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Sunday 10 October 2021

Autumn fall favourites haul vegan leather dress teal cushions new beauty products

It’s that time of year where there’s a chill in the air, darker evenings and we get to dig out coats and boots once again. 

Autumn is definitely a favourite for me - something about it feels exciting - and it brings the opportunity to swap out some high summer favourites for finds that are more suitable for the new season. There’s a few things I’m really enjoying at the moment that I thought I’d share in this post.

Misha Collection ‘Clarissa’ vegan leather bustier dress | Free People | £115.00

Free People Misha Collection Clarissa vegan leather dress review

Free People Misha Collection Clarissa vegan leather dress review

Free People Misha Collection Clarissa vegan leather dress review

One of my very favourite things about the switch into autumn is getting to wear more of my favourite leather (or more ethically, vegan leather) pieces. 

I’m a huge fan of trousers, dresses, jackets and tops in this fabric, which I think manages to look sleek, sophisticated and edgy all in one hit. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a key pillar of my style language. Certainly, I know it makes me feel confident and more myself. 

So when I saw this absolutely beautiful dress, I snapped it up. For me, it’s the ideal transitional piece -  something I would wear with a white shirt or a thin roll neck layered underneath and opaque tights for work, paired with a white t-shirt and trainers for a casual weekend look or put with heeled boots and a clutch bag for evening. It’s such a beautiful item and a wardrobe classic for autumn.

Orange Blossom & Chamomile CBD Oil | Trip | £26.00

CBD oil, CBD supplement, does CBD really work, managing stress, stress relief

Having struggled a lot with anxiety over the last year and a half, I’ve gathered a fair amount of knowledge through attending therapy, reading books and listening to podcasts on managing fear responses and an overactive mind.  

There are a hell of a lot of big ticket issues happening in the world at large right now that can make it really hard to keep calm. At points in the recent past, it’s literally felt like all the secure foundations of the world have been rocked to the core. 

Managing anxiety is definitely a process and not something you can ever entirely fix - it's more about learning tools and coping strategies to turn down the volume on it. One of the things I read about for enhancing calmness was CBD extract, but I was a little sceptical - until I tried it for myself. 

I’m not certain that there isn’t a little bit of a placebo effect at play here, but I’ll take that happily if it means a better sense of wellbeing. And when I tried this oil I genuinely found it to have a similar effect to the GP-prescribed Propranalol I had been taking to combat panic attacks. 

A few drops under the tongue are enough to just take the edge off that panic state. It doesn’t erase my worries, but it does stop them controlling me and for that reason, I love this stuff. I’ve tried a couple of CBD oils but this one wins for me, simply because it actually tastes nice! 

Trip also make CBD sparkling drinks which are lovely. Definitely worth a try if you’re struggling with excess worries and low moods.

Tasselled mini bag | Maniere De Voir | £29.99

Review Maniere De Voir, tasselled bag

New favourite label alert! I’ve been quite inspired lately by Maniere De Voir, who have an aesthetic in a similar vein to All Saints - dark, moody, and sort of ‘goth light’ but with a bit of athleisure mixed in. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve definitely seen a couple of night out looks I love from them - think a shirt dress with a leather bralette layered on top or a corset top worn with silk jogging bottoms. 

I bought a few pieces from them recently, but I especially liked this mini bag. It’s a micro size (I’m old enough to remember going to school discos in the 90s with a mini rucksack, roll-on body glitter, brown lipstick and a choker, all of which would be massively on point now) and has a scrunch top handle and a tasselled finish that I really liked. 

It also comes in black and a larger size, if you can’t streamline! I like the beige colour as a balance to all the black I wear at this time of year.

Good Apple Skin Perfecting Foundation Balm | KVD Beauty | £29.00

KVD Beauty, KVD Good Apple Skin Perfecting Balm review, new foundations 2021

KVD Beauty, KVD Good Apple Skin Perfecting Balm review, new foundations 2021

When it comes to foundations, I’m pretty loyal. I tend to stick to a couple of tried and tested favourites, but every so often something comes along that I have to try. 

