FabFitFun Autumn Fall 2020 Box | Review

Thursday 8 October 2020

FabFitFun Autumn Fall 2020 Box Review

I'm quite a lot behind on writing about the Autumn FabFitFun box - because I've just had a dispatch notification for the Winter one! 

I’m not quite sure how it slipped - only that things have been a little manic around here for a while. I still think this mystery selection of items that ships from the US is one of the best and most exciting subscriptions I’ve tried. 

The products are all full-size, usually fairly high-end, a great mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle items and frequently American brands I haven’t come across before. 

Although I wasn’t instantly smitten with my first ever FabFitFun box, it’s actually become one of the items I’m most excited about receiving. 

If you’re bored of the usual suspects with beauty sub boxes, I would say it's well worth a try. So what came for ‘fall’ or as we say here in the UK, autumn?

Glossmetrics Hair Removal Device ($59.99)

Glossmetrics Hair Removal Device review

How hairy you are is all a matter of personal preference, but I’m one of those strange individuals with a preference for being sleeker than a Siamese cat (although conversely, I can’t get enough of brows, lashes and the hair on the head). So this little device was actually a great addition to the box for me. 

Quite a few times, something will turn up in the FFF box that I was considering purchasing myself anyway - it’s quite uncanny - and this was one of those moments. 

It’s basically a mini touch electric shaver, with a smooth head and a pretty rose gold and cream design. It’s gentle and safe to use on the face and body, so anywhere from your bikini line to your brows can be tamed in an instant. 

It’s really easy to use and also to clean out - you simply twist off the head and use the little brush included to get rid of the hairs trapped inside. So handy fdr smooth skin in an instant!

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk ($11.00)

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk review

Don’t we all just love to get our glow on? I know for me, autumn can be a time where my skin gets a lot duller and drier, due to the changeable weather and cold temperatures appearing.  

Although skincare and diet are the most important factors to remedy this, there's no doubt that a little extra boost from a great highlighter can help. 

While powder highlighting products work well for adding a targeted hit of shine, I actually prefer either mixing a few drops of a liquid highlight in with my foundation or gently blending a few dots on top in key areas. 

This particular radiance comes enriched with coconut and argan oils to nourish while also creating a dreamy, dewy, soft-focus skin finish. Plus, how cute is that packaging? 

Voesh New York Pumpkin Spice Pedi In A Box ($20.00) 

Voesh New York Pumpkin Spice Pedi In A Box review

Now that beauty salons have been closed for so long, we've all had to either embrace going more au naturel, or learn some at-home treatments pretty fast. 

Never one to give up the glam, I've been practising my DIY skills. From home balayage to learning to do my own eyelash extensions, I've found that I quite like home beauty. 

One of the things I've been doing a lot is gel nails since getting a kit for my birthday back in June. But I haven't been doing the full pedicure experience, which I can now try thanks to this little set. 

You get eight sachets of Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque and Massage Cream, so you really can go to town and give yourself the full deluxe treatment. I'm looking forward to doing a few pamper nights with these and really unwinding! 

Stila Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner + HUGE™ Extreme Lash Mascara ($45.00)

Stila Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner + HUGE™ Extreme Lash Mascara review

Mascara and liner are some of the staple items in any makeup bag, so it's always welcome to receive some in a sub box, and especially from such a quality brand. 

I'm very fussy about mascaras, and finding one I like can be difficult, but this looks great. It promises a bold look with length, curl, lift and an intensely black finish. 

The formula is flexible and can be built up without clumping. It also contains conditioning agents to care for lashes as it enhances them. 

The big, fluffy, curvy brush actually reminds me of the one on my holy grail mascara - Too Faced Better Than Sex, so I'm hoping this works in a similar way and gives that light, volumized, fanned out look I love. 

The eyeliner is one that's often talked about in the beauty world for having amazing lasting power, blacker-than-black pigment and a really precise tip, perfect for those cat eye flicks. 

Nectar Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($45.00)

Nectar Blue Light Blocking Glasses review

Something I've never thought about getting before, but which could actually prove really useful, are these handy tortoiseshell framed blue light blocking glasses. 

Let's face it, we all spend a long time glued to various screens these days - some of us spend up to eight hours a day in front of one. The high energy light emitted from these screens can lead to some negative side effects, such as a disrupted sleep cycle and strain on the eyes. 

It's claimed that, by filtering out 45 per cent of the blue light exposure including the highest energy wavelengths, wearing a pair of these can reduce eyesight strain and increase productivity. 

Well, it's certainly worth a try, especially as I love the stylish frames here. This is the 'Shirley' style from Nectar's range of styles, and it's really pretty. I will definitely be giving these a go in the home office and I think this is such a quirky and cool item to get in the box! 

Masontops Hydration Kit ($35.00)

Masontops Hydration Kit review

Like a lot of people, I'm always trying to get better hydrated, this stylish glass Mason Jar, complete with turquoise drinking top and matching insulation sleeve was a great thing to receive. 

This means it can keep a drink hot or cold, which is good news as I often like to drink hot water with lemon in the colder months. 

It's a really unique design and very well made. It's taken up permanent residence on my desk! 

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes ($16.00)

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes review

A pot of these actually came in the first ever FFF box I got, but I wasn't sorry to see them again. I found them really nice, with a lovely fresh honeydew melon scent. 

I also like that they are a lot less messy than the coffee body scrubs I normally like, which makes them ideal to use in the bath too.  

They gently massage away dead skin and leave your body soft, glowing and smelling beautiful. They feel like a treat to use and are the ideal addition to a pampering bath night. 

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque ($16.00)

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque review

For a while now, I've been really conscious of taking the extra step to look after the condition of my hair, especially as I colour treat it and regularly use hot tools. 

A good hair mask is a must, so this one is definitely welcome here. An ultra-creamy treat for parched locks, it contains a mix of plant stem cells and rich, nourishing oils to leave locks silky, moisturised and manageable. 

With a subtle, botanical scent, the Masque is produced with minimal packaging and water usage and ethical practices - so you can have clean hair with a conscience. 

FabFitFun Autumn Fall 2020 Box Review

Another beautiful box that winged it's way across the Atlantic to brighten my month up. Have you tried Fabfitfun yet? 

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