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Wednesday 4 July 2018

Of all the many joys of being pregnant, the fashion isn’t really one of them! This time around, I’ve definitely been bolder and bought more maternity pieces, but I still find myself gazing at my Insta feed and dreaming of being able to wear normal clothes again and not have to plan my outfits around bumps or breastfeeding!

Paul Smith designs have always been a favourite of mine - I love the smart tailoring and quirky prints - and I’ve had a couple of pieces from there, but it's definitely a special treat.

This month, I managed to secure some coveted tickets to the annual Warehouse Sale, which fell on my birthday. I went along expecting a few tables of things, only to find a huge unit (looking back, the clue was probably in the title!) full of beautiful items at jaw-dropping prices. I was like a kid in a candy shop.

So I may have gone a little over the top and treated myself, but you don’t get many opportunities like this. Here’s what I found:

Teal felt hat

A beautiful hat is always a statement-maker, isn’t it? And the quality and construction of the hats on offer at Paul Smith are exquisite. This teal blue felt number stood out to me because of the beautiful colour. I do tend to wear a lot of neutral shades, so I thought this would look gorgeous with my winter outfits, or even contrasted with tones like mustard, navy and burgundy. As I get older, I seem to gravitate to hats more and more - I think it's because you need to be fairly confident to wear one. The grosgrain ribbon trim and the feather detail finish this one off to perfection.

Pale blue straw Panama hat

In summer, a hat is more of an essential - I wouldn’t go on holiday without one - and I usually go for a panama style, so I couldn’t resist this gorgeous light blue one with navy and white ribbon trim. It’s a beautiful, easy to wear style that’s ideal for beach days and picnics on the park. Sebastian and I both like Panama hats so we usually end up unintentionally matching - and even Theodore has a little one, which he loves to wear! So the whole family will probably be rocking them this summer.

Blush snakeskin satchel 

This was a last minute, ‘shall I or shan’t I?’ one I couldn’t really decide on! I loved the blush snake finish and the beautiful pops of teal patent on the side, but the style and the overall effect are quite vintage, which isn’t really my usual style. A satchel style bag is always a classic though, so I took a chance on this. It being a cross body style means it will be really useful for me, as I generally need to be hands-free when I’m on mummy duty so I only ever use bags that I can wear like that.

Velvet multi-patterned slippers

I’m all about those flats and I live in slip-on shoes - heels are quite a rare thing for me - so I couldn’t resist these brightly coloured slipper style shoes. The abstract pattern and magenta detailing are gorgeous, and these would pair so well with a simple outfit of jeans and a cream silk blouse. The dash of colour they bring would make a plain ensemble come to life, so they’re what I’d call an ‘outfit maker’. I’m all for a lazy shortcut to looking pulled together!

Tan leather belt 

A classic belt is never going to be a bad investment, and I had been on the hunt for a simple tan one for a while. It looks so classic with jeans or used to belt a dress, it's the kind of staple I like to invest in and get a quality version of - so I was really lucky to find this in the warehouse sale. I’m not sure if it's a women’s belt or a smaller man’s one, but with something like this it doesn’t matter. Sebastian and I would both wear this. The little flash of bright orange on the inside is such a great detail.

Embossed nude leather card holder

I picked this up and put it down quite a few times before buying. I definitely didn’t need this, but I was really drawn to it and eventually I decided that I’d regret it if I didn’t buy it at the price it was on offer for. It’s such a pretty nude colour, and the embossed pattern sets it apart. You know when something is just so well made it feels like a joy to use? I’m one of those people who rarely carries cash, so this is ideal for me.

Embossed nude leather makeup bag

The makeup bag to match had to be done as well. My lipsticks have definitely had an upgrade with this to ferry them around with! Again, I just thought the colour and design were so beautiful. I may use this to keep my ‘mummy essentials’ in when I’m back to using a nappy bag all the time with the baby - it's useful to have a small clutch or something that you pop your keys, phone, purse etc in as you don’t want to carry a separate handbag.

Polka dot elasticated pyjama bottoms

There are a few items I definitely wasn’t expecting to buy while I was there, and pyjamas would probably have been one of them. But these black polka-dot pair with their elasticated waistband looked like the ultimate in smart loungewear. A lot of pyjamas for women seem to be covered in cutesy little designs, which I loathe (I’m a grown woman, I don’t want dancing unicorns across my bottom!) and it can actually be hard to find plainer and darker things. There was no matching top, but I’d prefer to wear this with a soft cotton vest anyway.

Multi feather pattern white swimsuit

I’m not sure I even knew that Paul Smith did swimwear, but this beauty drew me in. Since having my children, I’ve definitely been more of a fan of swimsuits than a bikini. It's personal choice but I’m generally happier a bit more covered up now, and my tummy area isn’t the best. I do love a splash of white as I have dark hair and tan easily, so I feel good in the colour, and the feather print on this is also beautiful. It has cut out details on the back, is made of a quality, thick material and finished with solid metal clasps - a beautiful classic for future holidays.

