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Tuesday 1 September 2020

Beauty Pie haul products new in 2020

My love for Beauty Pie just grows and grows. 

Since signing up way back in March 2017, I’ve seen the brand go from strength to strength, improving their formulas, launching exclusive products and expanding from skincare into colour cosmetics, body care, hair products and even things like scented candles and travel bags. 

Now every month brings some new launches that keep things interesting but also make it much harder to decide what to spend allowance on! 

If you don’t know how Beauty Pie works, my initial post explains the model - but basically it’s a membership offering luxury formulation beauty products for less. 

It’s not without it's problems - the spending allowance can be problematic, and they’re very prone to annoying stock issues with things being impossible to get hold of for months, but in my opinion the good outweighs the bad. 

I now purchase almost all of my skincare products from them and increasingly a lot of my daily make-up items too, which means being a member makes perfect sense for me. 

In fact, there are some items that have made it onto the list of my can’t-go-without items, so Beauty Pie have a fan for life in me. 

I thought I’d share the latest order I made with them  - a mixture of new products (some of which have rapidly become essentials) and a couple of tried-and-tested favourites. 

Japanfusion Hydra Prep Lotion 

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Hydra Prep Lotion

I reviewed the whole Japanfusion range when it first launched in August 2018, but one item from the range that unexpectedly became a ride-or-die was this liquid essence. 

At first, it was the one product from the range I thought I wouldn’t have much of a use for. It's a step that didn’t existing in my skincare routine before - a light liquid that you splash on before serum and moisturiser. 

Described as a ‘micro-molecular hydrating prep tonic’, I simply love the effect this has of waking up and refreshing my skin without leaving it feeling dry and tight like a toner might. 

It’s something I look forward to applying each day when I get up in the morning. 

You can feel it getting to work softening, freshening and hydrating beautifully, with antioxidant jabara citrus and grape extracts. 

The Moisture Lock complex re-energizes my skin, plumps up my fine lines with deep hydration and guards against UV-related free radical damage - plus it smells so delicate and beautiful. 

It’s something I didn’t know I needed that I can’t be without. 

Wondercolour Shadow Stick - Teddy Bare 

Beauty Pie Wondercolour Shadow Stick - Teddy Bare

You know when you try something and it instantly becomes a product you reach for everyday? That’s definitely the case with me and this gorgeous cream shadow stick. 

Smudge-proof, uncreasable, long-lasting colour makes this an absolute winner, but although it's great as an eyeshadow, I’ve actually found a lot more use for it. 

I use this product in the shade Teddy Bare as a contour stick and it works amazingly well! 

Not only is the cool, taupe shade perfect for creating realistic shadows on the face - far more than orange-toned bronzers, but the crayon format makes it quick and easy to apply, and you get a really precise application. 

Mother Nature didn’t bless me with the killer cheekbones I want, so this little stick does the job instead. 

I literally draw it on - in two long, thin triangles under my cheeks, on either side of my forehead and down the sides of my nose, and blend out using a flat edged foundation brush. 

It creates the most natural looking shadow and it's so easy to use, I couldn’t live without it. I love the fact it's a one-and-done product for me - swipe on, blend out and my contour and my eyeshadow is done in a few seconds flat. A game changer.  

One Powder Wonder - Exquisite Light 

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder - Exquisite Light

The original One Powder Wonder - a light-reflecting, blurring powder that can be used both underneath makeup as a primer and on top to set. 

Then Beauty Pie have just released two new versions, in a gold and a bronze tone. This gives a beautiful uplit glow and a perfected finish to skin. 

Unfortunately, I think it may already have been pulled from sale. There is now no trace of it on the BP website, only the original. 

That's really sad because I am loving using this and was actually going to order another one as back up!

I would compare this product to the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish powder - a bit too much for some people I guess, but I loved the glowy effect! 

I'll just have to go back to the original, but I do really like this version.  

Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer 

Beauty Pie Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer

Finally, something I've been hoping Beauty Pie would launch since I first joined. 

I buy pretty much all of my skincare, bar a couple of items from them, and obviously the more you purchase, the more it justifies the membership fee. 

But the one skincare item I can't do without is a high factor sunscreen. Until now, BP have only done an SPF25, and although I like the feel of the product, I want to wear a higher factor. So this is much longed for! 

This product contains light-absorbing DNA Shield  to help fight inflammation and sun damage and a blend of tomato stem cell extract, natural peptides and sugar molecules that stop damage to the skin. 

And as it's designed to feel totally light and non-sticky on the skin, and act as a primer for your makeup it's the ideal sun protection product for a beauty addict. 

I'm so pleased this has joined the line-up.  

Futurelipstick Luxe Shine | You Sexy Thing 

Beauty Pie Futurelipstick Luxe Shine  You Sexy Thing

This is my perfect day to day lipstick! I've gone through several tubes of the stuff - which is almost unheard of for me, a lipstick junkie with so many shades. 

I really love the formula here. It's semi-sheer and gives a glossy, plumped-up effect without being at all sticky. 

It's infused with conditioning coconut and avocado oils, so it feels really comfortable and nourishing to wear. 

This shade in particular is a really wearable peachy nude shot through with a very fine golden shimmer. 

It just makes lips look beautiful and perfected, and feels super-luxurious to apply. An absolute must-have for me.  

Uber Youth Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum 

Beauty Pie Uber Youth Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum

This is something new to me, but I ran out of my previous serum - the Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum - and wanted something with a little more of a focus on anti-aging this time around. 

Packed with peptides and wrinkle-fighting goodies, this also has a new ingredient called Vitagenisis which is supposed to even out pigmentation and brighten up your complexion too. 

These things don't work overnight, but by pairing them with retinols at night, I'm hoping to see an improvement over time by adding this to my routine.

So those are my current Beauty Pie essentials - have you tried them yet? 


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