Latest In Beauty | Hot Right Now June Edit

Saturday 29 June 2019

What's the best thing you get through the post? It certainly isn't bank statements and takeaway pizza menus, but a little box of beauty treats curated by you might just hit the spot.

I'm back on the Latest In Beauty bandwagon, after they overhauled their offering and started bringing in some big hitters.

They still operate the same model - you pay monthly for three, six or nine items, which you select yourself to create a custom box.

Only now, the brands they are offering have dramatically improved to include a lot more high-end and niche brand items, which they package into a monthly hot list  - like a menu for you to choose from. It's all a lot more exciting than the last time I was signed up, and I found a huge amount to choose from this time.

Here's what made the cut…

Latest In Beauty Makeup Bag

When you first sign up, you get a little canvas makeup bag included in your order, and they are great for travel as they're lightweight but feature a sturdy metal zip. I love this ' I came, I saw, I contoured' slogan as well, and the bag is a great size to use as a travel makeup bag. A great little extra for all your goodies to come with.

Sanctuary Spa One Minute Daily Glow Mask

The thing about Latest In Beauty is that there's a real mix of full size, deluxe minis and tiny samples on there, and it isn't really obvious which is which unless you really dig into it (which I don't tend to do, but perhaps I should).

So although I was excited to try this, value-wise it was a bad selection as it's a little teeny-tiny tube that will give a couple of applications at most. However, I love Sanctuary products and the idea behind this mask intrigued me.

You pop it on before your morning shower and let the radiance boosting kakadu plum, brightening Vitamin C infusion and nutrient packed rosemary extract do their thing. The result? Re-plumped skin with a healthy glow and an improved texture. A great idea for giving tired out morning skin a little extra something to kick start the day.

Invisibobble Waver

Sold as a traceless alternative to grips and clips, this is the latest innovation from the people who brought you those clear hair ties that look like a 1970s telephone cord and supposedly don't leave those big kinks in your hair from where you tied it up. I can't say that actually works for me, although I do use their hair ties in the gym sometimes.

This looked like a cool idea, just because it's clear and a bit space-age, but I’m afraid to say I’ve found it almost entirely useless. It just doesn’t seem to grip the hair and falls straight out when I put it in. There might be some trick to it, but I don’t have time to mess around in the mornings, so I was straight back to basic kirby grips.

So far not impressed, but hopefully I’ll find a way to make it work somehow!

Sumita Eyeliner Trio

As soon as I saw this little set of eyeliners, it had to make my edit and they didn’t disappoint. These are really high-quality pencils - creamy enough to be blendable, but still with incredible staying power to boot - most eyeliners that I add into my waterline smudge straight away, but this one hangs around for a good few hours.

The set contains a metallic silver, a gold and a white that I’ve been using every day to make me look more awake (a tough job with two small children!). A little flash of metallic is so pretty in the inner corners of the eyes and all the colours are really shiny and very wearable.

Perfect for summer and festival season, these are really portable and highly pigmented. I’m really impressed and would love to add a metallic bronze or a black to my collection from this line.

CleanU Organic Lip & Cheek Balm

You can’t go wrong with a soothing balm, and I always carry one with me. They are the ultimate multi-tasking heroes - from smoothing down frizz to glossing lips, setting my brows in place and moisturising cuticles and elbows.

I also love to dab a balm onto my cheekbones for a very natural dewy highlight that brings out your bone structure without making you look like a shimmery disco ball!

This balm is organic so I would also use it for the baby as she can get quite dry, sore skin sometimes - it's handy to have something in your pocket to dab on, but I wouldn’t put anything chemical on her as her skin is so sensitive. A handbag essential whatever the weather.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Berry Fairy Fun

Summer is peak nail polish time in my house - it’s when my sun deprived toes finally come out, and painting my nails a bright colour always puts me in a summer mood. The popping purple seemed like something I needed in my collection, although it is metallic, which it didn’t look like online!

Still, OPI is a really great brand and I knew it would be a quality finish, so it's a great one to add to a collection of summer beauty products.

Lipstick Queen Nothing But The Nudes | Blooming Blush

And finally, what a great brand to get on board. Lipstick Queen is one where I always see their products and want to by, but somehow forget, so I jumped at the chance to try one of their best selling nudes.

Blooming Blush is a pretty, neutral dusky pink and very flattering on, plus the formula is creamy and moisturising with a very subtle sheen that makes this what I call a great ‘glovebox’ lipstick - a shade I keep in the car and know I can throw on and it will go with anything.

A great selection of products that has really reignited my love for Latest In Beauty, and now I’ve seen what’s dropping in the next edit, I’m even more excited!

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