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Tuesday 18 July 2017

As parents, it's not often that we get a night out. I could definitely count on one hand all the times we've been out since Theo was born- and he's almost two!

That is our choice though. Having babies certainly changed my priorities - I used to love my nights out but I'd sooner spend time with my son now. Plus, hangovers aren't great when you're likely to get woken at 5am by the baby!

It is important to let your hair down sometimes and reconnect with friends though - and remember who we are when we aren't being mummy and daddy. Theo is old enough to stay over at his Granny's house, which makes things a lot easier as we're not worried about getting back to relieve a babysitter and we can get up a little bit later than if he was at home!

Of course, I couldn't resist the rare event of getting my glam on to do an outfit post - when you're normally covered in mashed biscuit and sticky handprints you have to make the most of a night off!

Pewter leather skirt | Zara
Joy Division tshirt | EMP
Blue suede lace up heels | Boohoo
Grey ponyskin leopard shoulder bag | Laura Ashley
'Rebel Stone' necklace | Stella and Dot
Rose gold boyfriend watch | Michael Kors

So the centrepiece of my outfit was this amazing pewter coloured leather skirt, a find from Zara, who always seem to know exactly how to combine edge with classic.

The slightly matte finish and the real leather keep it just the right side of Bacofoil. I also like the fact the length is ever-so-slightly longer than your average mini, and slightly A-line – it gives it a bit of a 60’s vibe.

It's not that I think anyone over 30 needs to dress like a nun, but the very tiny pelmet skirts I used to cheerily go out in during my teens and 20s are something I'm pretty much over now. This skirt still lets me highlight my legs, but I'm not risking my dignity every time I sit down!

There's no way you can put this skirt on and not feel ready to party, quite frankly. It's shimmery, sparkly and guaranteed to give you a good time. You literally can’t put this on and take yourself seriously. If the skirt goes on, you know you’re in for a good night. I think this would also be great to contrast with a chunky knit jumper in black or a Breton stripe and ankle boots in the winter.

On top, I added my favourite black band tee. There's something I really like about spiking a glamorous outfit with something a bit grungy. It stops me feeling like I'm trying too hard and makes me feel more myself. Plus the magic of a baggy black tee paired with quite a fitted skirt visually pulls you in at the waist. That’s the kind of outfit sorcery I like!

Now onto the feet. Sound the klaxons – I. AM.WEARING.HEELS. Iknowright?!

As president of the ‘hunting down cute flats’ society, this is quite a departure. But sometimes you just want to get your party on and damn the consequences. Don’t let these pics fool you – I am bristling with Dr Scholl’s Party Feet and blister tape down there.

Wearing heels is like going to battle and dammit, I will be prepared. I do love the contrast of the cobalt blue suede with the silver skirt though. I haven’t worn these shoes for years but I dug them out and dusted them off especially for this outfit.

As a lace-up, they tie snugly to the foot, so they’re ever-so-slightly more stable and comfortable that some heels. I’ll take what I can get. (Note: I do have my favourite Cocorose folding flats stashed in my bag as well...there's a limit to my foot-related bravery!)

Accessories – I added in my absolutely gorgeous cracked quartz necklace. I’ve been wearing this a lot since I got it, because it goes beautifully with so many different outfits. I love the clear crystal and the gold fragments – they’re bold without being too dominant.

The clash of gold and silver is really pretty also – I’ve tried to continue the mixed metals with my chunky rose gold watch. These watches have kind of gone into style Siberia recently but I still love mine!

For my bag, I dug out this little faux-ponyskin number. Can you believe Laura Ashley do such lovely accessories? The grey leopard brings a little bit of subtle pattern and interest and I love the practical, hands-free saddle bag design. It’s a decent size to hold all my evening essentials.

Our night out was a lot of fun. First we visited The Curious Townhouse for some starter cocktails and chat, before moving to the Secret Garden bar at the Hockley Arts Club, which is a loft hovering above the city covered in fairy lights and cherry blossom that feels like a magical place to get a little tipsy and have a good gossip.

We ended up our night in tequila bar 400 Rabbits, where the eclectic music, warm night and shabby chic, sugar skull-adorned surround songs made it feel like we were actually on holiday. 

A really great night catching up with good friends, although we couldn't wait to see our little boy the next day.

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  1. My god how do you always look so hot 😂 Miss your face gorgeous!

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk