How To: Wear Your Jeans This Winter

Thursday 2 November 2017


Jeans are a year-round go to in England, but in winter, they really come into their own. Whether you are out shopping, having a casual day or going out on the town, jeans are the ideal way to stay warm. How you wear your jeans can really make a difference to your whole outfit so it’s easy to wear the same pair over and over to different occasions.

Denim has always been something of an enigma in the fashion world. At once casual and formal, this material has been making waves since the 90s when everyone wore double denim. While double denim may have tried to make a few comebacks since, and has even been spotted on a few celebrities this summer, there are all sorts of other trends you could be rocking that don’t need quite so much confidence.

The Iconic jeans for you may not be high-waisted or skinny, but worn with the right silk shirt or comfy jumper, they will be just as versatile. In fact, you should feel encouraged by those celebs who still wear double denim because clearly, fashion doesn’t change that much...


Cuffed Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots

It used to be what your mum did when you were supposed to grow into your jeans, but now cuffing is something of a fashion statement. Wearing ankle boots is ideal during winter, especially if you are planning to go to a party where knee boots would be too warm but need to trek through slush to get there.

There are a few rules for wearing jeans and ankle boots together though. To create the illusion of long legs, don’t tuck your jeans into your boots. Instead, create a cuff that sits just above your boots and shows a tiny sliver of skin. There are a couple of different methods for cuffing that may suit different styles of boots so have a practice in the mirror before you commit to your style.

Tapered High Waist With a White Button Down

Effortless chic is one of the most difficult trends to pull off. Like all forms of minimalism, this trend means that you must have the perfect combination of high-quality clothes and accessories to even come close to pulling it off. That said, this look is a perfect work to fun transition outfit.

Ballet pumps and heels are great for this style but as winter draws in, try out some of your more - dare we say it - sensible footwear such as loafers or T-bar pumps. You can also experiment with accessories such as adding a silk scarf at the beginning of autumn or heavier jewellery as the nights draw in.

These two styles are definitely coming into fashion as the weather turns and our gorgeous cropped jeans seem just a little bit too chilly to continue wearing. However, it must be said that the best trick with jeans is finding the right pair for you (and then buying at least two pairs!).

You could even scour vintage stores for jeans that suit your body type and make you feel beautiful. This is because since jeans first arrived, they haven’t ever really gone out of fashion. And they aren’t going anywhere fast.

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