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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Hen ‘do’-s (or ‘bachelorette parties’, if you're American).They are the Marmite of the social occasion world. You either love them or hate them, but either way knowing what to wear for one can be a bit of a tricky decision. But assuming it's not all L-plates and flashing headbands, I'm on board with the whole thing.After all, there's nothing better than a bunch of girlfriends hell-bent on having a good time and sending their friend off into the embraces of matrimony in style!

Last weekend it was the turn of my friend Holly to undergo the ritual goodbye to singlehood, as she's getting married next month. I've known Holly since the playground where we bonded over our shared love of Puppy-in-my-Pockets, so it's a big deal to see her tying the knot. Most of my friends aren't married yet, so I haven't been on all that many hen dos, and I was excited. The hen dos I have been on (including my own) have all been far too classy as well! It was up in Chester, which I haven't explored before.

As it fell on Halloween weekend, and Holly is a big fan of all things horror, there was a loose Halloween theme. I don’t really ‘do’ costumes any more, so I devised an outfit that was a nod to the season rather than a full on costume. It was a play on the idea of a ‘Fashion Victim’ featuring some of the classic Instagram cliches. If you wanted to, you could play up the ‘victim’ part with some fake blood and sclera contact lenses and make it more of a costume easily!

‘Coco Made Me Do It’ tee | Illegal Art Boutique
Black studded leather mini | Zara 
Silver studded strap shoes | TinyLove
‘So Black’ classic flap bag | Chanel
Spiked pearl 'Lynx' necklace |  Stella and Dot
Faux-fur stole | Primark

So a skirt and tee combo is kind of my default going out style at the moment, and I didn't stray too far from that winning formula here!

I've had this leather studded Zara mini for a while, and it's definitely a classic item for me, whether it's paired with a chunky knit and ankle boots or styled for a night on the town. It’s kind of got a gothic edge that fits well with the season, but its also beautifully made.

The tee is definitely a blogger cliche! I'm loving slogans at the moment, and there was definitely never a truer word spoken with me and my love for Chanel (if only I had the budget to back it up!). With plain tees like this, it's all in the styling. I size up to get a slouchier fit, roll the sleeves to add a little detail and then the ‘fashion half tuck’ is such a great way to add a bit of waist definition without taking away from the looser silhouette on top.

And of course, with that tshirt, there could only be one bag to use- the beloved Chanel So Black Classic Flap came out to play.

And so to the finishing touches - aren't the shoes amazing?! I recently got hold of a pair of nude Valentino Rockstud pumps, which I have wanted for literally years. They're one of the most versatile shoes out there and I wish I could have a pair in every colour. But because the husband is not a Russian oligarch, when I wanted a different coloured pair for winter, I turned to a high street dupe. I just love the mirrored feel. Whether it's the real deal or something inspired by it, I do love this style.

A finishing touch was this funky spiked necklace from Stella & Dot. The pearls are a gentle nod to Coco again and the spiked necklace just tied in with the shoes. I love the combination of something very reserved and elegant with something a bit more punk.

I also layered this fab faux-fur stole from Primark on top to add a bit more flair to the plain tee.

A finishing touch was getting my chrome mani done at The Nail Beautique I love that it matched the mirrored finish of my shoes!

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