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Wednesday 20 February 2019

Ahh, the mama life. A land of cold cups of coffee, sticky fingers and never being able to go to the toilet on your own. I didn't choose the mama life, it chose me.

And while I'm very glad it did, it does mean that ‘dressing up’ now generally becomes ‘scooping the least soiled item out of the laundry basket’. And I'm okay with that a lot of the time, but other times I think that putting together an outfit just helps me to reclaim a little piece of me.

‘Friday I'm In Love' knit | Joanie Clothing
Zipped black leather trousers | Zara
Marbled heel ankle boots | All Saints
Petrol blue chevron faux fur jacket | Biba
'So Black' medium classic flap bag| Chanel

On a very rare evening out, I'm all about trying to do 'elevated basics' , which aren't any more effort than scruffy ones, but due to the fabric and detailing just look a little more intentional.

So if you haven't spotted it already, this is just a version of the leggings, baggy jumper and a messy mum bun outfit that seems to be my default setting.

The difference is in the detail.

I find leather leggings extremely easy to wear. I feel like they work great as a casual item and they just look a little more stylish than basic leggings. I have several pairs because they've become a bit of a staple.

Leather trousers are definitely one of those items where it's quite hard to get it right past the age of twenty, but they can still look good styled in the right way - think Carine Roitfeld, who is my style icon, still rocking edgy pieces and looking hot as hell at 50!

The trick is to knock the spiky, subversive edges off by pairing them with a cosy knit, a smart boucle jacket or an oversized, mannish blazer or a crisp tailored shirt.

Here, I've followed style cues from Kate Moss and Alexa Chung and chosen a slogan knit to go with my leather.

And isn't this petrol blue, chevron faux fur just the most gorgeous thing? It gives me total Marc Bolan vibes, although the husband maintains its more Cookie Monster. I don't care though, mainly because Cookie Monster is a total badass and a style icon, darlings.

These fab marbled heel boots add a great finishing touch along with a classic, sophisticated bag. Tired mum chic!

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