A Festive Slice of Beauty Pie

Friday 18 December 2020

Beauty Pie 2020 new products review

Anyone else self-gift around Christmas? 

They say you have to love yourself before you can love others...and that flimsy justification is really all I need to top up my dressing table - so it was time for a slice of festive Beauty Pie! This really makes it feel like Christmas has come early.

As well as being totally in love with their premium skincare, the makeup offering from Beauty Pie has really impressed me this year. More and more of their products are becoming part of my daily essentials now. They’ve been busy reformulating a lot of things, and they’re coming back feeling really luxurious. 

So, what brought some festive cheer to my doorstep this week?

Gingerbread, Almond & Orange Blossom Scented Candle (£19.15 members/ £50 non-members)

Beauty Pie Gingerbread, Almond & Orange Blossom Scented Candle review

Wow. Wow. Wow. Talk about a show stopper -  on first impressions I’m blown away. I could smell this large scented candle as soon as I opened the box with my order, and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m massively into my scented candles and I usually have a few on the go. They’re such a great everyday treat, a way to bring a little bit of luxe into your evening and make your home smell beautiful. 

The scent is divine, festive and wintery without being too overpowering. It smells of cinnamon, ginger, amaretti cookies and citrus peel, with a soft base of musk. I love the bold copper metallic packaging as well, and at over 8 ounces it's a generous size too. This really does feel like a luxury product, so it's worth the spend.

One Powder Wonder - Exquisite Light | Luminescent Veil  (£6.22 members/ £30 non-members) 

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder - Exquisite Light  Luminescent Veil review

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for this to come back in for a while! It's had sort of mixed reviews  in the Beauty Pie community, but I adore this powder, it's one of my can’t live without items now. 

A very soft, light blurring ‘filter in a compact’ that gives a perfect airbrushed finish, the formula contains HD Filler Complex to mask fine lines and Bioferment to protect skin from environmental pollution. It seems a little less ‘shimmery’ since they reformulated it. 

Perhaps it's just me wanting to live life as a disco ball but I was okay with the original! I do love the classier black metal packaging as opposed to the plastic compact it used to come in, it feels much more premium. Definitely something I have on repeat order.

Superluminous Under Eye Genius  - Light/Medium (members £7.35/ non-members £20)

Beauty Pie Superluminous Under Eye Genius  - Light/Medium review

AT LAST!!!!!! After missing out on this on the first launch, I have been waiting, and waiting and waiiiiiiting for this to come back. I was refreshing the page everyday at one point (no, YOU’RE obsessed.). I ordered a couple because I have a feeling I’m going to love it, I really struggle with my under eye area so I’m hoping that this will finally make me look like I’ve had eight hours sleep (with two kids under five actual sleep is, of course, out of the question). 

This product is described as ‘underwear for dark circles’ and is designed to be worn underneath regular concealers. The formula has Essential Fatty Acids to help moisturize and smooth out fine lines, linoleic acid and Vitamin E to help repair the delicate skin barriers and anti-fatigue brightening Micro-Pearls that help to scatter light and give a filtered appearance. 

I’m so excited to try it after waiting so long for it to come back into stock.

Superbrow Angled Shaping Pencil - Perfect Brown (members £8.29/ non-members £25)

Beauty Pie Superbrow Angled Shaping Pencil Perfect Brown - review

I first tried this in my last order when it was newly launched and it's immediately become a must have. I think it's the best brow pencil I’ve ever used (firmly bumping my previous favourite from IT Cosmetics off the top spot).  

There’s an angled, triangular shaping nib that’s so easy to use and a spoolie on the other end, and it is such a great realistic colour and really easy to use - plus when it goes on it's waterproof and budge-proof.So I got two because I can’t be without. 

More and more of my ride or die make-up items are BP these days, which is brilliant because when I first joined I was alllll about the skincare and didn’t like the makeup very much. Oh how times have changed.

Wondergel Longwear Lip Liner - Rummy Pink (members £3.81/ non-members £15) 

Beauty Pie Wondergel Longwear Lip Liner Rummy Pink review

Beauty Pie Wondergel Longwear Lip Liner Rummy Pink Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pillow Talk dupe

Beauty Pie Wondergel Longwear Lip Liner - Rummy Pink vs Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pillow Talk dupe swatches

I ordered this as someone said it was a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in ‘Pillow Talk’, which is a very pricey makeup addiction to have. I can confirm it's a great match colour-wise -  my pictures show both together. 

The Pillow Talk is a tiiiiny bit darker and ever so slightly more mauve-toned, but it's so close. Exciting!!!! As for how this lipliner is, it’s super creamy, really pigmented and lasts beautifully. The texture means that it's easy to wear it on it’s own all over the lips as well as just using it as a liner.

Wondercolour Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick - Teddy Bare (x2), Chocco, Velveteena, Wild Violet -  (£5.11 members/ £22.00 non-members)

Beauty Pie Wondercolour Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick - Teddy Bare Chocco, Velveteena, Wild Violet

Beauty Pie Wonder Colour Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick swatches Teddy Bare, Chocco, Velveteena, Wild Violet

These creamy, blendable shadow sticks are one of my favourite things from Beauty Pie, so I wanted to try some new shades. They are so much better since they were all reformulated, the colours seem more vibrant, and the metal tubing they come in is much higher-end than the old plastic casing.

‘Teddy Bare’, a cool toned matte mid-brown,  I use as a contour stick every single day so I generally order two each time (another BP item I can’t stand being without!). It’s so quick and easy to work with - I just draw it on and use a flat foundation brush to diffuse the colour. The texture is very blendable and it really stays put, while the cool taupe shade is perfect for creating believable shadow and contour where you want it.

I haven’t tried the other shades before. ‘Chocco’ is a very deep, rich matte dark brown,  and would be perfect for doing a smokey cat eye look. ‘Velveteena’ knocked my socks off,  it's a beautiful pinkish-lilac metallic shimmer and definitely a new favourite. It will look amazing with amber eyes (or green). ‘Wild Violet’, a purplish toned bronze metallic -is also super pretty.

Beauty Pie new products Christmas 2020 review

So happy with this little lot. I’ve been a little frustrated this year as a Beauty Pie member because they have had unbelievable amounts of stock issues -  it felt like a lot more than other companies also dealing with the pandemic issues -  but these products have reminded me why I love them so much. 

I still find it great value as a member, the products are beautiful and the quality of everything is improving all the time. So many of my absolute must-haves are from Beauty Pie now and I love all the new discoveries!


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