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Saturday 20 February 2021

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system

Don’t you ever wish life could be just a bit more simple? 

That is the whole concept behind the Trinny London makeup line. There are a lot of mornings where life is just too complicated for spending time blending out five different eyeshadows, and most of us could do with a simple edit of ‘grab and go’ shades. 

Sort of like a capsule wardrobe for makeup.

I’m old enough to remember Trinny Woodall as a fashion guru on ‘What Not To Wear’ and last year I discovered her wonderfully bonkers YouTube channel, where she dispenses rapid-fire advice on looking and feeling your best in her truly unique style. 

There’s no denying that Trinny looks great herself, and she knows what it's like to be a working mama. She’s sort of like the slightly-mad-in-a-good-way auntie that you look forward to seeing at family get togethers - if that auntie was also incredibly stylish.

When I got to know the Trinny London makeup line, I knew it was something I wanted to introduce. 

Both because it seemed a good way of simplifying my mornings even further, and also because it seemed like an ideal solution for travel, which is something I’m hoping to get back to this year.

Trinny’s makeup line is a pretty good reflection of the lady herself: quick, no-nonsense, trend-led and luxurious. It seemed like a winning combination to me too! 

So I decided to take the plunge and set myself up with everything I’d need.

Selecting Your T-Stack

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system

The central concept of the Trinny London make-up line is the ‘T-Stack’. 

This is a selection of pots containing her products that can be snapped together into your own customised stack of products - simple and super portable.  

The system works because the stack looks great and is also easy to put together. You can stack your items so each ‘T-pot’ keeps it's own lid, which means there’s no messing around if you want to just pop off one or two of the products in your stack to take with you in your bag. 

I love the fact the system is so fuss-free and just works, as well as being totally customisable. 

You can also purchase empty ‘T-Pots’ which gives you the chance to add things into your stack from other brands, if you have absolute must-haves elsewhere. 

I think that’s a really thoughtful touch that makes me appreciate the system even more and really ensures it's ‘the one’.

You can purchase all your products individually according to your needs - which is what I did - but the website also offers a ‘Starter Stack’ for a fixed price, where you can choose from some shades to get you started. 

I thought about this option but there were a couple of things I really wanted to try that weren’t in the Starter Stack, so I opted to build my own.

The complete range offers everything from bronzers to highlighters, many different types of lip formulas from balms to bold colour and a few different face options with concealer and base, so there’s enough choice to let you select the products you actually need and use.

Everything is essentially designed so that it can be applied with your fingers if you like. You really don’t need much in the way of brushes and add ons as everything is cream-based and highly blendable, which makes it even less hassle. 

You can quite literally get your entire face of makeup on in five minutes with this system!

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system

The Trinny London website includes a ‘Match2Me’ tool, which helps you to determine what shades will work for your skintone, and the customer service is also really helpful and on it if you have any queries, plus there is a wealth of videos and blog posts on how to use individual products.

Trinny London makeup definitely sits at the higher end of the price spectrum, and if you decide to jump in and embrace the whole system, it's not going to be cheap. 

However, because you can purchase everything individually, the option is there to build your own stack up over time if you don’t want to splash out all at once. 

Lip and cheek colours are around £20 each, while the BFF Cream is £35. I think the formulas and the quality of the product are strong, so it doesn’t feel too overpriced. 

It’s worth noting that you do get a 30ml tube of the base products, and a T-Pot is included to decant them into, so it’s not like you’re going to run out really quickly. The tube supposedly lasts around 6 months with daily use, which makes the price do-able.

There are also a host of accessories you can get, from makeup bags, to a little stacking brush set and a mirrored top for your stack. 

Products In My Stack

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system BFF Cream

When creating my own ‘T-stack’, I wanted a range of products that would cover all the bases for me, so that my complete stack would be something I could take away with me without many additional products being needed. 

Having said that, there are some of my ride-or-die products I also knew it wouldn’t replace, so I didn’t add any products where I already have a solution I love - my face powder, eyeliner, lipliner, contour/eyeshadow crease shade and eyebrow pencil. 

I also do my own lash extensions, so I don’t need anything else there. There are products within the line that will cover most of these needs, however.

Review Trinny London BFF Cream

BFF Cream SPF 30 in Light/Medium - So the Trinny ethos when it comes to makeup is pretty much ‘less is more’. Trinny is of the school of thought that as you get older, heavy foundations can actually make you look much older. It’s all about investing in skincare instead and then going for a light enhancement. 

The BFF Cream is an all in one hit - light coverage, moisturising and with your sun protection thrown in for good measure. 

Review Trinny London BFF Cream

Review Trinny London BFF Cream

Review Trinny London BFF Cream

The cream uses microencapsulated pigments to adapt it's colour and even out your skin tone - so the cream comes out of the tube white and when you blend it in, it adjusts to match you. 

There’s antioxidant Porcelain Flower in there to guard against environmental skin damage, and it gives a sort of smooth glowing effect that is very flattering. 

