Natura Siberica Northern Soap | Review

Monday 7 August 2017

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘Siberia’? Arctic oceans? Snow leopards? Frozen tundras?  Would you think of a region rich in natural plant life that has developed the properties to survive in harsh wintery conditions?

Well a new line of skincare from Natura Siberica has opened my eyes to the rich natural flora of the fertile black earth found there.

When Natura Siberica got in touch to see if I’d like to try out their Northern Soap product, I was excited to discover what it could do for my skin. Following a philosophy of using wild-harvested Siberian herbs the brand is proudly ‘Born in Siberia, Made in Europe’.

The plants that do grow here are exceptionally rich in protective, anti-oxidant properties in order to survive. If these herbs are hardy enough to flourish in some of the most challenging conditions on earth, what would their goodness do for my skin?

Increasingly, I’m becoming aware of the power of plants, and how natural extracts (when used properly) can be just as powerful as anything made in a lab. It’s also nice to use products that pride themselves on a high content of organic ingredients, and I know a lot of people are switching to more natural skincare options – if that’s you then the Natura Siberica range is a great one to discover.

All the products are certified organic and free from nasties like silicones, mineral oils, and parabens.

I had a number of ideas about ‘soap’ going into this that I’m pleased to say have been turned upside down.

First, I was expecting a bar of soap. Usually, I’m not a fan of bar soap because it's messy to keep, and either seems to dry out or go soggy and scummy. Not cool. So I was really impressed that Natura Siberica Northern Soap came in a smart black jar. It’s a solid soap in the pot, but it’s a much better way of storing it.

Second, whenever I’ve used soap in the past, it's left my face hideously dry – so it's been years since I’ve actually used a soap, usually preferring a liquid facial wash.

The first thing I noticed was the fresh berry smell, and the fact that the soap itself is black due to the active charcoal. This makes it really pleasant to use. The formula makes use of many unique properties found in Siberian herbs and berries to leave you with cleansed, glowing, smooth skin. The ancient recipes of the northern Nenec, Selkup and Khanty peoples have traditionally used these plants in their medicines to preserve health and vitality.

This soap is so crammed full of skin goodies as well, and all organic – flax seed and raspberry seed oils that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Dwarf birch that moisturises the skin deeply, Bilberry oil to improve skin tone and elasticity.

There’s also wild-harvested Siberian pine oil rich in Vitamins E and P, which smoothes and strengthen’s the skin’s natural barrier, organic Oblepikha oil which softens, tones and nourishes and a think called ‘Limonnik Nanai’ that protects skin against environmental pollutants.

Finally, there’s organic Northern Cloudberry extract – this little gem has Vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Those have an anti-oxidant effect on the skin, which cancels out ageing damage from free radicals and improves firmness. And the base of it all is activated charcoal, which acts as a magnet for dirt and impurities, providing a deep cleanse.

So you’re getting a huge amount of natural goodness packed into the pot  - it’s no wonder this was a winner at the Beauty Challenger Awards!

The soap is supplied with a sponge to make applying it mess-free. You wet the sponge with water, use it to scoop up some of the soap and massage it into your dry face. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. What you have essentially is a cleanser with all the skin-boosting properties of a mask. A daily treatment that’s quick and leaves your skin glowing.

As I mentioned, I don’t normally use a soap on my face, so I really wondered if my skin would be left feeling dry and stripped. But because this isn’t packed with SLS and other nasties, when I washed it off my skin felt perfectly smooth and supple  - I didn’t need to rush off and slather myself in moisturiser!

I also tested this out on Mr Deluxe, who loves a good skin care product. He has more sensitive skin than me, that’s oily and easily irritated, so he has to be extra careful what he uses on his face. I thought it was a good test to try it out on him too as I have a fairly normal, tolerant skin type - he's a harder customer to please!

He got on wonderfully with Northern Soap and is probably going to hijack it from my bathroom. I could see that his skin looked smooth and even after he’d used it (although sadly, he wouldn’t let me take a picture of him mid-use). The fresh smell and the study black pot aren’t too girly for him either.

I’m really impressed with how much goodness is contained in this soap and the effect it's had on my skin. This has definitely changed my skincare routine for the better, so I’ll be looking at other products from the range as well. One for nature-lovers, but also just one for people who are interested in great skincare.

The Natura Siberica range is available to order from the Natura Siberica website, and from the 11th September, you'll be able to get your hands on it at M&S beauty halls too!

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