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Monday 10 August 2020

Revolution Beauty hold the crown as my favourite budget beauty brand. 

There is so much to love about them - amazing formulas, lots of innovative new launches, great packaging and very friendly prices. Every so often I like to just browse the site, see what's new and treat myself. 

Revolution are a great way to experiment with trending new products as they're so quick to pick up on the latest thing and make it available at a price that doesn't hurt too much. 

Plus, some of my very favourite all time cosmetics are from the brand - especially the Conceal & Define concealer and the Renaissance Flick Liner Pen, which stack up so well against high-end competition. 

So, what's new in and made my basket this time? 

Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation SPF30 | £10.00

The reason for my order was basically this! 

For quite a while now, I've been a fan of the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. It's a really great everyday base, packed with anti-aging skin goodies and a high factor sunscreen - kind of a one-and-done thing, and a great product for hurried mornings. 

So I was curious to see if this lower-priced challenger could work just as well. It's £20 cheaper, and has many similar benefits. 

The formula contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and collagen to plump the skin, plus Vitamin E to fight damage to the skin from pollution. 

The formula is SPF30 compared to the SPF50 in the original, but for everyday use in the UK that is probably fine - and I also use a separate high factor face cream anyway. 

The coverage is better than the IT Cosmetics version - this is definitely more of a foundation than a CC cream so it's ideal for those days where you just want a bit more coverage. 

I love the hygienic and travel friendly packaging as well - a compressible tube with a handy pump that gives a quick, fuss free application. 

There's a lot to love about this, not least the cost, the fact it comes in 20 shades and is cruelty-free. 

A great find and definitely worth a try if you want a hard-working base for less. 

Glow Body Blending Brush | £8.00

This brush was purchased as a bit of an impulse buy, but it's turned out to be so useful! 

The bristles are densely packed but quite strong, which gives the perfect qualities for buffing products easily over the body. 

I'm low key obsessed with Vita Liberata Body Blur and always wear it if I go out for the evening. I tested the brush out with it and it worked amazingly well! 

It gave a lovely, seamless finish and got into all the tricky bits, like around the knees, really well. 

The brush makes blending wash off tans or shimmery body oils a dream. You get a superior finish and keep your hands clean as well. 

I love this tool for making a tricky, messy job so easy. Definitely a case of something exceeding your expectations. 

Conceal and Define Infinite Longwear Concealer | £6.00

Revolution have gained a reputation with the original version of this concealer which has been widely hyped by the beauty community. 

I’m a fan of it and I’d go so far as to say the original Conceal and Define is my favourite drugstore concealer. 

This version promises an amped-up staying power - 16 hour wear with 20% more pigment for even higher coverage. And it definitely delivers. I’m really impressed with it. 

The formula is creamy and blendable, it glides on and - most importantly for me - it doesn’t settle into any fine lines. 

That’s virtually unheard of in a concealer at this price point in my experience. I generally pay a fair amount for concealers, because my under eye area is one of my worst features (thanks two small children and no sleep!). 

The concealer also contains niacinamide which is soothing and anti-inflammatory, so perfect for blemishes too. 

Again, you get a super sized bottle and a sculpting brush, so this is also perfect for contouring, which is part of the reason people love it so much. 

If you want to create that ultra-defined Instagram makeup look this is definitely a must.

I bought a shade that is a little too pale for me. It kind of works if I’m going for a more made-up look, but not so much on more natural days! 

Other than that, I have zero complaints about this and will definitely be repurchasing as a purse-friendly alternative to my ride-or-die Mac Pro Longwear.

Conceal & Define Blur Priming Serum | £10.00

I’m like a moth to the flame with anything promising a blurring finish, so it didn’t take much for me to add this to my basket. 

I have fine lines now on my forehead and around the eyes, and if I’m telling the truth, they bother me! I have tried a lot of different blurring primers on my quest for plastic looking skin, and they range from really rather good to not great. 

The best I have found so far is from Figs & Rouge, but it's expensive so I’m always open to budget alternative. 

Sadly, although it's a nice primer, this one is not that holy grail. 

Described as a serum and primer duo, it leaves my face feeling silky and ready for makeup. I would say it softens my lines a little but that effect is quick to fade. I get longer last results from other products. 

I don’t hate this and it's pretty good as a run of the mill primer but the blurring claim is way overstated, so if that’s your main reason to buy this, you may be disappointed.

Fast Brow Pomade Pen - Medium Brown | £6.00

This idea really intrigued me - a long-lasting brow pomade, delivered in a little tube with a brush, like Touche Eclat but for brows. 

As someone who is constantly pushed for time in the morning, trying to get myself and two children ready, anything that can speed up my routine and make me look better captures my interest.The pen promised the look of microbladed brows in a hurry. 

With a unique clickable teardrop applicator, you simply load the brush and swipe through. It’s a brilliant idea, but sadly it just didn’t work for me. 

The product is way too dark (even though I went for the medium brown shade and have naturally dark brows!), so it gave a very heavy, witchy look. 

The applicator isn’t precise enough to really sculpt the tails of brows, so it looked messy and I ended up going in messing around with an angled brush to neaten things up, which really defeated the point of a quick applicator. 

I feel like this pen could really do with an instructional video, because it feels like it could be great and I’m just using it a little bit wrong? 

Perhaps with more practice and patience, I’ll figure it out, but it’s not quite a hit for me yet. 

Pout Bomb Plumping Lip Gloss - Kiss | £5.00

I can’t remember how long it's been since I last bought an actual lip gloss. 

Like the rest of the world, I moved on to matte formulations a few years ago - but actually I’ve always preferred a bit of shine when it comes to lips. 

This caught my eye while browsing through the site and I thought - why not add some shine to my life?! 

These glosses come in a really unusual chunky tube - I’m not sure why as it makes it much more awkward to carry around with you in a makeup bag. 

But I do like the formula itself a lot. It’s a creamy textured gloss, fairly opaque with a lot of pigment, so you get that colour hit. 

Shinier than a Ferrari showroom, if you want that latex lips look, you got it here - but it's not stupidly sticky. Loaded up with Vitamin E to condition, I like the fact that when the colour fades, it leaves lips feeling soft and smooth. 

There is a soft tingling sensation when you apply, but not as extreme as the likes of Too Faced Lip Injection, and this does deliver a gently plumped up look. 

There are seven shades in the range, plus a similar range of shimmers, but I went for ‘Kiss’. It’s a neutral pink that works really well for a more natural makeup look or as a foil against colouful or smokey eye makeup. 

I think this is a great gloss, especially for the price, and I’ve taken to popping it in my bag because it's so easy to swipe on.

Revolution can be ever so slightly hit and miss, but the majority of their products I've tried have been amazing. For the quality of these items at the price, it's very hard to say no. 

Have you tried anything from Revolution lately? 


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