It’s My Birthday | Turning 35 In Lockdown

Monday 1 June 2020

Self Portrait Star Mesh Midi Dress

Hey, bitches. It’s my birthday! What better excuse could there possibly be to drink champagne and eat my bodyweight in cake? 

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of getting a year older (when I turned 20, I spent all day in bed hungover and crying, and it's been down hill from there). So sometimes I do a post about my day to mark the milestone, and other times I just sort of gloss over it - hey, it’s a Gemini thing, okay?

Today I turned 35, which isn’t a round number but still sort of feels like something. Perhaps it's officially being mid-Thirties (shudder) and not being able to convince anyone that you’re not really an adult anymore. 

And 2020 is a hell of a crazy year to hit the midpoint of your fourth decade. The world looks nothing like it did a year ago, and I never imagined when the UK went into lockdown back in March that we’d still be there when it hit June. 

But here we are. Bizarrely, it’s improved my birthday experience.


There’s no pressure to be going out and doing stuff and drinking cocktails and having the BEST TIME EVER, because, well….you can’t.  

So I just decided to make the most of it. I dressed up. I drank fizz. I had a tea party. I danced around the garden in the sunshine to all my favourite songs with the kids. And you know what? I actually had the best time. 

After all, apart from writing that best selling novel that was supposed to happen, I’ve ticked all the other boxes I wanted. I’m grateful for a career I enjoy, my just-the-right-amount-of-weird husband, my two delicious children, brilliant friends and the Victorian house on the waterway we’ve slowly renovated into our family home. 

Life is good. So let’s eat cake and celebrate a little.

What I Wore For My Birthday

I couldn’t go out, but I sure as hell could dress up, and so I did. Despite being the literal definition of ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’ , I decided I wanted to wear a big, pouffy, over the top frock - so I did. 

This stunningly detailed midi dress from my favourite occasion wear label, Self- Portrait, is something I’ve had for a while but never had a good enough occasion to wear. But if there’s one thing I am at 35, it’s officially over saving things ‘for best’. 

We never know how many tomorrows are in store, so wear the nice dress, drink the bottle you’ve been saving and use the nice perfume, before it's too late. 

Self Portrait Star Mesh Midi Dress; Topshop Dita Leopard Print Block Heels; Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Self Portrait Star Mesh Midi Dress; Topshop Dita Leopard Print Block Heels; Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Missoma Star Sign Pendant

Self Portrait Star Mesh Midi Dress; Topshop Dita Leopard Print Block Heels; Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Raw agate bracelet

Self Portrait Star Mesh Midi Dress; Topshop Dita Leopard Print Block Heels; Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Star Mesh Midi Dress | Self Portrait
'Dita' leopard print block heeled sandals | Topshop
‘Gemini’ constellation pendant | Missoma
Agate bracelet | H&M

I adore the layers of dreamy tulle, the delicate embroidery designs and the black guipure lace waist band and ribbon ties. This dress is my jam. 

In fact, if I was Liz Taylor and onto my second marriage by now, it would definitely have made an appearance as a non-traditional bridal gown. So pretty ideal for a birthday and celebrating life.

I paired my dress with these amazing leopard print sandals to pick up on the black details, although I was actually mostly indoors and barefoot for most of the day. 

There was no more appropriate necklace than my beautiful constellation pendant, which shows the star configuration for my sign - Gemini (happy birthday fellow twin signs. I see you!). I paired it with my a beautiful agate bracelet, because if you can’t wear the things that make you happy when you turn a year older, when can you?

Here's to another year of love, light and learning.


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