On a day to day basis, that and a bit of concealer is really all that’s needed, if what you’re aiming for is more of a ‘you, but on a really good day’ finish. 

For me, I think I would want a bit more coverage at night, so I bought an empty T-Pot that I can fill with my beloved Estee Lauder Doublewear and attach to my stack when I go away.

BFF Eye Serum Concealer in Victoria - Continuing with the ‘hybrid skincare and makeup’ approach, this concealer is designed to provide clever coverage without that mask-like effect and no settling into fine lines around the eyes. Hey, I’m 35 now, I have to think about these things! 

There’s a Duo Peptide Complex in there to firm, tone and boost microcirculation to help ease dark shadows. There’s also super-plumping Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C to brighten the skin. So basically, it's like a really, really good eye cream. 

At the same time, it's pigmented enough to give great coverage and is very buildable. You can build up the coverage to suit. I love the fact that this multi-tasking product works so hard. 

Review Trinny London BFF Cream Trinny Miracle Blur

Miracle Blur Lip and Line Filler - This is a product with a reputation, having apparently sold out multiple times and generated waiting lists. 

It basically acts like Polyfiller for the face, filling in fine lines and smoothing and blurring surfaces where ever needed. As it's designed for use on the lips as well, the formula feels moisturising. There’s skin-loving collagen, elastin and antioxidant Vitamin E and C into the bargain. 

It helps to cheat that flawless appearance when worn under makeup. This approach of light layers of clever products - rather than spackling on cakey foundation - is definitely the way forward when you hit your thirties and over. 

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system

Eye2Eye in Virtue - Cream eyeshadow formulas have really come a long way recently. In fact, it's a while since I even used a powder formula on a day-to-day basis. 

 This moisture-infused formula comes in a whole range of colours. There’s a line of ‘neutral’ shades, ‘dial it up’ which are a bit more impactful and ‘smoky’ as well. 

 ‘Virtue’ is described as a ‘golden champagne nude’. I love this shade. During the average day, I like to keep eye make-up very simple, and I liked the fact that I can also use this product as a highlighter. 

It’s very buildable, so I can either go for a very sheer wash of colour or layer it up a bit.

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system Lip2cheek VeeBee

Lip2Cheek in VeeBee - Your ultimate blendable cream blush for a naturally flushed finish. I have completely moved away from powder blushes because creams, gels or liquids look so much more natural. This gives a flattering pop of colour. 

Again, it can be used to multi-task - I like to add some to my lips as well. There’s a satin matte finish that works well across cheeks and lips. ‘VeeBee’ is a highly wearable pinkish-peach’, and it's a beautiful shade for a polished, everyday look.

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system Eyetallics Minerva

Eyetallics in Minerva - For when I want to kick it up a notch, I also decided to for something bolder and a little more shimmery. The multi-dimensional shimmering effect here is so, so pretty. 

The formula has jojoba and shea butter, which makes it super creamy, but it doesn’t crease at all. Again, you can press it on lightly or build it up for a bolder look. 

It can be worn alone, or layered over a darker base colour for the ultimate party eye. ‘Minerva’ is a ‘rose-silver shimmer’ that really catches the light.

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system Lip2cheek Sheer Shimmer Dido

Sheer Shimmer Lip2Cheek in 'Dido' - A later addition to my stack, I couldn't resist adding this little pof of shimmery goodness. With moisturising castor oil and beeswax, its a light, glossy formulation that adds a gentle glow to lips and cheeks. It's a nice alternative to the regular Lip2Cheek shade when I'm feeling like I want to be a bit more dewy. 

Review Trinny London makeup T Stack system lip lixe swainy

Lip Luxe in Swainy - One thing I really wanted to add to my stack was a red lip shade. I like to take a red lip with me as a well as a neutral when I go away, just to give me options. 

I find a barely-there eye and a popping red lip to be a great look when you want to make an impact, and some outfits just seem to need that burst of colour. 

There are several types of lip product available in the Trinny range, from a balm, to a very sheer range, a gloss range and a metallics range. Lip Luxe is the most lipstick-like of the range and dense pigmentation.

There are a couple of reds to choose from, but I opted for ‘Swainy’ because it's a warm-toned orangey red, which I find easier to wear. I love that this is light and comfortable to wear but so bold - one of those shades that instantly lifts your mood. 

With the addition of this, my stack truly covers all the bases for me.

The Verdict

The Trinny London makeup definitely lived up to expectations. They are just simple, effective formulas that deliver in very user-friendly format.

I love the idea that my stack is everything I need, whether I’m putting a basic face on for the school run and Zoom calls or going for something a little more dressed up. 

I also adore the fact I can add on and take off products, so that I can pop what I need in my bag, or add my own essentials into the mix. 

As for travel, the formulas and the packaging make the Trinny products absolutely ideal. 

I’ve just found something that works supremely well, and that is always a brilliant feeling. In the future, I plan to perhaps add a darker shade for eyes in that I can also use as a liner. 

Super speedy, highly effective and ideal for busy lives. If this appeals to you, it’s definitely worth giving Trinny a try.

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