How to Achieve Sparkling Skin for Christmas

Monday 27 November 2017

Christmas seems to be approaching very suddenly. It’s a fantastic time of year to be enjoyed and celebrated. But, your skin and Christmas are sure to have a complicated relationship. While you want to sparkle with glowing, youthful skin for all the Christmas parties and festive events, cold winds, late nights, unhealthy foods and more alcohol than usual can leave your skin dry, sore and spotty. The very last thing you want in all the Christmas selfies.

But, what can you do about it? With that many products on offer you’d need to take out second charge loans to afford them all, it can be hard to know what to do for the best.

However, the sooner you start your Christmas skin prep, the more chance it’s got of shining bright in time for the big day. Here’s a look at all of the things you can do to ensure your skin looks and feels great this festive season. 


The last thing you might want to do on a horrible, cold winter morning is go out for a run. But, you should. Exercise boosts your circulation, which can plump and brighten your skin. If you can’t bear to go outside, hit the gym or try a home workout video. But, do make sure you get some fresh air as this can also give you a rosy glow. Just wrap up when you do to avoid dry, wind damaged skin.

Change Your Diet

Greasy food means greasy skin. It’s only normal to overindulge at Christmas time, but, between parties and treats, try to keep your diet packed with healthy fruit and veg to boost your skin tone.

Have Detox Days

Have one day a week where you eat very healthily, don’t wear any makeup and only drink water. This gives your body a good chance to recover from all the Christmas fun and helps your skin to repair itself.


When you’ve had a late night, it’s all too tempting to fall into bed as soon as you walk through the door. But, do this, and you’ll wake up with a stained pillowcase and blocked up pores. While you are asleep, your skin needs a break as much as the rest of you so make sure you cleanse before bed. No matter how tired you are.


Harsh, biting winds can be tough on our skin. Especially on our face, lips and hands. So, use a gentle moisturiser every day after you shower to restore some moisture, concentrating on problem areas.


Forget relying on serums - water is the best way to rehydrate. Drinking eight glasses a day can help your body in so many ways, not least your skin. If you’re planning a few big nights out, try to have glasses of water between alcoholic drinks, so you don’t miss out.


Massage is a brilliant way to boost your circulation and clear dead skin. Invest in a soft body brush and use it every morning, before showering off the dead cells. Then, when washing your face, spend some time massaging in small circular motions.

Looking after your skin doesn’t need to be tough, just find the right routine for you and stick to it. A few small changes can be all it takes to achieve gorgeous sparkling skin for Christmas and beyond.


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