Mama Style | The Pleated Sheer Midi

Friday 9 August 2019

What a week. My life has been as up and down as the crazy weather at the moment - one minute brilliant sunshine, the next torrential downpours - so I was glad to finally reach the weekend just gone.

Certain things have been going really well - like my Fast 800 pre-holiday plan, which I’ve been bossing - while other, like settling back into my job, haven’t been as easy.

And what do you need in such turbulent times? A good old natter with friends. So I was excited to be heading out for tapas, wine and a major debrief with some of my lovelies. Even though this involved breaking my winning diet streak by inhaling churros, I’m still not sorry one bit. It was good for the soul!

And if you can ignore churros with salted caramel sauce, you’re basically a robot anyway.

Black spaghetti strap bodysuit | Topshop
Sheer tulle pleated midi skirt | Asos
Pink velvet embellished headband | eBay
Engraved bar necklace with moonstone | Bloom Boutique
Wallet on chain | Chanel
Skinny metal belt | Reiss
Black raffia wedge heels | Sam Edelman

This is an outfit I’ve been wanting to wear for a while, but I’ve been waiting until I was a little more in shape after the baby, which has taken longer than I would have hoped! I adore this sheer pleated asos midi skirt - it's sort of daring and covered up at the same time! It does come with a detachable jersey miniskirt underneath, so you can make it more daytime appropriate if needed, and it's such a pretty piece. All the ballerina vibes from this one.

A simple black bodysuit was all it needed for an evening look - I love the straight cut neckline on this one. It would also pair well with a cropped tee for a brunch or a shopping trip. The beauty of midi skirts is that almost any shoes go with them, and this pair of ankle strap wedges finished the look off nicely.

The Wallet On Chain really is a micro-mini bag, so you have to be comfortable with packing light, but it's super versatile and easy to wear. I can squeeze in my phone, keys, a powder compact, cards, lipstick and a tin of mints! But there’s something really pleasant about leaving the house so unencumbered, especially when I normally have to lug around a mountain of totes and backpacks stuffed with everything the kids need.

And I do declare I’ve found a new style obsession. Sloaney, 80s jewelled alice bands are rocking my world right now. Am I too old for this trend? Quite possibly. But age be damned, I like them.Alice bands for adults, I say! I first spotted them in Zara for around the £20 mark, and although I was in love, I had no idea if I’d actually be brave enough to wear one in the real world. Luckily, I found an affordable dupe via the wonder of eBay, so I could try out the look, and I’m embracing it now. I felt a little bit Blair Waldorf, a little bit Florence Welch. And I think I like that combination!

As the headband is so maximal, you don’t need any other accessories, so I just had my bar necklace that is never really off, and my night out look was complete.

Drinking wine in the sunshine and putting the world to rights was just the boost the end of my week needed.

Have you tried the jewelled headband trend? Would you rock a sheer skirt?

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