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Wednesday 14 December 2016

Hands up who loves a bit of Soap and Glory?

The beloved and much-imitated brand is a favourite of many - not just for its cute packaging and cheekily named range of products, but for genuinely great products that deliver on their promises.

Waaaaay back when the range first launched, I was unconvinced. I thought it would be all style and no substance. I thought I'd just be paying for the packaging and the hype.

But over time Ive discovered some real gems that have become must-haves in my routine.

Peaches and Clean face wash is an eternal favourite, Supercat eyeliner is one I purchase again and again, and my bag is never without their Sugar Crush hand sanitiser or the Kick Ass Super Blur stick, a recently discovered favourite.

But with such a vast range of products, there are plenty I haven't tried.

And when I saw this absolutely amazing set featured as one of Boots' Star Gift Christmas promotions, I couldn't resist a little self-gifting in amongst all my holiday shopping.

The value, the presentation and the chance to try products from the line I hadn't chosen yet really appealed to me.

For £30, you get a case crammed full of goodies. This would normally be £60 so there's a massive saving.

In fact, if you bought each of the products separately without any 3 for 2 offers, it totals over £80. That's the kind of value where it begins to look like madness not to buy it.

I saw the deal online and it really caught my eye but something was stopping me hitting 'add to cart'. "It's Christmas", I reasoned, " I should be buying for other people, not myself. I don't really need this."

And so I left it, but kept thinking about it. Then I walked through a Boots store, saw it there and found myself heading to the till before I knew it....

The clincher was really seeing the impressive amount of products you get for your money in the flesh, and also the case itself.

You get 10 items, all presented in a metal suitcase. I presumed while browsing online that the case would be cheap looking but I was surprised when I saw it in the flesh. It feels well made and I will definitely be using it to store make up afterwards.

It's quite pink and cutesy, featuring a design of one of the brand's signature retro belles made up of a million small selfies of the brand's fans, collage style. I like this touch - it puts the fans at the heart of it all, and Soap and Glory is one of those brands that people just love.

Well made, nicely packaged products that actually work - who'd have thought it?

Inside the case is a jaw-dropping array of goodies that truly would make anyone feel that Christmas had come early. Let's take a look...

Sugar Crush Body Wash - 500ml

I've often considering trying this, but somehow I never have, so I'm pleased that there's a huge bottle of it in this case.

I know I like the sweet, zingy lime scent as I use the Sugar Crush hand sanitiser already. It's kind of like margaritas, which can only be a good thing - kaffir lime, vanilla and a slight hint of coconut. Yum!

There's a moisturising complex in it as well, to keep skin silky.

The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer - 200ml

One thing I love in the bath is a great body scrub, so this is a great addition to the set. It's supposed to be very fresh.

However, I wasn't pleased to learn it had micro beads in. These are so damaging to the environment and our water supply, and there's absolutely no need to use them.

I can't see me buying this again unless they change the formula which is a shame.

The Righteous Butter Body Butter - 300ml

Another S &G classic that I haven't tried! This is award winning, so it must be pretty nice. It's scented with the brand's 'Original Pink' fragrance and contains shea butter and aloe vera.

My skin is quite dry during the winter so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk - 500ml

As if that wasn't enough skin pampering, there's also a massive bottle of this lotion. I love things that come with a pump as they're so fuss free, so I could see me buying this one again!

Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and a 'Waterlock' matrix to trap moisture in the skin all sound great. This also has oats, yoghurt, honey, almond and brown sugar, which sounds delicious.

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream - 125ml

You also get a massive tube of hand cream. Again, I haven't tried this one but I know some people are devoted to it and won't buy anything else!

This has macadamia oil and marshmallow in and promises to be light and silky on the skin.

Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash - 350ml

This is a product I have used before and really liked! It's not drying at all, but it does give a really deep clean. With the super fruit Yuzu, it detoxifies, polishes and purifies while brightening the skin.

It also has anti-oxidants in to help prevent pigmentation and damage from pollutants in the air. It's pretty nice stuff although I marginally prefer Peaches and Clean, but this is great and I'm looking forward to trying it again.

Speed Plump Super Moisturizing Day Cream - 50ml

Where I've tried Soap and Glory skincare products in the past, they've always really impressed me. The quality is great for the price.

This claims to be loaded with oxygenators, super-hydrating watermelon extract, marine plants that iron out fine lines, lots of plumping hyaluronic acid, a detoxifying ginseng complex that helps increase circulation and nutrient delivery to the skin, plus a raspberry plant cell extract that is proven to help generate cells in the skin that hydrate themselves.

It sounds lovely, and like it will really plump the skin up, I can't wait to try it.

Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara - 10ml

When it comes to mascara, I am quite fussy! But on paper, it sounds like this is a mascara I'd want to try.

Loaded with pre-peptides and collagen, it's supposed to 'wrap lashes in a flexible, lengthening film' with a seven sided fan flare brush to wrap lashes.

I've mainly been using high end mascaras for a while now, so it would be amazing to find one for a tenner that really does the business!

From the reviews I've read it sounds as if it's on the clumpier side, but I tend to like that. The gold chrome packaging is pretty nice as well. I'm hoping this lives up to the hype!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine - 4ml

The original plumping gloss (back when it only came in one pinkish-clear shade) was my first purchase from Soap and Glory, and although it didn't really have a dramatic effect on the volume of my pout, I quite liked it and have repurchased a few times.

Now the Sexy Motherpucker range has expanded to include so many different formats and shades, I've lost track a long time ago. I think the newer formulas don't have such a harsh tingle (the original used to feel like you'd rubbed a raw chilli pepper over your lips, which I quite liked, call me a masochist!).

This looks like a pretty, sheer pink shade that would go brilliantly with a smokey eye look. I really like the packaging now they've done away with the cutesy fonts and made it sleeker as well.

Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Gel - 50ml

Modern life in air conditioned offices makes hand sanitiser pretty much essential. Having a child at nursery as well, who picks up every single bug going (not to mention all the nappies I have to deal with), I like to keep multiple bottles of the stuff around.

At the moment my favourite is Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush version, but this was their original sanitizer, which I haven't tried. This has grapefruit extract so I'm hoping it will be fresh and fruity. A really useful item!


Wow. I can't believe what great value this set is. Even at the £60 it would still be a bit of steal considering how packed it is with large size products. But for £30 this is one of the best deals I've gotten for a while!

Everything thing about this is great, whether you're a die hard S&G fan, wanting to try more of their products, just getting into makeup and skincare or in need of a good pamper (who isn't at this cold grey time of year?).

I'm so excited to try out the products in here. From the cute packaging in the tin suitcase that will definitely be used to store parts of my overflowing makeup collection to the sheer amount of stuff inside, this is brilliant.

For a gift, I think any woman would be over the moon with this. Or if you fancy treating yourself to it, because dammit it's Christmas, you've been working hard and you deserve it, then this is a little slice of heaven.

Run - don't walk- to your nearest Boots and grab one, because I can see this selling out like a shot!

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