This foundation is interesting, because it's both lightweight but also very full coverage. In my book, that makes it ideal for a night out, and the compact format (in this quite cool, clear compact) means it can slip into a small bag as well. It’s pigmented enough to cover tattoos and can either be packed on or sheered out depending on the amount of coverage you desire. 

The formula has apple extract and sodium hyaluronate to keep skin plumped out and fresh. It's also flashback-free for all you Instagram addicts wanting to capture night out looks. The compact is also fully recyclable (although I don’t think it’s refillable, which would be even better). 

The only slight drawback for me is that it does settle into fine lines a bit, although if you buff a light, mineral based powder into the skin before applying, that helps. A good buy if winter is playing havoc with your skin and you’d like a bit of extra coverage.

Bio Damascena Rose Otto Face Wash | Alteya Organics | £17.00

Alteya Organics review, rose facewash, calming skincare, organic skincare review

One thing that is hard about the darker mornings is kicking myself out of bed at 6am to walk the dog when its pitch black and chilly. I persuade myself by thinking about the steaming hot shower I'll have afterwards, and it's treats like this sweet smelling organic face wash that make that so appealing. 

Its a gentle formula that contains rose water and rose oil, which helps to soften, calm and hydrate my skin. Rosa Damascena is well know for the skin-improving powers it has to add a glow and generally improve dry, dull complexions. 

There's also Sweet Almond Oil which deeply nourishes dry faces and Geranium to remove toxins and balance oil production. This smells beyond incredible and the handy pump bottle makes it ideal for the shower.

Coco Rose Body Polish | Herbivore | £33.00

Herbivore coco rose body polish review, Herbivore beauty review

Dry, flaky skin makes an appearance due to cold windy weather, moisture-sapping central heating and thick layers of clothing, so a good quality body exfoliator is a must.

This mix of oils, butters and clays works overtime to get rid of dull, dry skin. It's packed with more Moroccan rose (can you sense a pattern in the things I love?) to balance moisture levels and virgin coconut oil with shea butter to give a smooth, hydrated finish.

There's also detoxifying pink clay and natural raw sugar to polish skin and leave it with a glow - all vegan, totally cruelty free with no synthetics and fully recyclable packaging.

Such a great treat for a little self-care.

Supremya La Nuit Anti - Ageing Skincare | Sisley | £172.00

Sisley skincare, Sisley Supremya La Nuit review, Sisley anti-aging review

A good anti-aging formula is essential to fight that over-tired, baggy eyed look and I've been trying out this super luxe formula that is a mix of cream and serum. The patented combination of plant actives promotes a firmer, smoother skin over time. 

It's a very hydrating and comforting texture that feels extremely luxe to use and makes sure you wake up with the type of smooth, glowing skin that suggests the fortnight away relaxing on a deserted beach that we were all denied last year (and that those of us with small children never actually get anyway!).

Here, plant proteins are used to their fullest extent to lend a renewed appearance to skin. And there's nothing better than getting a facial while you sleep!

Le Vernis 491 Rose Confidentiel | Chanel | £24.00

What better way to signal the changing of the season than with a new ‘it’ nail shade? I’m pretty boring when it comes to my nails and stay within a small spectrum of white, nude, greige or dark red a lot of the time, but something about this dusky tea rose shade appealed to me. 

Chanel Le Vernis review, Rose Confidentiel review, new nail colours fall 2021

Chanel Le Vernis review, Rose Confidentiel review, new nail colours fall 2021

It’s elegant and a bit vintage - I affectionately refer to it as ‘granny’s bloomer drawer pink’, but that actually looks current for right now. Chanel polishes are expensive, but they do last really well without chipping (I’m typing this with the shade on my nails for the past two weeks and still looking glossy and relatively fresh). 

I also love the typically chic, understated Chanel packaging that makes me feel pampered just by sitting on my dressing table. I hunted around for a dupe for this shade but couldn’t find one that was just right, so I went ahead and treated myself. A perfect little luxury for chilly days.

