Ways You Can Take A Chance and Go Freelance

Thursday 26 October 2017

We’ve all had a terrible job at one point or another. It’s when that terrible job (which was intended to be a “temporary filler” until your dream job) becomes a terrible career that you need to rethink your career.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to become trapped in that dull office job if the industry, company, or workload doesn’t excite you. Don’t tell yourself that work is supposed to be a dull chore. It’s supposed to be a challenge, and there’s no denying that, but you should feel motivated and driven to pursue that challenge.

Essentially, if you feel bored and sluggish at work then the problem isn’t that it’s too hard; it’s that it isn’t hard at all. You’re always going to feel elements of stress, tiredness, and confusion at times during any job role but you should, at the very least, feel some sort of passion or drive towards the industry and subject matter involved in your job role.

If you don’t then perhaps it’s time to pave your own path. Here are some ways in which you can enter the self-employed world of freelancing.


When it comes to finding a vocation for your new freelancing career, you need to focus on your personality traits, interests, and skills to come up with an idea. Hopefully, these different aspects of your character will converge and the perfect career will fall into your lap. If you’ve always had a talent for stringing together a captivating sentence, for example, then you’ve already locked onto a potential career path.

So many potential clients are searching for professional writers to help them with marketing, content writing, and many other forms of written work for their companies; you just need to do some research to find your first clients and build up a reputation.

Make sure you have a good portfolio on your website to show off your written ability and reel in those first buyers. You could even start your own blog and monetize it if you want to have full control over your writing career. The point is that the internet has opened so many doors for writers; hop on that bandwagon. You could even use this as an opportunity to travel the world. Nothing keeps you in one spot when you’re your own boss.


Have you always had a caring side to your personality? There are many career paths open to people with that character trait but it all depends on your interests. Perhaps teaching and nursing aren’t really fields that appeal to you. However, you could look into life coach training here if you’re intrigued by the idea of gaining a skill set that could help you inspire and change other people’s lives.

It’s really a self-serving cycle; you can inspire others to change their lives through your own inspiring story of ditching a career you hated in the pursuit of a successful career as a freelance coach.


If you’ve always been the artistic type then maybe it’s finally time to put your talents to good use. Maybe people told you that you weren’t going to become the next Van Gogh so there was no point pursuing art but there are so many jobs out there in this creative field; especially for freelancers.

You could sell your skills in graphical design to companies who need new logos, website layouts, or pretty advertising campaigns. There are endless options available to you.

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