Mama Style | How To Style The Christmas Knit

Thursday 19 December 2019

For work Christmas parties, it's always a bit of a minefield to get it right.

Depending on where you work, it can be full on glitz, or it can be more Christmas jumpers and jeans. I do like an opportunity to dress up (you would never have guessed, huh?) but working at a university it’s definitely more on the casual side -  we tend to attract the anorak brigade!

So, how do you style your Christmas jumper to make it a little bit more dressed up and ready to party?

In the end, I came up with a compromise by pairing textures which felt glam with other items that really aren’t.

'Etoile’ embroidered slogan jumper | Hush 
Black vinyl skirt | Topshop 
'Sally' teddy bear coat | Topshop
‘Mini Mac’ grey bag | Rebecca Minkoff 
'Stride 70' mules | Kurt Geiger 

Slogan jumpers have long been a style favourite of mine, and this little number from yummy mummy favourite Hush, is sort-of Christmassy without being something you can’t wear in January without getting funny looks.

That and the fact it's French makes it classy, right?!?

A grey knit is the perfect item to wear with something a little more out there -  in this case a shiny vinyl skirt - because it knocks the hard edges off a bit.

I’m still an ‘alternative’ teen at heart, no matter what my wrinkles say to the contrary, so I love a bit of anything vaguely punk that can remind me of shopping at the local goth store and Blue Banana as a student (is that place still going?!?).

I’ve done a piece before on how to style vinyl trousers, and it's something that I really like. The shiny shiny makes it festive in my head!

A good old skirt and ankle boots combo is a failsafe for me, in fact, I’m not sure I’d wear a mini with anything else any more. I’m a grumpy witch if my feet hurt and they’re always cold, plus I like the Alexa Chung vibes the combination gives off - if only I had her legs to go with it.

I was already waaay out there with the vinyl skirt, so I amped up the levels of fashion blogger even more with a cosy teddy bear coat. I do love a bit of faux fur in the winter - I’m also a chilly mortal and pretty much always cold, so anything snuggly gets my vote.

For my bag, I dug out an old favourite - my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I got this for my birthday years ago and I really wanted it at the time, but I don’t find myself reaching for it very much.

Whether it just got eclipsed by other purchases I don’t know, but I was glad to rediscover it and it's such a great compact little bag for an evening out.

I hope this post gives you some festive inspiration if you don’t want to go down the sequinned mini dress route.

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