4 Ways To Get Spiritual This Season

Saturday 1 December 2018

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Ok, spirituality is a weird one for some people. I get that, and we’re going to begin this post by saying that anyone who is a bit sceptical should read on, and give some of the following things a try, even if it’s only for fun.

Because you could even find out that your future holds yachts, the man or woman of your dreams, and bucketfuls of prosecco (please…). And if that’s all you get out of this, then it isn’t that bad.

1.Talk to a psychic

Yes, a lot of us have set ideas in our minds about how psychics work. You enter a candlelit room, and someone wearing old chiffon and a lot of rings tells you that your pet hamster is trying to make contact from beyond the groundave. But it's a lot less cliche than that, and if you want to find out what your future holds from someone who isn’t the strange chiffon lady, you can get a Psychic Phone Reading, too. Phew.

2. Dabble in palmistry 

Palm reading is another fun one, and it is pretty exciting to think that your entire future may have been written out on your hands since birth. Though anyone can read their own palms, it’s probably better to talk to an actual psychic person about this, who is used to looking at hands and, you know, being psychic. You can still give it a go if you’re feeling all spiritual.

3. Tarot cards

Tarot cards are easier if you’d prefer to get your divine groove on in the comfort of your own home, as you can do it yourself or with a friend if you’d prefer. A lot of people think that tarot cards can really tell you something about yourself, and what direction your life is heading in, and this is definitely one for those who want to secure their goals with a bit of otherworldly assistance. Empowering, huh? We can’t tell you much about how this works, it just does. 

4. Being nice

Ok, put your crystal ball away for a second, we’ve got some spiritual things to address that don’t concern the lines on your palms. Spirituality isn’t limited to this, and you can even feel it through the mighty power of karma. If you’re kind to a stranger when they need a hand, and you do your best for those around you, it will help to improve that all important sense of self that spirituality is all about. Good vibes are circular, man. 

So, there it is. Four ways to embrace your spirituality, and perhaps even find out what your future holds. No communicating hamsters, just good vibes all around, and some old-school wisdom about what exciting things life has in store for you. 

So invest in some tarot cards, give your hand over to someone who knows all about that stuff, and help old ladies with their shopping. It will bring all of that good karma back to you. 

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