Navy white polka dot slim scarf

I may have gone a little bit overboard on the scarf thing, but honestly, they are the one thing that I always come back to, and especially with a baby on the way that I’m planning to breastfeed, I always like to have a stylish scarf with me to cover up when feeding. They’re also another great way to add a bit of extra interest to a simple outfit. This navy clue polka dot scarf is an absolute classic that anyone from 16 to 65 could wear, that’s always going to look great, so it was a no-brainer to buy.

Embroidered ant print cotton scarf

Isn’t this amazing? It’s actually a menswear piece, but since when have scarves had genders. Ironically, although I’m no fan of creepy-crawlies in real life, I adore clothes and accessories that feature bugs, possibly because it's a little bit unexpected. This lightweight summer scarf is like a cotton muslin fabric and it's huge, so it would work well as a beach cover up, and is the ideal thing to take away with you. Sebastian was eyeing this up as well, so it may be another thing we end up sharing!

Taupe and black rabbit print cotton scarf

I couldn’t decide between the ant scarf and this one, so I was a bit naughty and got both! I really liked the colours in this - again, it's another light cotton muslin summer scarf that’s super easy to throw on. When you open it out, the print that looks abstract is actually a giant rabbit, so it has a nice hint of playfulness to it as well.

Cheetah print blouse

This is one of the pieces I first spotted and it was straight in the basket. I absolutely love, love, love the bold cheetah print! A shirt with a left-field print is definitely a Paul Smith classic. I actually spotted something quite similar to this in H&M last winter and almost snapped it up, but I knew I was pregnant at the time and not likely to be able to wear it anytime soon, so it was amazing to stumble on this now. It’s a size or two up from my usual, but I love a looser shirt anyway, and it means I can probably wear it soon after the baby comes. It would be so beaut with a pair of tailored shorts or some jeans, and anything that unbuttons is high on the post-baby clothing list.

Rainbow shimmer tweed dress

A statement dress is a useful piece to have and the photos totally don’t do this justice. It’s a heavy sort of woven tweed material in a metallic pewter that holds a rainbow of colours when the light hits it. I thought it was just stunning. It’s a sort of t-shirt style shift dress, a shape I love, with a deep v-neck. This would be equally amazing kept simple with a pendant and strappy sandals for some show-stopping evening wear, or worn with opaque navy tights and burgundy ankle boots under a wool coat.

Fluted black chiffon skirt with elastic waist band

In my book, you never go far wrong with a little black anything, so this skirt seemed like something that I would get a lot of wear out of, for work and play. Made of a heavy draped chiffon with lots of little sunburst pleats and a fluted hem, it's all about the little details that elevate the design here. Paired with that fantastic rainbow elastic waistband which adds a more casual vibe, I can see this working for the office with a crisp white shirt or equally well with a slogan tee tucked in.

Black and white splatter print linen blouse

This linen blouse with black and white splatter print just looked like something that would be easy to slip on and would pair well with lots of different combinations, although I was thinking of the office when I picked it up. It seemed like it would be a flattering shape to wear and one of those pieces that smarten things up.

Gold woven metallic tshirt 

I must have been like a magpie, because is was the second metallic piece that caught my eye at the sale. The super glam gold finish is a great contrast with the loose, casual tshirt shape. I could see this paired with a midi skirt for a nice ‘occaision’ outfit, perhaps even the baby’s Christening. It would also be great with black jeans or leather trousers for an evening out.

Long sleeved navy silk dress

How stunning is is beautiful navy silk dress? There’s something really severe, almost ‘Victorian schoolmarm’ about the design that I love, and I couldn’t resist the little 3D fabric ‘spike’ details. Again, Paul Smith designs always see, to have that special little something that makes them stand out. There’s also a gorgeous bright green contrast silk lining. Although I couldn’t try anything on, this does look like it will be a gorgeous, draped cut as well. And how stunning would it be paired with leopard ankle boots? I’m so excited to wear this!

Nude leather cuff 

A gorgeous little accessory, this reminded me of some similar leather cuff bracelets Mulberry did a few years ago. I’ve always low key coveted one, so this has to be bought! Layered up and stacked with some metal bracelets, I thought this would look so pretty.

Khaki print iPad case

And finally, I treated my iPad to a new home with this nylon padded case. I like that you can also fit in some accessories - I use a keyboard quite often, and I can also even fit a notebook in there, so it’s the perfect item for work trips to keep all the essentials together, and slips easily into my bag.

I had an absolutely amazing time going around the sale, and I can only hope I somehow manage to get an invite next year!

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