Latest In Beauty box | January 2018

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Although it always seems at the time as if January is the month that just won’t die, somehow it has crept along and one of the little treats making me feel much better about it all was my Latest in Beauty box.

A subscription box with a slight difference, you can choose three, six or nine products at different set prices from the website. The stuff is a mix of full size and sample (the sizes are there in the descriptions but you have to work put yourself what size it is) and is updated fairly regularly, usually one new product a day.

I did like my first box in November and my December one, but I’m only on the smallest three item box and I haven’t been tempted to upgrade to one of the larger ones. There’s always been just enough things I wanted to try, without being so many good things I felt I had to upgrade.

Of course, if you like the element of surprise, that isn’t here, but prefer to know that I’m going to like and use everything in I’ve chosen.

So, what did I pick this month?

Tropic Skin Care Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum

I don’t know about you, but my skin isn’t loving the harsh weather and central heating much at the moment. It’s really dry and sensitive, although pregnancy hormones probably aren’t helping either! One of my beauty buddies had been raving about this little green superfood shot for your skin, so I chose it this month.

Made from a whole host of green superfoods - chlorophyll, kale and maca root among others - it delivers a concentrated hit of vitamins and minerals. There’s also marula oil to calm down redness and irritation, tamanu oil to help repair skin and get rid of blemishes and green coffee extract to brighten and energise the skin.

To apply, the serum feels fairly oily when it first goes on, but it quickly sinks in. It really does feel as if it's doing your skin good, partly because it smells so green and fresh. I noticed a radiance hit straight away, although I get the same thing from my favourite Beauty Pie Jeju Antioxidant Serum so I’m likely to stick with that. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up for tired, dull winter skin though, this definitely does the job.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This cult product has been all over my Instafeed, and impossible to ignore with it's cheeky name and bright, sunshine yellow packaging, so I couldn’t resist adding it to my box to try this month, and I’m so glad I did! This was a love-at-first use product for me.  The premise of the cream is that it contains Guarana extract and caffeine, which firm, tone and lift the skin to give your posterior that perky look we tend to associate with Brazilian beauties! The first thing about this is the unique smell, which is absolutely adore. It smells like a sort of butterscotch base note, matched with papaya or other tropical fruit on top and it's absolutely delicious. It reminded me of sunshine and put a smile on my face straight away, which is rare. In fact, if they made a Brazilian Bum Bum perfume, I’d be queueing up. I also loved how it sank in immediately, so no hanging around in a chilly shower. And it gave m y skin a noticeable and lasting smoothness with a soft glow. The full size is pricey, but I will definitely be buying one. As for the firming benefits I haven’t been able to judge that so far, but I already love the cream. A little ray of sunshine on a grey day.

Soigné Creme Au Beurre Nail Polish

There’s nothing more elegant than a nude nail, so I decided to make this nail polish from luxury brand Soigne my final choice of the month.  ‘Creme Au Beurre’ is a pinky-peach nude shot through with a very subtle silver-toned shimmer that just lifts the colour a bit. I love the packaging, which is pure class. The finish is really very pretty and could well be the ultimate neutral nail! It also looks great on toes, as the bit of shimmer just lifts everything and gives a polished, ‘rich girl pedi’ look. You do need a couple of thin coats to get decent coverage, but it looks so great it's worth it, and there’s a nice wide brush that makes application easy The polishes are also made with up to 85% natural ingredients, which surprised me. Latest In Beauty also had a blood-red colour in the Soigne polishes on offer and I have my eye on this if it's still available next month!

As well as my picks, I got a couple of extra little treats tucked in the box. The first was a sachet of Pretty Athletic Recovery Boost Cell Repair Serum. I didn't like this very much as the serum was extremely watery and had a strong, chemical smell. It may work miracles, but they weren't evident from one application and it didn't do anything immediately on the strength of one go!

Then there were also two packets of 5th Season Strawberry & Yoghurt snacks. With these, although the flavour was nice, they had an odd texture - sort of crunchy and then foamy - a bit like a Quaver, only more so, that I didn't like. I gave the second packet to a friend doing a sugar-free challenge and she liked them. All in all, a good selection of products that I've actively been using rather than filing away somewhere. 

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