Look Fantastic Review | February 2019

Thursday 14 February 2019

Did you have your heart broken this Valentine's Day, or were you loved up?

It was the season of love for the beauty sub boxes, as they plied us with products to make us gorgeous and date night ready.

Only for me, it's the first month that Look Fantastic have really missed the mark (plus, I was the only sad person in a very empty gym on Valentine's night, as Sebastian had been struck down with man flu). I saw a spoiler thread in one of my beauty Facebook groups, and tried to cancel, but as you're tied in for a three month cycle, I got the February box anyway.

Read on to find out why I was disappointed….

Philip Kingsley Maximiser 

Starting off on a positive note, this was probably the most appealing item in the box for me. I love the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer treatment, and it's really transformed the condition of my hair. Plus, high hair to heaven is my signature so I'm always interested in products which volumise.

This promises not only to jack those roots up, but also to smooth down frizz and add shine - and you can use it on either wet or dry hair.

Sleek Face Form Palette 

This is a great palette - I've used and loved it in the past - but I got one in a box not too long ago which I haven't opened yet, so I really didn't want another one! It's something I repeat bought before but then moved away to other things, so I will definitely use it.

The shades are really flattering and very finely milled. There's a matte bronzer to contour with, a beautiful champagne gold highlight and a rose golden blush which is a great dupe for the infamous Nars Blush in Orgasm. Everything is gorgeously pigmented and I can't fault the palette, I just didn't really need another one!

Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil - ‘Intimacy’

I have never liked a Lord and Berry product in all the ones I've tried - ever since I bought a eyeliner pencil from them that I thought was cool because it was a flat shape - until I realised there was no sharpener that would fit it, and so it was essentially useless once I'd blunted it!

I like the colour here but that's about as far as it goes - the formula is quite drying, and although it's not a silly flat shape, I still have a personal vendetta against pencils which need to be sharpened. I don't need that level of hassle in my life. So it's a no from me…

Doucce Punk Mascara 

This is another item that I've had before in a different box. Look Fantastic never used to be samey or full of items that have gone into other boxes, which is why this month stood out negatively. I do quite like the brush on this mascara, which is similar to the L'Oréal Miss Manga one.

I found it a good formula for getting fluffy, volumised, fanned out lashes, due to the combination of long and short bristles and the lightweight, mousse type formula. I don't actually wear mascara at the moment as I do my own lash extensions, so this is a little bit wasted on me!

Emite Rose Gold Eye Lash Curlers 

Apart from the hair volume spray, this was my favourite thing to receive, because you can never have too many lash curlers, can you? These promise a long lasting, intense curl with a comfortable grip.

My lashes are pin straight so I really like a good curler as it makes me look much more awake, and in a chic rose-gold finish, these were a nice thing to receive.

Erno Lazlo Deep Sea Mud Bar 

The Dead Sea is famous for its supercharged, mineral infused mud, and this bar uses those powers to be detoxifying and cleansing - there are 26 minerals packed in there.

The bar seals moisture into the skin to leave it clean, soft and glowing and maintain delicate PH levels. The only problem for me is, I'm not a fan of bar soaps. I just hate the way they get all scummy when you leave them in the shower. So I've donated this one to my husband!

The verdict this month isn't great - it's the first box I've had from Look Fantastic where I didn't get very excited about it, and none of the products really captured  my interest. It's not a good sign when you start to see repeats of items which have been in other boxes before. Let's hope the March box is a bit more innovative.

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