LookFantastic August 2018 | Review

Thursday 16 August 2018

Does being beautiful make you more confident?

Look Fantastic is still going strong for me, and August’s box is all about the intersection between beauty, confidence and mindfulness. Feeling good in your own skin is something that can be quite hard to achieve.

It’s definitely not dependant on what products line your bathroom shelves, but if you do find something that gives you a little boost, equally it can’t be a bad thing. I know I certainly have my much-loved favourites that help me to face the day a little easier.

Would the August box introduce me to anything new that had the same effect?

MIO Boob Tube + Multi-Action Bust Firmer

There really couldn’t be a better time for this to come along for me! My boobs aren’t an area I’ve given much thought to in the past in terms of beautifying, but now they are in constant service feeding a baby, it only seems right to treat them a little better.

This has been formulated for your chest and decolletage, with CoQ10 and lots of natural active ingredients to help slow down the signs of aging, and give a radiant, smoothed appearance to the skin. You do often see older ladies who have clearly taken good care of their faces, only to have crepey, sun-damaged skin on their neck and bust that gives away their age. That’s the reason I put all my skincare on the backs of my hands (another area that gets forgotten), so perhaps it's time to start caring for my decolletage as well.

Erno Lazlo Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion

My skin is dehydrated and lacklustre at the moment (call it the new baby effect) so I’m interested in anything that promises to give it a boost. This product is a toner in a gel format, which is interesting. It supports the skin to repair damages tissue, while drawing in moisture.

It feels lovely and cooling to use and would be ideal for taking on a summer holiday, where your skin gets super parched. This is a really nice product to use and provides an extra boost to your moisturiser.

Nails Inc. INC.redible Lipgloss  | Glazin’ Over

I had no idea that Nails Inc. had branched out into makeup. They make some of my favourite nail polishes, so I was intrigued to try their colour cosmetic offering. And I’m pleased to say this gloss has shot straight into my hot favourites!

I absolutely love the colour - it's a pink-purple that is so flattering. Shade of the summer! The texture is also really hydrating and comfortable to wear, as well as being completely non-sticky. A hot new favourite, I will definitely be repurchasing this!

Blink Brow Bar Brow Build | Indian Chocolate

Good brows maketh the face, as it says in the bible (or, errr...Vogue magazine, same thing). So this little beauty tames, shapes and bulks out your arches for a fuller, bolder brow look. With a gel-cream texture, it’s smooth to apply and helps to fill out sparse areas, by clinging onto and enhancing the hairs with little fibres.

Although I’d still want to use a brow pencil for definition, this is a really great companion to that. If you like a more natural look, you could use it on it's own to keep your brows groomed.

Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel | Pink Pepperpod

My heart sang when I saw this. As anyone who has been in my bathroom can testify, I’ve had a Molton Brown obsession for years. Sebastian has a tradition (which I have shamelessly encouraged, obviously…) of getting me something from them in my Christmas stocking each year, and there’s nothing so beautiful, luxurious or relaxing.

Pink Pepperpod is my favourite range of theirs as well, so this is perfect. It’s a big size as well. I haven’t been able to manage the time for a bath since Romilly arrived, but when I can, I will be looking forward to scenting my tub with this!

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

The last item was this radiance-renewing face wash. I definitely have my favourites already when it comes to face wash, so I doubt whether this will knock them off their top spots, but it’s a handy size for travelling with and face wash can be hard to track down in a travel size.

It's 99% natural and has  Grapefruit, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile Oils, which sounds beautiful. Promising a bright, even skin tone, it looks like a great natural alternative if you’re looking to cut down on chemical compounds.

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