A Sparkly Haul with Stella and Dot

Tuesday 10 October 2017

When I fall, I fall hard. And that has been the case for me with accessories brand Stella and Dot. The brand personifies edgy elegance – high-quality, wearable pieces with bold design (and FYI, just to be totally clear, this is NOT a collaboration or sponsored in any way. I just really heart the brand!).

After admiring the pieces from afar for a while, I took the plunge and bought a beautiful necklace from them, followed by another few things in quick succession. It wasn’t long before I was back for more!

There were a couple of accessories I had my eye on buying, so I decided to host an online ‘trunk show’- you work with a stylist to create an event on Facebook, where people can ask styling questions, shop the range and join in games.

During the party, I found out about a deal – for £20 more than what I was planning to spend, I could become ‘Style Insider’ instead, which would give me £300 credit to spend on pretty things, and a year long discount.

Classic sales tactic, but it was a bit of a no-brainer for me as it doubled the amount I had to spend for 14% more. Anyway, the end result is, a huge parcel came with lots of sparkly goodness! Here’s what I got..

Pave Triangle Ear Climbers

So, first up there’s a lot of earrings in this order. They aren’t something I wear a lot, but I want to get into wearing them more often as they’re such a subtle way to lift an outfit. I really like ear climbers, because they’re delicate but give a lot of impact to an outfit. I love the way they follow and enhance the natural lines and curves of the outer ear as well. This pair are super-sparkly and really feminine.

Stella and Dot use a lot of geometric symbols and pyramids in their designs, and that’s something I really love. I think subconsciously, it takes me back to my teen years, where I used to be massively into proto-Emo style pyramid studded belts and bracelets - this is a far more sophisticated take on that theme.

This delicate trail of silver sparkles is pretty – small enough to wear for every day, but still impactful enough to be noticed. They’re very cool, because they sort of give the look of multiple piercings, even though they’re one piece. These also come in gold if you prefer that finish.

Waverley Petite – Nude/Black Perforated

As well as amazing jewellery, Stella and Dot also produce a line of bags. These bags have a similar sleek approach to design as the other accessories. They’re great quality, with a really nice attention to detail. But what I like best of all is, like a lot of the jewellery, the bags can generally be worn several ways.

Versatility and great design are two things that always resonate with me. In my last haul, I got this same bag in the Breton stripe colourway as a gift for my birthday, and I’ve been using it loads. So I decided to go ahead and treat myself to this version as well, knowing the use I’ll get out of it.

The Waverley Petite can be worn four ways – as a clutch, a small shoulder bag, a small cross-body bag or opened out into a larger cross-body. It’s just so.freaking.USEFUL!

This version adds even more to the mix, as one side is a black perforated leather, and the other is a sand-coloured suede – so you can also flip the colour from nude to black. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me (don’t tell me to get a life, MOTHER!).

This could just be the ultimate bag. It’s especially ideal for taking away with you on short breaks, as it offers so many options in one. The vegan-friendly leather is a nice touch too. This version features a smart silver pyramidal bar on the front, and S&D’s signature riot of colour inside, with a brightly patterned lining which is also (mummy bonus) wipe clean! It really feels like S&D have thought of everything here.

There are two interior slip pockets and one zipped pocket on the outer side that’s just the right size for your phone or a small purse. The Waverley Petite is light, hard working, well-made and a thing of beauty to look at. It comes in five different designs and colourways, and it’s the perfect addition to my handbag collection.

Déjà vu Double Sided Studs

Back on with the earring theme, I also chose these little pyramid studs as a great everyday pair of earrings. They can be reversed so they’re either plain metal or pave set if you’re feeling extra sparkly.

They come in gold, silver or rose gold, and here I went for the rose gold, as I have a lot of delicate rose gold necklaces I thought they’d pair well with. What I like the most about these is that they’re so wearable.

I can’t think of many occasions where they wouldn’t work, and again, if you’re going away and trying to keep packing to minimum, they give you double the options. Also, if you find that some metals irritate these have titanium bars which don’t aggravate skin. Simple, bold and chic.

Aven layering necklace

This necklace was a bonus free gift, which is always a lovely thing to receive. Especially as it’s something I may not have chosen for myself, but that I really love now I have it – in other words, the perfect present.

What you get here is a sort of four in one deal, again with multiple ways to wear. It’s more of a rustic, nature-inspired look with strands of mother-of-pearl discs, neutral coloured beads, metal chains and a leather lariat. You can choose to wear each strand separately or in any combination with the others.

This means that whatever outfit you have on, there’s a way to style this up to complement it. I especially love this for summer holidays, as it has much more of a relaxed vibe than the pieces I normally go for.

Getaway Weekend Bag – Black Stripe

This is one of the pieces I had my eye on to order. As someone who travels fairly often for short breaks, to see friends and family, or with work, I’m always on the lookout for a great weekend bag.

My favourite so far has always been the Le Pliage tote from Longchamp – lightweight, chic, foldable and hardwearing. But this bag may well have just stolen it’s crown! Even in its normal state, it’s a roomy tote bag – way more spacious than my medium Le Pliage or my LV Neverfull MM.

But this bag is hiding a secret… unzip it around the middle and it expands to give an extra four or five inches of space.  Packed light on the way out but came back with a few extra souvenirs? No problem. Want something to serve as a large weekend bag to take away with you and then zip down into a tote you can use for shopping, sightseeing and the beach? I got you.

This is exactly what I like about Stella and Dot  - they seem to actively look for ways to make their products more useful. You can see what how I styled it for a trip to the airport and what I packed in it for a weekend away.

The function is balanced with beauty. I love the smart black and cream stripe, the silver arrow detailing, and the handle and base accents in tan vegan leather. The handles are big and padded enough to sit comfortably over your shoulder, or there’s a detachable cross-body strap to help carry it. The exterior is durable and the whole bag is light to carry (who needs the bag itself to add more weight?) Again, the lining is spill-proof and features a bright pattern. There is a big zipped pocket inside and a smaller one on the exterior.

The bag fastens completely at the top with zips, which makes it way more secure than the Neverfull for travel. The ‘extra’ panel here is in a contrast ikat print, but you can order the Getaway in several different patterns and colours. Even unzipped, the bag meets airline carry-on regulations. This would also make a beautiful hospital or nappy bag for any new mums. It’s super useful while still looking smart and I can’t wait to take it away with me.

Pave Triangle Ear Jackets

The final item in my order were these gorgeous ear jackets – another new take on the classic earring that’s getting more popular. It’s a highly ornamental design where a section ‘hovers’ below the lobe, which is so pretty. These make a statement without being heavy to wear, like a lot of larger earrings.

You get six looks out of one piece because of the interchangeable studs. One triangle and one bar with pave-set crystals on one side, and plain metal on the other that can be combined with or without the jackets below your earlobes– isn’t that amazing?

These would make such a beautiful gift as there are so many options in how you wear them that there’s a way to pretty much suit everyone. They’re the kind of item that makes enough of a statement on their own, but they don’t shout so loudly that they compete with everything else. And that is a rare balance!

Plus the gorgeous bright packaging all the items come in just makes you feel special as soon as you open it.

I'm sure this just the latest in many future hauls from a brilliant accessories brand.

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