TILI Abstract Beauty Box Edition

Sunday 2 June 2019

OK, so I WAS supposed to be on a bit of a break from beauty boxes. After all, I have more mini body lotions and eyeliner pencils than I know what to do with. And while I have in subscribed from a regular one, Tili came along and caught me off guard.

Launching at random times through the year, Try It Love It is a selection of products curated by the UK's biggest beauty retailer, QVC. Like any edit, it can be a hit and miss affair, but on the most part it's more hit.

You can see what you're getting before you buy, and I've found it to be a great box for trying out brands with lots of buzz. I was sort of on the fence with this 'Abstract' box, but in the end it was just too good to miss out on.

The selection of products here is loosely themed around helping you to mix up your makeup bag and rewrite your own beauty rules. Containing £89.77 worth of products for just £20, it was a must try.

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath and Shower Gel

Kicking off with a bit of one of my favourite brands! If you went into my bathroom you'd see Molton Brown products all over the place - you can't beat them for an amazing scent, divine packaging and the ultimate pampering experience.

Despite the name, the fragrance of this has a lot of other elements - raspberry, bergamot, peach, osmanthus, patchouli and musk. It smells like lying in a warm sunshiny meadow at midafternoon.

Every Sunday, I have a long, deep bath to set me up for the week ahead, so this is the ideal treat for that little slice of me time. It might take be the little treat that perks up my first week back at work!

Philosophy Purity Cleanser 

A hugely popular brand, this appeals to me for it's simplicity. With a liquid crystal emulsion formula, this gently but firmly removed dirt, oil and debris and also had a toning effect. It smells amazing too, with a blend of 12 essential oils, and I love the minimalist packaging.

I was so pleased to see this in the box as I'm auditioning new cleansers at the moment, so if we get on, this could be a long-term match. I also think it's hard to find travel size face cleansers to take on your travels, so this is really useful!

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion 

I've heard that if you're an in-the-know beauty editor, Margaret Dabbs is the go-to for manis and 'medi-pedis'. This lotion is a highly luxurious blend of some pretty exotic ingredients - emu oil (?!), white water lily, kelp extract, cannabis sativa and wild rose. That's quite a list! All with the aim of maintaining moisture levels in the skin - and dry hands is never a good look!

With the heavenly scent of geranium and mandarin, it's a little daily treat. I like to keep a hand cream on my desk so this is going to come with me on my return to work!

James Read Sleep Tan Face Mask

I must admit this is the one product I'm going to give away or swap, because it's just not something I would use. I very rarely use self-tan anyway, and while I have just about gotten into a bit of gradual tan lotion on my legs, I highly doubt I would ever do my face - for a start none of my foundations would match!

If you do love tanning, this specially designed formulation is quick to try and works while you sleep to deliver a golden glow.

Ultrasun Tinted Face SPF30

SPF on the face is an absolute daily necessity for me and something I never skip. A very light tinted sunscreen, this may feel airy to apply but the protection is heavyweight.

With both UVA (the bit that causes wrinkles) and UVB (the bit that causes damage and burning) filters, this will keep you covered while adding a little coverage and a healthy looking glow. This is definitely coming with me on my travels!

Floral Street Black Lotus Eau De Parfum

I am already a fan of Floral Street, a modern perfume brand focusing on naturally amplified botanical scents. I tried a few of their samples in the Sunday Times Style Award Box that I got recently and there weren't many I didn't like - and I would say I'm fairly fussy about perfume!

The selection here was a surprise, but Black Lotus is exactly my kind of scent  Described as 'the classic English Rose dressed in a black leather jacket' this appeals to me, as the style I love is a mix of grunge and uptown tailoring. It's a complex scent with a sweet honeyed heart of centifolia Rose, a hint of black peppercorn and saffron, which is another note I love in perfumes.

This was the perfect pick for me - it's warm, light but complex, sophisticated and just a little bit sexy. Love.

INC. rdible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

Lip Balm is something I'm constantly using, and this one looks pretty cool and unusual. A clear tinted jelly, this supposedly reacts with the PH of your lips to enhance their natural colour, but it just stayed clear on me.

This shade is 'Stronger Together' - a bright coral in the tube, but clear on, but there are also 'Out Of My Control', which is pink or 'Sleep Love Repeat' which is pale blue. This isn't an overly shiny sort of Balm, just giving a slight creamy glaze rather than a full on gloss.

But with avocado oil, Vitamin E and rice bran oil it feels quite nourishing, and the super cute mini flower in the bullet is total Insta goals.

Nude By Nature Finishing Powder

This Australian brand produce my favourite mineral powder foundation, and a cream highlighter stick that I adore, so I was excited to try something new from them. With a gorgeous, velvet texture - very important when you start to get a few lines like me and some powders settle into them - this works hard to extend the wear of your makeup, control any oily patched and unwanted shine and give you that flawless finish.

It also contains light-reflecting micro-particles which help to hide the lines and wrinkles I mentioned and give a smooth, perfected appearance to your skin. Throw in the beautiful rose gold packaging that Nude By Nature use and here, ladies and gentlemen, is my new favourite powder!

This travel size is ideal for taking away but I'm also going to be ordering a full size as this is super lovely.

Mally Shadow Stick  - Autumn Shimmer

I'm pretty much always in a hurry in the morning, and shadow sticks are my new favourite thing for cutting down on prep time and getting a polished look in a hurry. Creamy, blendable and non-creasing, this really is a swipe-on-and-go product, while the precise crayon style tip makes it really easy to carve out your crease line or add a fine bit of this underneath the eye.

A beautiful sparkling pewter bronze shade, this colour would be wearable for anyone and is perfect for a daytime look. The long-wearing formula is designed to work as an eye primer, shadow base and eyeshadow in one, or can be used as a liner as well. The perfect product for girls on the go.

Laura Geller Iconic New York Travel Palette

As a brown-eyed girl, purple shades make my eye colour pop, so they're always a win for me, and in this cute little palette are three of the prettiest lilac, lavender and mauve shades around. 'Charmed Violet' is a pop of shimmery lilac that is like all your My Little Pony dreams come true, 'Heather' is a sophisticated matte pewter shade ideal for a cut crease look or for a more low-key, natural take on violet eyes, while 'Nightfall' is a deeper mauve brown that would work for a sophisticated smoky eye.

Every time I've tried something from Laura Gellar I've really liked it, so I'm definitely looking forward to having a play with this trio.

Tili have produced another great box, that represents brilliant value for £20 - these are carefully curated products that work hard and really deliver. Grab it while you still can!

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