Midnight Serum | L’Oreal Paris | £19.99

L'Oreal Paris Midnight Serum review

Did you know that skin does 80 per cent of it's regeneration while we sleep? That’s why it's incredibly important to get your bedtime skincare routine sorted. 

A good serum can support the optimum function and renewal of your skin, and that’s the thinking behind the newly-launched Midnight Serum, which is designed to enhance a natural overnight renewal process. Packed with bitter orange antioxidants, nourishing Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it boosts cellular turnover while you sleep. 

The result? You wake up with younger, brighter looking skin that is firmer and more radiant. I love the soft citrus scent of this and the attractive quilted glass bottle as well and have been enjoying patting this on before I hit the pillow, especially as the colder weather takes it's toll.

The Shining Lip Lacquer ‘The Queen Is Dead’ | Smith + Cult | £18.00

Smith and Cult the shining lip lacquer review

Smith and Cult the shining lip lacquer review

Now that we’re allowed out at night again, I’m really enjoying using lip gloss. While working at home, I’ve been following a low-key daily makeup routine, where a swipe of lip balm is about as glam as it gets, so I’ve really enjoyed busting out the high-shine finishes again. 

And this gloss is one of my favourites. 

Not only is the packaging super beautiful, but you also get a mirror like finish, bright jammy colour and subtle gold reflects with this one. The formula contains portulaca pilosa extract for a subtle plumping effect and coconut essence to condition which adds up to a really pretty finish. I like the raspberry shade of this for the autumn season as well.

‘Japonica’ crane patterned cushion in Teal | Habitat | £10.00

Habitat Japonica review, interior decor ideas, autumn interiors inspo

It’s not just beauty and fashion that deserve a new-season upgrade - I also like to give my home some love. 

Over the past six years, we’ve slowly transformed what used to be three run-down bedsit flats into a much-loved family home, a process I’ve loved (well, apart from the being without any running water downstairs for eight weeks part!). I’m so proud of the transformation, and it’s been very timely with all this being confined to the home as well. 

On this blog, I’ve gone through a few of our design decisions and a lot of the ‘before’ but I’ve never actually done the big ‘after’ reveal yet! I’ve just been waiting for a few of the last puzzle pieces to slot into place, like replacing all the tired brown nylon carpets, which was finally done this week. 

Now it’s all so lovely, I want to keep adding and swapping out little touches - and these beautiful cushions called my name. I loved the deep teal colourway, but also the design which has cranes. We live in an area that is bordered by waterways and symbolised by a heron - not the same, but pretty similar - so I like this little nod in the decor. 

The colours in our bedroom are midnight blue, grey and blush pink, but I think teal pairs really well with those and it's made the room extra-cosy for these darker evenings.

Petale Noir EDP | Agent Provocateur | £26.00

Agent Provocateur perfume review, Petale Noir review

Fragrance is another huge thing that signals the changing of the seasons for me, as I begin to layer in smokier and more gourmand scents that seem more appropriate for darker mornings and colder temperatures. 

A current favourite is this unusual composition from luxe lingerie label Agent Provocateur. It’s an amber floral fragrance based around notes of hyacinth, lotus, violet, rose, neroli, heliotrope and leather.

There’s a very powdery start when you spray it which makes this perfume seem a lot ‘older’ than it is (think Chanel No 5 or Fracas - something a vintage Hollywood idol would have worn). There’s also a bit of a strange bitterness - like a large bouquet of flowers that’s just started rotting a little bit. I know that sounds weird and this certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but there’s something about it I like!

It’s very floral and grown up but with something naughty at the core. Plus, the bottle is stunning with it's etched floral design and chain stopper. 

It doesn’t smell like many of the modern, celebrity endorsed perfumes - so if you like that raspberry toffee-apple sort of Miss Dior scent, it’s not for you. This smells more like a throwback from a bygone era of smoky, martini-serving hotel bars. 

Not something I thought I would like, but it’s grown on me and I only bring it out when the mercury drops. Definitely worth a try if you want to completely shake up your fragrance.

So those are my autumnal picks - what have you found to love lately?

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