Return Of The Work Wardrobe | Spring Edit

Monday 18 April 2022

Guess who has some new season loveliness to share? 

There’s been lots more sunshine lately, technicolour blossoms everywhere and it really feels like we’ve turned a corner into spring. My life has also had some new beginnings lately, so it felt like time to hit the reset button on my wardrobe too. 

This edit is workwear focused. After a long autumn and winter swathed in thermal tights and polo necks, I felt a bit lost about what to wear to the office and work events now the weather has warmed up. 

If you feel the same, hopefully this edit inspires you to make a change too.

Oversized black double breasted blazer | Zara

Work wear work outfit ideas Zara oversized black blazer

Work wear work outfit ideas Zara oversized black blazer

Hunting for this piece has taken me FOREVER. 

A black blazer is a staple in any chic wardrobe, and although I have a few in my collection, what I’ve been searching out for a couple of years now is one that was cut quite oversized - but not too much - hit low on the hip and had that slouchy, borrowed-from-the-boys vibe, as all my other black blazers are much slimmer cut and quite cropped. 

This type of blazer you can do the shoulder-robing power fashionista look in or just slink around looking all Parisian. I’ve bought and sold on a couple that weren’t quite right and I’ve even tried to borrow Seb’s in the past, but that just looked TOO oversized. I think you need something that is tailored to fit narrower female shoulders so it fits just right there while being longer and more oversized elsewhere. 

I’m so happy to finally own this piece that my wardrobe has been missing for the longest time.

White sleeveless peplum blouse | Zara

Workwear outfit ideas Zara sleeveless peplum blouse silk blouse outfit

These days, pretty much all my shopping is done online. Work has never been busier, weekends are all about the kids and it's just not possible to find the time to go into clothes shops. 

Part of me really misses Saturdays grabbing a latte at my favourite cafe in town and then just browsing. Because while I’m generally quite a focused shopper who knows exactly what I want and finds it easier to get there online, sometimes there’s nothing like the inspiration you can get from just wandering around and seeing what catches your eye. 

This time, I actually went into Zara and one of the pieces I might not have seen shopping on the app was this lovely top. It’s a beautiful sleeveless blouse with a high folded neckline and a peplum waist, which works really well for those apple shaped gals out there like me! 

It’s made of such a pretty, delicate silky material with an embossed pattern and would pair just as well with jeans and chunky sandals for a smart lunch as it will work updating my office wardrobe.

‘Le Francaise’ pink wide leg trouser | Zara

Workwear outfit ideas tailored trousers Zara pink trousers outfit

Workwear outfit ideas tailored trousers Zara pink trousers outfit

Aren’t Zara on fire lately? They’ve been my go-to for years, and I don’t think you can do better for refined takes on trends and items that look high quality but at a reasonable cost. 

Certainly when it comes to tailoring and workwear, Zara is a no brainer, so when I wanted to spice up my spring work wardrobe, it was the first place I turned. After falling in love with the powder blue, high waisted trousers I got from them a while back, I was determined to add some more bright coloured tailoring to my working wardrobe. 

I’m normally very very monochrome and neutral when it comes to my picks, but I actually also love a jolt of bright colour sometimes as long as it's bold. 

These trousers really drew my eye, both for the shocking pink shade but also the wide leg and the fit that manages to be smart but a little slouchy too.  They pair really well with the white sleeveless blouse I picked up but would also work a treat with a black or camel rollneck in cooler weather.

Emerald green wideleg culotte | Zara

Workwear outfit ideas tailored trousers Zara green culottes trousers outfit

Workwear outfit ideas tailored trousers Zara green culottes trousers outfit

The final piece I picked up in Zara were these fabulous culottes. Again, a jolt of strong colour felt like just what I needed to wake up my working wardrobe for my new job. 

Culottes are breezy but tailored, which makes them really good workwear for the warmer months, but I think they can also be a great transitional piece with ankle boots. 

At work, a simple crisp white shirt is the ideal complement, but a logo tee and flat sliders can also work well with them at the weekends. 

As well as freshening my professional look, I’m also keen to work more tailored trousers into my off duty looks as well.

Watercolour print midi shirt dress | Mango

Workwear outfits ideas tailored midi shirtdress

Workwear outfits ideas tailored midi shirtdress

Workwear outfits ideas tailored midi shirtdress

Also treated myself to a couple of shirt dresses as well, which is an item that you can never go wrong in. 

For me, shirt dresses are one of the ultimate wardrobe hacks for those of us who want hardworking pieces that will work across the office and for home life, and in all the seasons. 

Plus, they have the throw-on-and-go factor that is so vital to us working mamas! No fuss, flattering and versatile - literally what is not to love there?! 

I’ve been wearing my shirt dresses to death lately, so I didn’t hesitate to add two more to my collection. I fell in love with the super pretty watercolour print on this one, the mix of colours is gorgeous.

‘Montana’ spot print shirt dress | Whistles

Workwear outfit ideas office looks midi shirtdress Montana dress Whistles

Workwear outfit ideas office looks midi shirtdress Montana dress Whistles

Apart from Zara, I’d say Whistles is my favourite brand. 

The design is really strong there and the concepts are simple, unfussy and on trend in a really classic way that I think is a lot more flattering for those of us in our thirties and beyond. 

This dress is a lightweight, silky fabric and it's short sleeved, so it actually struck me as the ideal piece for my early summer holiday to Sorrento as well as something which would really add to my working wardrobe as well. 

Finding those pieces that will work in different areas of your life is a great win.

Have you updated your working wardrobe lately?


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