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Saturday 12 November 2016


Anyone who knows me is in no doubt that I'm a complete lash addict. But it's more than just cosmetic. Having a great flutter going on makes a difference to my mood! When I'm wearing lashes, I feel that I need less other makeup because they make a really subtle statement.

I wear natural looking strip lashes most days- I don't get on with permanent lash extensions very well, and I'm so speedy at applying them now, it's quicker than mascara for me!

And I pretty much always shop at It has all the major brands from Ardell to Eyelure to Red Cherry, and over 1000 styles in stock.

Plus, free 1st class delivery and the dispatch is always super quick. They are one of my favourite companies and I've mentioned them quite a few times before, just because I've always been delighted with the service.

So when they contacted me to see if I'd like to review a couple of pairs I jumped at the chance to try something new.

Fleek Lashes 'Gia'

Fleek Lashes are a new brand to me, but I loved the name so I decided I had to try some! The line was founded by a makeup artist who spent three years researching and testing lashes from around the world before developing this line.

The result? Lashes in a variety of styles from multi-layered showstoppers to the more natural styles, such as the one I picked.

'Gia' are soft and subtle, adding a gentle injection of natural looking length to your lashes without looking harsh or over the top.

They're lightweight and easy to wear on the eyes, a really nice style for everyday. If you're looking for a little extra length and a really pretty, gentle effect, these lashes are the ones!

Kiss True Volume Lashes 'Ritzy'

For some reason, I always forget how good Kiss lashes are. Whenever I try them, I'm reminded how they manage to get the balance between impact and believability just right. They also fit the eye really nicely. 

The lash band is nice and invisible, which helps with giving a natural appearance. This style is subtly flared longer at the outer edges, which gives such a pretty shape to the eye. If you’re going for that nice feline shape then they’re ideal. 

These have become a favourite for going out. I used to prefer a slightly heavier lash for evenings, but at the moment I’m definitely feeling like less is more and that I prefer to keep it a little more stripped back. The Ritzy lashes are prefect for adding a little extra dimension and a lovely shape without being too heavy. They are now one of my new go-to lashes.


Finding a lash you love really is trial and error – its not one size fits all, as we all have different eye shapes and preferences. has always allowed me to try out a huge range of styles at great prices and get them shipped super-fast. So take a look and see what you can discover!

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