal of London have named a satchel bag after her, and very nice it is too!
  5. She likes getting her legs out. She clearly thinks they are her best feature. I think the same about me, so I like her style in shorts and minis that plays on this.
I also get the sense that Mollie uses her hair sort of like a security blanket, which is also something that I tend to do. There aren't many pictures of her wearing it up, despite the fact she seems to get papped every other day walking her dog. The one picture I do have with her hair up, I think she looks great, so I'm feeling inspired to stop relying on loose hair.

All in all, I'm loving her look, although I do wish she would stop with the rigid, 'designer bag held in crook of arm' pose. It's silly and very WAG-tastic. Someone get her cross-body bag, pronto!

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